JobPath. A state set-up of ignored serious abuses & law breaking.

For over two years UnitedPeople has been investigating JobPath (LINK). This in short, is a state set-up that sees two private companies profit to the tune of  €100+ Million (so far) off the backs of the unemployed. The unemployed of Ireland have become company spreadsheet numbers and assets which massive private money can be made from.

There is much to be said about the JobPath racket. So much so that UnitedPeople has produced a extensive detailed 107 page report on the operation (LINK). This report has been emailed to EVERY TD. Some twice.

THIS IS IMPORTANT as within that report, there is also 30+ pages of detailed victim statements from people across Ireland who have been abused – some very seriously.

All these abuses continue to be ignored. Sadly however, the ignoring of these abuses are not the only thing that Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, Labour, Green and other parties are completely doing.

Those running JobPath have openly lied to the government (who are keeping quiet about such lies or then pretending the lies don’t even exist). The government continues to break state and EU laws themselves in relation to how JobPath is illegal stealing money. The Department of Social Protection in Dublin Highcourt even had to reluctant admit this on highcourt record and official submitted affidavit in a case involving one victim “Damien Fagan” – who the judge decreed “egregiously” had his human rights infringed, as those bullying JobPath was trying to illegal force him into a private contract he (and everyone else in Ireland/Europe) has the actual legal right to decline.  It is these human rights abuses that are being also ignored.

The TD ignoring of abuses however, does not stop there.

There is the assaults (we have recordings), there is the suicide attempts – one in a JobPath property (we have the photographic evidence) and we have the state using Garda detectives (even on a Sunday) sent to harass civilians at their own homes, because they have previous refused to sign that which they have the legal right to decline.

There is the illegal exporting of people’s personal data to the UK and there is blackmail, coercion and threats being made on civilians right across Ireland. We can prove all this – and in the legal case of Damien Fagan, we have done that.

Speaking of the Fagan case, the Department of Social Protection completely invented fake evidence and then presented it to a highcourt judge in order that they might try to further sway a later verdict. The faked material they supplied was uncovered for what it was. One person that invented a fake statement for the greater fake product, later had to produce a second statement for the court to say that a previous one he alone supplied, was indeed complete false. All this and more has been media buried and ignored by same TD’s ignoring other aspects of JobPath.

So far no one has been arrested for making fake highcourt evidence.
So far no one has been arrested for a JobPath violent assault.
So far there has been no investigations regarding the suicide attempts – including the one that happened in their very property.

All buried – hushed up – RTE news ignored – local and national elected ignored.


So why are TD’s deliberate ignoring so much?

There is a number of answers to the above question. Here is a simplified breakdown.

    1. It was agreed and signed in the Troika (three EU banking institutions) created “Memorandum of Understanding” that JobPath was to be forced upon the people of Ireland. “Job activation” as it was nicely PR termed, was to be rammed down the throats of a nation. Another way of saying “job activation” is “state press-ganged” or “enslaved“.
    2. The “Memorandum of Understanding” was signed by the Fianna Fail and Green political party.
    3. Ireland has now a long list of national institutions in which it has been discovered, decades of abuses went on unhindered, blanked and ignored.
    4. Fianna Fail and the Green political party certainly don’t want to be seen to be attached to the latest national set-up that is still creating modern day abuses. So they in particular, are saying nothing (especially before the next general election) about the more serious goings on. Ones that’s still happening to this very day – and they are doing/saying nothing about.

5. Fine Gael is saying nothing. Fine Gael is doing nothing. Leo Varadkar and Regina Doherty in particular won’t expose the ongoing abuses. They deny all knowledge of them even though we can prove they have been informed. They can’t be caught knowing there has been previous abuses occurring and they did nothing – while there is even more abuses going to continue into the future – and they are still unwilling to act, to stop those ones either.

6. Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, Labour and the Green Party knows the Department of Social Protection is continuing themselves, to break a number of laws regarding JobPath. So if any one of those parties really exposes the still continuing law breaking and abuses within it, they risk exposing their own party and its members for previously saying and doing nothing. Criminal charges of Negligence, Economic Duress and more could be placed upon many political heads. Not exactly good PR when there is also a general election to be won – besides the 2019 local elections (where their local party representatives are today also ignoring abuses going on in their own towns, upon the same people they will go looking for votes off).

7. They all know “JobPath” is a future inquiry in the making right now – but they all wish to keep their own distance from it right now for legal and vote reasons.

Fianna Fail to their devious credit, are trying to sway some voters by introducing a Dail bill (LINK) over one smaller aspect of the JobPath racket. As UnitedPeople exposed over a year and a half ago, some victims of JobPath abuse are also told they cannot avail of better services out there in Ireland which would see them far better off. Fianna Fail, unwilling to expose the far larger abuses, is trying to gain some traction with a few voters by trying to be seen resolving a smaller issue in JobPath – while they still refuse to even discuss the far larger abuses still going on in it. Heaven forbid they do such a thing!

UnitedPeople will again be emailing ALL the elected TD’s the 107 page report on JobPath. UnitedPeople will also be supplying to elected TD’s, further many additional reports of abuses collected from two+ years of investigation.

Regina Doherty, current head of the Department of Social Protection after she took over from Leo Varadkar’s very position, is PR spinning that there is a current “review” going on internally. In other words, they are investigating themselves.  It’s a safe bet to say that the concluding report will state that while the JobPath set-up is a successful one (with an 18% success rate out of 100%), there are areas for ‘room for improvement’ or words to that affect.

Don’t kid yourself however, there will be no reports in their published review (delayed if possible, till after any election) of any of the serious abuses going on – nor mention of the still ongoing massive law breaking by those within JobPath.

The ignoring of the more serious abuses & law breaking, will continue by TD’s for the foreseeable future. It’s ok for them to try gain PR, being seen to fix smaller JobPath stuff but the major illegal activity? Blanked, media censored and TD silences will continue regarding serious abuses upon a nation of citizens.


P.S. One MAJOR JobPath lie (of many) being repeated about all over the place, is that it is a racket for the long term unemployed. Nothing could be further from the truth. UnitedPeople has gained many reports of people that had just become unemployed – and even within a day, a week, a month, are ordered to sign-up – or else!



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