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Why I Will Never Vote FG/FF/LABOUR?

People have their own views on Irish political parties. I do too. Over years and decades of also living under three political parties, I have decided never to vote for a number of them again. Ever. Here are some of my reasons that have convinced me they should never be trusted with anything or by anyone. Sure, in just scratching a surface, I have a hundred and one reasons to begin with…



ONE. FG have a long history of burying or delaying reports and court cases that exposes them and more. FF and Labour has both enabled them to do this or deliberately remained silent about it for own selfish reasons. One needed the other for self-gain reasons – so best not to upset that what they need, to help stop others!

TWO. Both FG and FF have no problem getting repeatedly into political bed with a convicted tax criminal who in law apparently committed acts of fraud. So while FG give out about lowly citizens doing same, it’s OK to get into bed with similar. After all, Leo Varadkar owned up previously to voting on behalf of someone not actually present in the Dail. A fraud act in itself. But hey, he and FG get to give out about others supposedly committing fraud!

THREE. FG giving out about SF being photoed doing charity work on doorsteps. That’s not on they say! However, when their own get camera captured doing the exact same – including Leo – they are silent and only too willing to be picture captured. “Do as we say – not as we do!” Yea, right!

FOUR: FG, FF and Labour pressganging hundreds of thousands of citizens into #JobPath – that also massive fraud, abuses, attempted suicides, bullying, data stealing, assaults, financial threats issued, unconstitutional acts, breaks a human rights treaty multiple times, has overturned “innocent until proven guilty”, has illegal kangaroo court style decisions and illegal penalties dished out, has illegal stolen money from people, has cases of signatures been forged, illegal personal data export – and a lot more… FG, Lab and FF deliberately silent about all this, all day, all year.

FIVE. The lot of them again too conveniently silent or openly allowed the abusers of Sargent Morris McCabe to get away uncharged (with their perks and huge pensions too) after they covertly car park planned to ruin an innocent man. A man and his family, who’s lives they deliberately made into a living hell. FG, etc, let the evil trash off scott free and further rewarded.

SIX. FF and the Greens making a complete pigs ear of addressing health issues. FG and Labour then doing same. Then FF and FF doing same. Decades of making things far worse instead of better.

SEVEN. All again to silent for decades as the kidnaper of a Donegal child is still not resolved. Why? Because in part the crime involves state cover-up and an elected person from one of their parties. They still won’t do anything!

EIGHT. They all guilty of destroying Irelands neutrality status.

NINE. They all allowing Shannon Airport to be yet another USA World base – including weapons and kidnapped (renditioned) persons flown through it to EU black sites. O’ yes, all are too silent about that too.

TEN. The very many complete fairytales of Enda Kenny told – and none of the usual shower would expose they were and still are pure crap – nor confront him or his party over them. His stories became an international embarrassment.

ELEVEN. On one day to the Irish public, Leo Varadkar says “There is no migrant crises” and expects the Irish to swallow. He them travels to an EU meeting where there he admits “There is an migrant crises”. Two faced, trying to pull the wool over Ireland eyes while telling a different tale elsewhere. FG and tales, eh?

TWELVE. All repeatedly stand by or too silent about utterly incompetent elected ministers for years and decades.

THIRTEEN. Dail voting fraud and also not willing to properly hold all involved, to genuine legal account.

FOURTEEN. FF and FG ignoring the votes placed by 500,000+ citizens, as they refuse to genuinely speak and deal with SF, the citizens massive primary choice.

FIFTEEN. All deliberate too silent over Harris doing nothing about Cheltenham racing 18,000+ flowing back home, many infected and then there was the Italian fans…

SIXTEEN. Imposing illegal laws when the have not been ratified by a new government Seanad, formed yet! Who needs what’s actually written in our constitution! Sure, they can just ignore its written text as they feel like it…

SEVENTEEN. The illegal creation of “Irish Water” that hadn’t carried out its setup procedures according to law. Setting it up knowing it broke and still breaks EU competition and monopoly laws.

EIGHTEEN. Still imposing VRT, deemed illegal under EU law – and continuing to pay the fine for their still illegal act, using public money! FF and Labour all too quiet yet again!

NINETEEN. FF never holding one Mr Ahern to highcourt criminal account over money gained and possible insider dealings while holding office and supposedly on conflicting company boards of directors, connected to banking and forestry. All others too silent about it all.

