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Family Album

Jeff, Joanne, Dakota, Logan, Teyla, Inara and Carson - all captured on camera.

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Sleep Time

Sleep related, pictures of everyone under the Rudd household roof.

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Jeff Rudd Shoots

A collection of pictures as camera captured by Jeff.

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Away Days

From wedding day to meeting with stars of stage and screen.

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2018. Shaping to be eventful.

2017 has been a year of many shades. We can say this because in many ways, events in Ireland have been colourful. Rarely has anything been clear-cut just black and white.
We have had […]

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How are repeat offenders still getting back in?

Being involved in politics for some time, one question is often put to me by puzzled citizens:
“Why are so many still willing to vote for the usual dodgy people?”

There is no easy answer. […]

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