Heart & Mind

The Right Not To Hear

  Stupidly and the spreading of it brings division and trouble. Truth and honest knowledge bring insight, understanding and compassion. Things I have always believed at heart.

This is why I abhor the likes of Trump with his sexist, racist and much more, low quality ways. It's why, while defending a persons right to speak - not all persons such as Katie Hopkins, necessary has to be then listened to. They can speak - but I too have a right to not hear for good reason.

Humans are at base level, is a series of atomic structures which when combined, are a production of life forms in many shapes and sizes. Even then, due to chaos theory and other reasons, nature produces genetic aberrations - in other words occasional errors. In other words, to err is human - even at genetic level. If we can accept this then we should be able to accept and understand that we make mistakes. It's in the very nature of the beast we are.

What we do then to advance, not just ourselves but the world we know, beyond of what we basic therefore are, is to accept what we are, take what we have and learn from it all.

We should apply what's true - then advance. Acting poorly on heard or seen ignorance only takes human development a step back and has terrible consequences to those around us and the world we all exist within.

I choose therefore, every day to try one's best to go with that which is true. I do this knowing even mu genetic code is prone to occasional mistakes but yet I will try overcome even this genetic inherent deficiency.

I choose to see, listen and act according to to those I judge to be true and that seek the same forward motion. All the while they too knowing their limitations - but equally wiling to try go beyond them.

That is not just human progress... It is a forward motion, into a more positive evolution of our society, our planet, our universe, our moral fibre.

I accept there is hatred, hunger and homeless. I accept all this and more... The compassionate side of myself wants to see things things too are healed, solved, housed and more.... It is myself turning the other cheek while trying to do better for the person what is willing to move forward with those of like mindedness. I want to be the better person I know I should be.

Working within natures design, accepting my complete nature, inherent faults and all, yet I still wish to be better.


...Because progress only happens in forward movements. For those that I love and share a planet with, that is the only direction I wish to move in. If the best of us all do the same, the best of our planet, our technology, our society, my children... should only then see many more better tomorrows.

We can do better - we just have to put our mind to it. Everything else could then follow. Wishing that to happen out of deep love for all that I see is good, moving forward is the only way to move, think and act. To do less, could be human nature - to do more, could be a divine.

A Marriage Sign

wedding001bsmallThere are a number of signs for when you are in love with someone. One of them for myself, was when I looked into the eyes of my then girlfriend and actually could see the faces of our children.

Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous - but when you look at someone and immediately see in their eyes, a future that involves what your children might look like? The heart has it bad and is looking toward the future. The mind is telling you, this woman is 'the one!'