Speaking of heads up their backsides… We then have Fianna Fail.

The latest news this Sunday (25th March 2018) is that Fianna Fail have dropped (LINK) in the polls yet again. Let’s be honest, they are up and down like a rocky rollercoaster – and they are not enjoying the ride.

It appears that they don’t seem to be getting the message. What message?

The one that might say:
(a) they cannot claim to be true opposition while they backdoor prop the government.
(b) they cannot continue to have their bluff called regarding if they will pull their support or not for a morally corrupt, law breaking government.
(c) they cannot be jerked around – and be seen to be jerked around – by Fine Gael.

In continued ‘old politics’ craziness, Fianna Fail won’t pull the plug on a shower of law breaking criminals simply because their own poll numbers are low. Fianna Fail are still wondering why they are low! Yes, they really do have their head up their backside that much, that they cannot see what the public is regular seeing – they to be full of double-standards, they propping up a rotten shower and while only willing to go so far in criticism (pulling their political punches for fear of bringing the government down), the Fianna Fail party won’t go the full distance and do the right thing.

So Fianna Fail, if you do want your poll numbers solidly back up – stop trying to sit on the political fence and play both sides. Yes, we can see this!

Get off the bloody fence and pick a side. You may try to look at times as if you are – but your still propping up actions speaks louder than any words of your own – and the public is seeing this far clearer than you obviously can see. You may think the public is completely blind but here too, you would be wrong.

As long as you remain with your heart and party sold to the devil that is Fine Gael, you are only fooling yourselves into thinking things are going to get better regarding poll numbers. It’s time you got your heads out of your backsides and kopped the hell on!

Pull the feckin’ plug. Do what you espouse to say you are doing – standing up for people. Again, your actions speak louder than your pulled punches. The continued propping up of Fine Gael is leaving the country no better off but deeper and deeper into many further nightmare holes. Put the people before your party – and you know what? You might actually start to see a stable rise in those numbers you are quietly, seriously concerned about! Carry on as you are – your rollercoaster ride will continue. You reap what you sow!