TWENTY. All repeatedly accepting massive bumps of money as pay, perks and pension rights while cutting money off the far lower paid.

TWENTY-ONE. All telling public to stay at home while they allow caravans, private planes, USA troops, rich elites and more, to some and go as they please.

TWENTY-TWO. All using RTE as a properganda station. Allowing it to lie about protest numbers repeatedly. All allowing RTE to not report other important news. All forcing people to pay for RTE, something a still growing many don’t want or will ever use!

TWENTY-THREE. All too silent again and unwilling to tackle Denis O’Brien and his phone contract criminal activity along with Lowry.

TWENTY-FOUR. All too silent again and unwilling to tackle Denis O’Brien and media monopoly over owned media outlets and the news agency that supplies news also to others including supposedly independent radio stations.

TWENTY-FIVE. All too silent again and unwilling to tackle Denis O’BRIEN, a FG donator and contributor to elected while in office or later after possible favours done!

TWENTY-SIX. All too silent again and unwilling to tackle Denis O’Brien and his odd ability to regual gain state contracts, some Just when his companies, including a private hospital, needs a bailout!

TWENTY-SEVEN. All too silent again and unwilling to tackle Denis O’Brien and HIS ability to gain massive NAMA cuts regarding items he buys.

TWENTY-EIGHT. All too silent again and unwilling to tackle FG individual and part money contributor, Denis O’Brien, as he attacked on the Dail’s own elected when they exposed more questionable DOB actions. Enda did a seven day media vanishing act at that moment as DOB tried and failed to attack other TD’s. .

TWENTY-NINE. FF massively uturning on many matters. It’s become a running joke that they do this. On Irish Water alone they have flipped flopped more times than a drunk surfer in the history of any water!

THIRTY. Labour uturning on many matters. It’s what they now do. LINK

THIRTY-ONE. FG uturning on many matters. Depending on the way the wind (public) is blowing of course!

THIRTY-TWO. FF consistant fence sitting, cowardly refusing to vote on matters – often out of party self-interest, not in any interest of the public but by fence sitting, against public interest and benefit! It’s become a running unfunny joke that they constantly do this.

THIRTY-THREE. Labour alone having committed so many ‘kick in the teeth’ acts to sick, dying, elderly, disabhat tled, single mothers, parents, carers, unemployed and employed, that would have the founders of the original Labour Party rolling in their graves at!

THIRTY-FOUR. FG and FF once again if also not participating in the just previous mentioned, also all too silent again as it was and still is, happening!

THIRTY-FIVE. All involved in illegal, unconstitutional signing Ireland to “PESCO” – the PR invented name for an EU military force that has also put Ireland into a world’s arm race as its contributes public money to buying military hardware such as French/German fighter planes, besides guns and other weapons. All too silent about thus nor ever sought by any vote, the permission of the people in Ireland.

THIRTY-SIX. All too silent about the “Golden Circle”, the “Drumcondra Mafia” and the Ansbacher tax criminals that they all refuse to expose or hold to criminal legal account. All investigations of which they won’t allow Garda or interpol, to carry out. Files, phones and more reports buried.

THIRTY-SEVEN. All participating in total silence about individual religious org abusers. All parties silent about religious org abuses as they each shook hands and dined with priests who they knew, also knew about such abuses but reported nothing to Garda ever, despite knowing!

THIRTY-EIGHT. All unwilling to hold to proper criminal account, religious abusers.

THIRTY-NINE. All unwilling to go after the religious orgs that have not only refused to pay what they owe the state and many victims but also refuse to seize their land (as some even clear stated they would), property and assets that would go some way to creating recompense.

FORTY. All involved in aiding the burying of institutional abuse reports that include material evidence much needed by victims and their families, hampered by the parties as they try to seek justice through the Irish court system.

FORTY-ONE. Labour saying one thing prior to a general election, about student grants then completely doing the opposite once they got into government office.

FORTY-TWO. Deception.

FORTY-THREE. Fianna Fail when previously in power rejecting in a Dail vote, to fund Crumlin Children’s Hospital of €9 Million Euro, much needed to maintain services and carry out operations. A lot of back slapping, congratulating, smiles, laughter and shaking of hands when the vote rejection was carried out. I know. I was there in the Dail gallery. A few weeks later, in order to just keep the Green Party sweet, they voted through €10 Million Euro spending so that a cycle track could be put on a Dublin stretch of road. Own party interests (again) and bikes, before life and serious pain of kids.


