October 18, 2017
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Headed For The Stars To Survive.

November 17, 2016 0

  One of the greatest books I have had the pleasure to read, is “Rendezvous With Rama” by Arthur C Clarke (well recommended reading). Without giving anything away in major spoilers, an object is first […]


Colourful Politics

November 16, 2016 0

  The story of my time so far in politics is long even though most of it has been in the background. That said, it’s been already very eventful. I have been lied to many […]


Why Ireland Needs A New Political Party!

October 16, 2016 0

Just over five years ago I looked around for a party that was worth voting for, in a general election. For one reason or another, some being too blinkered, some being too stuck as one […]

We have been very lucky.


  Over the years we have met some very famous people. TV actors and actresses from shows like Star Trek, Star Wars, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, The Terminator films, Firefly/Serenity, Buffy The Vampire, Angel, Leverage and The Librarians to name a few. We have been very lucky. We hope that luck continues. Photos of some of them can be found posted HERE.

The Drogheda Leader

Photo work.



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Hi all,

There is a currently a number of Facebook pages being cloned, using my name. These two are the genuine ones. HERE and HERE. Please ignore ALL others out there. Thank you.

Cloning of pages is currently a major Facebook problem. It is being carried out by scammers, including identity theft thieves. Please be aware of this. Enter your own name into a Facebook search engine and check others that have your name. They might also have some or all of your pictures also, to try pass as yourself.

Jeff Rudd.
June 18th 2017

Make The Right Future Choice.

Trump Takes White House

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