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I exist therefore I must be attacked.

The internet since it’s conception and then eventual common use by the mass public has been a double-edged sword.

it has been unequivocally great for the sharing of information and allowing people to become more organised into groups of similar thinking and desired action.

The downside is that every anonymous idiot that exists with their own agenda, has basically free rein to post absolute crap. For example, as I am running in the local elections, if I win or not, I am still depriving another person from other parties, of votes. Their fans don’t like this.

So in order to try and gain back votes for their own preferred choice, they move in and attack like a hound of dogs, rip apart others like myself simply because we exist – and we not even necessarily in opposition to them and not attacking them in any way. It doesn’t matter that I even agree with their own aims at times. I exist, I am therefore stealing ‘their’ votes – so I MUST be attacked.

I am well aware of the cowards on Irish forums that hide behind their fake names. Anyone in Ireland that pops their head up and stands for something, grows quickly aware of the anon’ assholes of the Irish internet. Anyone that dares to take votes from others while trying to actually improve the lives of all, must be lied about and attacked – simply because they are depriving someone’s mates or their fellow party member of possible votes.

You could be a complete saint (I’m far from one and would be the first to admit it) – but you will still be massive lied about, rubbished in others eyes – if only so that a vote that might have headed in one direction, could be then turned toward another (that sometimes just happens also to be friends of the anon attacker).

On Irish websites posted by anon idiots, I’m a lazy, stupid, gay, gambling, alcoholic, right-wing, left-wing, racist bigot, and more.
(For the record, my close family is made up of Irish, English, Pakistani and American members. The man that I chose to be my wedding best man, was gay, still is, and still a dear friend)

I supposedly am the dumbest thing under a rock (I think I faired well taking TD’s questions in the Oireachtas and providing hundreds of pages of evidence exposing wrongs and speaking up for hundreds of abuse victims), I supposedly wouldn’t know what hard work is if it bit me in the ass and have never done anything, at any time, to help anyone. So says the anon’ assholes of Irish internet. Go figure! I am supposed to have said things I never said and supposed to have not done things I have actually done. Go figure!

Welcome to Irish politics. Old style, dirty politics practiced by cowards always hiding behind fake names.

Here’s the thing though! In ALL the times I have held meetings around the country (always at my own expense) over many years, not one person at such public meetings or even when I am regular on the streets of Drogheda, has come up to me and complained to me about me. NOT ONE. I have had thousands of thanks but not one person has face to face ever attacked me for the things I have done or about the work I have done. Not one.

The only bitching or moaning comes from anon idiots (some of these are Scientologists who want to stop anyone that exposes their family splitting, worldwide cult) cowardly hiding again behind fake names who have a clear cut political agenda behind their attacks. Does it bother me? No – honestly. It bothers my family, however. They read such junk and ask why do I persist despite the completely made up inaccurate lies? “Why not give up Jeff?”

Well, here what the anon cowards don’t get.

1. I am actually trying to improve things in Ireland – and yes – for them too. They just refuse to see that. They can’t be having that! How dare Jeff Rudd stand up and protect us! He must be attacked and lied about. He’s taking votes from others – everyone attack!!!

2. The more idiots attack me, the more I will try to be better than them and in defiance of their attacks, try to do even more for others. They actually stir me on. I have publicly thanked them before for this and I do so again with this post too.

3. Those giving out about me and their fake lies – what exactly have THEY done at local or national level, to make lives better or to protect the legal rights of every citizen in the state as I have done already? Yep, they have done f**k all – and they then have the temerity to give out about me (and others). Welcome to Irish politics and it’s double-standards you are not meant to kop – and which anon idiots won’t be pointing out to you as they rage and consistently lie.

4. If I absolutely had wanted an easy, lazy life, I could have kept my mouth shut, head down completely and accepted the corporate exploitation crap, the government lies, the attempts not just to screw my wife and kids of their rights and future earnings but I could have also kept quiet and rolled over alike the anon idiots of the internet who, themselves, have actually done feck all to make lives in Ireland better.

So I continue to work for the people. I don’t get paid for it. I continue to gain calls, emails, PM messages and face to face requests for help at a local and national level. If anyone wants to see evidence of this at any stage, I am an open book. They may see my emails, my phone calls that are incoming etc. I continue to address issues. I continue to stand up for the rights of citizens, be it in a court or outside it at local levels. I continue to do runs at Christmas delivering food parcels to those that need them. I give advice and go with people who need representation. I continue to help people when they stop me on my town streets, asking for help. Simply put, I do what I can if and when possible – and if I cannot help, I will find a person for those in need, that can further help them.

If the price of helping my fellow citizen is that I am to be attacked then in order for others down on their luck, to become better off by my assistance, I must accept the crap being dished out by always anon internet idiots. Welcome to Irish politics where you get attacked at your front door and your windows broken for standing up professionally, peacefully and lawfully.

…Then people wonder why I (and good others) want to make politics in Ireland better! An aim of UnitedPeople. To improve lives and better protect citizens and their basic rights. How dare we – the cheek of us!

One small saving grace. If the inaccurate idiots of the Irish internet are attacking me, at least they are less ranting and raving about other good others at the same time. If that allows those good others to better do what needs to be done, happy days! Any positive steps forward are better than none at all.

…And that is the bigger important picture our anon attacking idiots don’t want to get – or don’t want others to get. Stuff them. Others and I are carrying on regardless. Onwards and UP!

About JeffRudd

20 year barman. Re-educated as an I.T. professional, website creator, I.T teacher, digital media management & marketing professional. Studied accountancy, taxation, business management & law. Founder of UnitedPeople political party - click here. Previously the first National Chairman of Direct Democracy Ireland (DDI) & founder of the Louth branch of DDI. Author. Regular contributor to social media. TV & radio guest experiences. Appeared in the Oireachtas & Dublin Highcourts to defend the rights of citizens along with exposing many wrongs. Consistently seeks greater democracy & accountability from all elected levels of Ireland. Currently writing two books, non-fiction "Life Behind Bars" & "Better Tomorrows".

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