FORTY-FOUR. All unwilling to stop drugging everyone with fluoride. A legal classed drug and it done without express permission. They all also avoid the topic like a plague.

FORTY-FIVE. They all refusing to deal with school “voluntary fees” now being renamed as “Registration Fee”, “Supply Fee” or other newly invented titles. Issue yearly avoided as is the cost of school books – now in digital format too which cost extremely far less to produce but still have serious costs on parents annually. Then there is school uniform monopolies operated by shops… All issues yearly avoided deliberately.

FORTY-SIX. All parties every year allowing fishing supertrawlers from outside Ireland, to come dredge and destroy our seabeds while raping our fish stocks massively – but heaven forbid a local community small trawler taken in a box of fish too much, they are for the strong arm of the law!

FORTY-SEVEN. All parties consistently giving away our fishing stock rights more and more while reducing fishing stock catchment numbers at home. What stock numbers they do increase for home catch, is often of a lesser fish demand and quality!

FORTY-EIGHT. FF and FG Dail voting scandals. One accusing the other – when both are both as bad as the other in voting as someone else, not actually present. Then there is the Dail false signing in, allowing people not actually there, to claim (taxpayer) money. To the rest of the world, this is called financial fraud and everyone else involved would be charged for committing it! Not our usual crooked FG/FF elected.

FORTY-NINE. An elected Drogheda Labour man spouting when elections roll around that he supports our nurses – but when they protest and picket, looking for decent pay and work conditions, he disgustingly tells citizens to cross picketlines. That’s money Labour people for you. Rotten at national and local level when the cameras and microphones are turned off and away.

FIFTY. All repeatedly kicking down a lengthy road, the matter of father’s fights as they should have equally balanced far long ago – especially when a report over 16 years ago told them all this. Since then, bugger all action! All repeatedly cowardly leaving the matter to later governance to sort out which then kicks the matter even further…

FIFTY-ONE. They all consistently allowing bankers and their business mates to not only escape any criminal investigation but also further allowing those involved, to gain other state awarded positions on setup commissions, committed and semi-state utility services.


FIFTY-THREE. Their year after year refusal to do anything about RTE telling all taxpayers that they are not disclosing where specifically and to who, their up to date given money is going. The best RTE will do eventually if pushed, is give way out of date, summarised numbers. All three parties won’t bring about better basic transparency, never mind additional info about taxpayer money.

FIFTY-FOUR. FG previously going along with FF and Labour in choosing to more hide details about how they are spending public money. Now, they have further upped the finding of facts. They have now allowed it gone cone about that taxpayer given money for ex-TD’s and Senators will no longer be disclosed either. It’s your money but you can feck off in trying to know how they are further giving it to themselves!

FIFTY-FIVE. Triple-locks? What’s that! Meh…

FIFTY-SIX. A Mr Noonan FG TD being allowed to decide if to ‘burn the bondholders’ or not. All parties saying and doing nothing at the time or even now about he being an actual bondholder himself. Can this be clear conflict of interest on top of something akin to insider trading knowledge given his vaulted position? Their silence is deafening and still to thus day, no accountability.

FIFTY-SEVEN. Despite Denis Lowry having been found to have taken private money from a businessman and in return eventually rewarded the giver with a massive state phone contract, all of them are still willing to join up with him one way or other, because of own party self-interest. Lowry was not only allowed to retain his seat but get it again and again. None of the parties have seen to it that there has been a further criminal investigation and prosecution of Lowry. They personally need him at times for their own means to their end.

FIFTY-EIGHT. Law breaking? Assaults, even of people via their various body parts, sticking chocolate bars up them where the sun don’t shine? Don’t worry, we’ll see you are alright mate!

FIFTY-NINE. Labour going after Jobstown people on kidnapping charges was a bit damn much. As the early dawn raids – even after a teenager like he was a drug kingpin. Talk about over the bloody top! Then there was Joan who was caught stating she would stay in the vehicle for own gain in political terms. The supposedly terrified woman that could have left at any time if only due to the many Garda that was brought in, was joking and laughing in the trapped car. Jobstown, a Labour scandal many will not forget or forgive.

SIXTY. The expensive phones that actually weren’t? Yes, good old Joan again. This time moaning about the cheek of some people having phones worth more than the price of a hairdryer (and Joan should know about expensive, taxpayers paying for her expensive hair do’s. €400+ a pop) as she lashed out at working class people yet again. She forgetting of course that (a) the same people she was again attacking, were paying taxes so the state could buy her phone for her and (b) her party, of all old parties, was the very party that originally was supposed to be more standing up for the working class – not attacking them repeatedly!

SIXTY-ONE. We have Regina Doherty of FG telling people to make sure they pay their bills while she repeatedly declined to pay her own and sought to escape paying many thousands that she owed to people. More mega double standards from FG and their enablers who still is willing to stand by them from other FF/Labour parties.

SIXTY-TWO. More clear conflict of interest? Landlord TD’s getting to vote (and reject) on Dail matters on regards to landlord underhand activities or vote on same topic matters where a positive Dail vote will see them more financially off! Talk about making laws to suit themselves? Labour, Fine Gael, Fianna Fail – all in cahoots on this dodgy activity.

SIXTY-THREE. All parties refusing to hold to legal account, highcourt judges that weekly break the laws of Ireland themselves. When not doing this, they are ssl making up their own highcourt laws and applying them as if they were actually state legislate laws. The usual trio parties not only continue let them away with all thus and far more, their again continued silence on the whole matter of judges acting illegally, is deafening yet again as its said.

SIXTY-FOUR. Speaking of judges… FF/FG and Lab have allowed the extreme rare judge that might even face prosecution, to have comfort in knowing their case will be held in secret, their crimes must go unreported by media and should there be any actual punishment to be inflicted for anything, it will amount to no more than a slap of the hand! One law for them (or none at all) and another set of laws for others. You and I. Say “Thank you” to the three parties.

SIXTY-FIVE. The never ending PR stunts of Leo Varadkar. Some of them actually quite tasteless. All allowed by FG and its enablers too – who also remain silent on such matters here to because other parties don’t want to upset a whole PR setup they ask occasionally indulge in too!

SIXTY-SIX. The determination of parties to take a sledge hammer to rural communities. Strip them of transports, their post offices, essential local state services such as medical (physical and mental), Garda stations, part state owned banks and more. Yes, let’s just treat them like dirt to be fecked around with constantly!

SIXTY-SEVEN. All again deadly silent about the EU Bara case that exposed they shouldn’t be moving your personal data, your now legal asset as much as your car or TV is to you, between 140+ state departments without telling you, seeking your permission and/or telling you just what the hell they are doing with it! Nope. FG, FF and Labour all keeping quiet on that too and actually doing bugger all to protect your asset.

SIXTY-EIGHT. For decades, allowing a crazy dangerous cult to gain further growth in Ireland. All parties have done bugger all to stop it. Now its got far worse. It has an EU based spying branch here in Dublin “Office of Special Affairs” and the cult is also buying up property, installing a nut-job wacko treatment centre to boot that will not be properly state supervised as all elected won’t make the laws to do do or to rid Ireland of this damn Scientology cult that viciously attacks many and has killed people worldwide.

SIXTY-NINE. When it come to creating the illusion of justice, all three parties invent yet another state inquiry or commission who’s remit will be severely curtailed, have far less powers of investigation than they should have, have little or no power to get people to actually appear and if they do and lie, well, they will face bugger all penalty for that too. Any potential evidence they do rare find, will in time be buried and not likely handed over to a court case or Garda for an actual real Garda investigation. One good thing about these farce setups though? Legal firms once again will be able to rape the taxpayer of even more Euro millions. The whole racket started and allowed to evolve by the usual three parties.

SEVENTY. All repeatedly not exposing total incompetence and scandals because they don’t want to annoy the other too much. After all, they might be needed later. O’ and these scandals that are also not RTE news reported, will be best tried to keep outbid DOB newspapers also. The best we can hope for is international reporting on such matters because the usual trio parties can’t silence them as much or at all.

SEVENTY-ONE. The McCracken, Moriarty or Mahon Tribunal to name just three? Where was the much needed criminal prosecutions needed as even exposed as needed care if them? The usual parties see to it such thing again rarely or never happens. Serious Garda investigations? You’re having a laugh. They can’t be seen calling in the Garda to investigate their mates more. Naa, let’s bury the reports and shove those inquiries to one side. Let’s ignore many of their recommendations too which they ensure, are not backed by actual legislation and then inforced. OK, they will do a rare PR token effort every few years. Go back to sleep then!

SEVENTY-TWO. Did they hold anyone to actual account for the Dublin and Monaghan bombings of 1974? No. Yet another matter they deliberately each kicked down a long road, each cowardly unwilling to do what today still has not being done and likely to their quiet delight now (they will deny this of course), cannot be done due to a passing of time they massively created separately and collectively.

SEVENTY-THREE. All were in cahoots regarding the Eircode setup scandal. Labour especially interfered in the process to ensure their favoured out of date, choice, was eventually chosen. Yet another item RTE news media buried. One of many…

SEVENTY-FOUR. Money matters. Fitzpatrick, Fingleton, McAleer, Denis O’Brien, Haughty, Ahern and more, far more. Never properly held to criminal account by the usual trio parties. Inaction and deafening silence.

SEVENTY- FIVE. IBRC – The racket that stank to high heaven, had too many politicians connected to it (like NAMA and Anglo) from the usual parties – so here too there is bugger all accountability and criminal prosecutions done to many involved that have been allowed quiet slip away. Some still well looked after or richly off than their victims. Inaction and deafening too much silence from guess who?

SEVENTY-SIX. All three parties involved in massively trying to screw the Ireland people and Europe of 500+ million folk, case of TTIP and CETA which they are still determined to bring in disguised under a new name, reworded and again, more quietly. No. RTE news won’t be reporting any of this either. They see to that too.

SEVENTY-SEVEN. The sale of Siteserve to who? O yea… Sorry, they each have seen to it there is bugger all accountability happening there too. Those business mates that when not rewarding them on the day but later too, must be allowed to quietly escape further actual real Garda investigation, never mind prosecution. The trio parties have all saw to this and more.

SEVENTY-EIGHT. Cronyism and Nepotism. Looking after business mates and family. Yea, all the parties have indulged and still indulge in both. Sure, it is not what you know, it’s who yoh know – as the saying long goes alone in FG, FF and Labour. Hell, even the wives have to be looked after if it means also having to invent roles to them put them into. Isn’t that right Labour? Of course the others will really say and do nothing about it all. Sure, they are at it themselves. Why shoot or expose a golden goose that continues to fill all their pocket and quiet bank accounts!

SEVENTY-NINE. They all are happy to take their own pensions (and now bury the details about them from public) at the age of fifty but are insisting that the public must wait till 67 or 68, even start applying for their own. FF have kopped that this is now an election issue so now they are flipping on the matter – not too strongly though. They don’t want to upset FG who they know they need to keep Sinn Fein out. So once again, they pull their punches for their own gain, and to the loss of the public. Nothing new in they and others doing this.

EIGHTY. When Leo Varadkar is not off getting photographed in PR stunts while giving out for opposition doing same, or getting photographed beside people they deny having met or known, Leo has been off creating a fake Facebook account (one at least we know if) and following a still undisclosed agenda using false names. Of course RTE news skips over this as does the other parties are again remain oddly very silent. Why? Good question yet again.

EIGHTY-ONE. One of many caught fiddling around travel expenses, was one FG TD who cycled to work when bothered to show up but also still claimed €9,000+ travel expenses. His party mates were not keen to see him held to account nor the other parties. Why? They feared and still fear that if closer examination of such claims takes place, all their own claim antics might be further uncovered. They can’t be having that?

EIGHTY-TWO. You have secret meetings such as at Dublin Hotel locations, off the record books or at international locations such as Davos (Varadkar and DOB) where no notes are deliberately not taken and go unreported by all involved and by RTE news media yet again. More behind closed door antics but you and I are expected to just trust them! I don’t think so.

EIGHTY-THREE. It’s one thing to be undemocratic by excluding another party and their half a million voters but to come along ridicule their ideas in nasty words, sometimes at inappropriate venues – then as an extra kick, steal their ideas you had previously knocked, does not inspire trust or be liked.

EIGHTY-FOUR. Each going along with it as partnership or as their enablers, they aid the privitisation agenda of state services so their businesses maters and others private profit. From chopping away at state transport services to exploiting the unemployed by farming them out to private companies, their TTIP agenda continues.

EIGHTY-FIVE. Showing their utter uselessness, all three have aided homelessness massively to the point where 3,800 children don’t have a permanent roof over their head or at all. All three each playing their part in putting 10,000 in dire straights. They each helping to increase numbers through inaction and delay.

EIGHTY-SIX. Use of Garda personnel to backup law breakers, imported unionist thugs and their untaxed, uninsured vehicles, to bring about illegal evictions due to wrong papers or forged signatures. It all does not inspire any trust and decency.

EIGHTY-SEVEN. Vulture funds not only sick praised and also not stopped from evicting and upping rents in a major way, they are also allowed to now put another 10,000 people’s homes up for grabbing also. All quietly of course. RTE is again very silent too – just like the usual TD’s.

EIGHTY-EIGHT. Speaking of silence of the lot of them, Google “Joanne Hayes” and the national scandal matter for which parties involved bought her silence. Yet more national goings on the usual parties would prefer to keep hidden. So they hide it away and all say or do nothing…

EIGHTY-NINE. What? The usual trio parties along with RTE news is not telling you about their stars, judges and even rugby elite who owed Anglo millions but been allowed to slip away unaccountable and unpunished for not paying what they too owe? But don’t you dare forget to pay that €160+ TV licence or all will be down on you like a ton of bricks!

NINETY. Yet again, if not openly participating in burying reports, they knowingly stand back and allow others they are connected to, burying their own. Case in point, hospital boards that refuse to release external reviews. Let’s all look the other way again, shall we lads? RTE – shush – say nothing.

NINETY-ONE. Remember the FG statement “We have not introduced any new taxes” when in fact they had along with up altered others. I listed them all a number of times. Other parties have not exposed this at times because they don’t want to upset FG for their own party gain or hope to gain financially from same taxes once they too return to power. The silence the again, is deafening!

NINETY-TWO. Then we have the sugar tax, the soon to be tried again Internet tax or mobile phone tax, the bag tax, all being PR spin as good for you as they each like others sees you deducted from, openly or stealthily day in, day out. Again, too much silence on such matters but lots of quiet effort to ensure they continue at cost to you.

NINETY-THREE. While FG leader contenders are giving out about supposed social welfare fraud and related amounts, they along with other parties failed to mention that more becomes lost thought their running of said related departments. Example: 2013 to 2015 lost through fraud = €161m but 2013 to 2015 lost through their mistakes = €205m. But hey, RTE like them decline to report the fuller true facts. Can’t be having that. That would expose massive incompetent elected and their regular inability to get to grip on such matters. So only half truths are told, the rest buried. Burying things is something they are all long experienced in.

NINETY-FOUR. To put things into comparison, concerning the last item, remember that NAMA alone allowed political connected business people to gain NAMA discounts to the tune of €18 Billion Euro. Have the trio parties made a masdive stink about this, sought to get it back, seen to ut some is accountable? Hell, have they seen thst an investigation took place? Stupid question. Again, their inaction and silence is deafening. The guilty get away scott free at the publics mega cost but the usual parties don’t want you to know all this either. You’re not supposed to wonder why either, about thus too!

NINETY-FIVE. Come local or national elections, there are reports of ballot boxes going oddly missing. Over the years there has been such reportedly happening in places such as Donegal, Galway, Louth, Longford, Dublin and more. Outside media has mentioned such things but home media (including RTE yet again) and the usual parties saying anything? Once again, deliberate silence, turning of a blind eye and inaction or no proper investigation. International observers should be brought in to guard our ballot boxes. The usual parties don’t want all this exposed so, it’s too buried by them.

NINETY-SIX. Despite years and decades passing, the parties still show their cowardly spines in disclosing the Kerry babies legal disclosure detail’s. Why? Their own parties or people involved or connected. Afraid someone close to them would be upset or suddenly exposed as wanting serious investigation into. You won’t be allowed still know it seems with guess who!

NINETY-SEVEN. Then there is the Post Office data mining that has been going on. In the case of Irish Water, info then passed on illegally and in contradiction of Bara ruling and EU other data laws. However, you are not supposed to know this goes on and guess which parties is not only aiding to hide it all by saying or doing nothing to expose it – but refusing to see further investigations very much needed, don’t ever happen under their watch! RTE news never reported either. You are not allowed know what you not wanted to know about…

NINETY-EIGHT. They had it for over a year in its draft form – all of them. It had been quietly floating around the Oireachtas building, reviewed by all important heads. They all read it and then further delayed as much as possible its release. What was it? The government buried PSC (ID card) report. Due to threats of someone being dragged into a court for their delaying if its release, the final report had to be forced from their hands into public light. No wonder all wanted it buried. FG was breaking data laws (and still is) at Irish, EU and ECJ level. All now quietly buried away again by RTE and they are instigating no changes or any further investigations. More deafening silence. Its only about your personal rights and that of your family being undermined, that all. Go back to sleep.

NINETY-NINE. When it comes to silence, they are still covering up the matter of Irish Water meter staff told to ‘spy’ on homeowners. More fudging of the issue. Correction, total silence from them all. Yes, the same meters they got you to pay for when they were offered total free, up to date ones instead by Siemens – but they oddly rejected those. No, the parties are neither talking about all this or seeking further investigation of the whole water meter matter. Who won by that awarded mega contract eh? Winner to political connected there too?

ONE HUNDRED. Remember those missing bank files that no one could find. The ones very much needed that could contain damaging evidence against crooks and incompetent people who should never have been in any high position… Well, it was later discovered the missing files were in Enda Kenny’s own office. No. Nope of the parties have seen an investigation start regarding how they got there, why they were there and why did Kenny not report their location when he knew many were looking for them and who gave them to him to hide away in his office? More deafening silence, years of inaction and more mega unaccountability. Why? Too much criminal activity too close to political party offices? They won’t let you know…

ONE HUNDRED AND ONE. Around the same time as one person in ten was officially going hungry in Ireland, the main parties were having junkers galore all over the world, Noonan was ok’ing €800k payments to bankers, wives of top elected were given a €92,000 government job despite no interview, previous related experience or qualifications to justify the role gain. Around the same time there was also €20+ million lost (it would massive grow) regarding Eircode, Irish Water workers sent on laughing yoga courses (I kid you not) when many weren’t being also well paid and given their own in house gym, just like similar TD’s got, all paid for at taxpayers expense. Then there was the Fine Gael spending of public money to the tune of over a Million Euro. What on? Well, someone felt the FG HQ needed doing up! More money for the boys so… There’s been no investigations, little or no Dail exposing of it all by old opposition (can’t be opening those matters – as such might expose their own antics? The FG, FF and Labour silence, antics and burying of it all, continues…


I hope you can start to understand why I don’t trust certain parties. I hope you can understand that there has been mega cover-ups, lies, deception, crime and much more, that they don’t want the public to know they could be up to their neck in! What they do want you to think this that they are the ‘good old folk’ that might throw you a fiver close to a suspected election time! That it has to be prised hard from their hands while they burn through money, is besides the point isn’t it? Maybe not?

What they want you to think to this very day us that they are the ‘good guys’ who can be trusted and thus rightly give government positions of power. They are near walking Saints of Ireland. Their PR (you often pay for that too) says they are an honest, trustworthy lot. There is a nice look to their posters to be sure. What they want you to think is that everyone else that opposes them, is the ‘bad lot’ who will be up to no good themselves, bad for the state and that will only lie and be robbing taxpayers instead!



Yes, vote for FG, FF and Labour. Don’t rock their expensive cruise boat in their lives that you are paying for. Don’t get any ideas that they would lie, uturn, break laws, hide stuff and much, much more. If you really think FG, FF and Labour alone, together enabling each other in all the above scratch of the surface stuff, deserves to hold government office – they really have made a right fool out of you.

Hey, there’s yet another reason to finally vote in an alternative direction… All that remain to be seen is who is still crazy enough to get into bed with the ‘good guys’. Time will tell.

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20 year barman. Re-educated as an I.T. professional, website creator, I.T teacher, digital media management & marketing professional. Studied accountancy, taxation, business management & law. Founder of UnitedPeople political party - click here. Previously the first National Chairman of Direct Democracy Ireland (DDI) & founder of the Louth branch of DDI. Author. Regular contributor to social media. TV & radio guest experiences. Appeared in the Oireachtas & Dublin Highcourts to defend the rights of citizens along with exposing many wrongs. Consistently seeks greater democracy & accountability from all elected levels of Ireland. Currently writing two books, non-fiction "Life Behind Bars" & "Better Tomorrows".

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