Has Fine Gael Lowered Failure Rates?

When I went to school a long time ago, basic scoring a “Pass” mark for a test was set at 40% out of 100% (a “D“. “E” meant you failed). Anything above 70% meant that you did the job really required and for it, you should be proud of yourself.

Today, many are bewildered or amused over what level does a person have to obtain in order to say they have achieved a basic pass mark or higher. If we are to go by a Fine Gael party standard of achievement, could the lowest failing person in the country could even be said to have obtained a level of decent success? Recent results created in Ireland, care of the Fine Gael government and their set-ups, has reached new score lows regarding “success”. In PR they are espousing their pass rate of success are something to be applauded – but are they really?

  • The JobPath racket that is currently still breaking the laws in Ireland, has a claimed success rate of 18% (out of 100%). In other words, a 78% failure rate. LINK
  • The housing crises – the Fine Gael state has only an 8% success rate. In other words, a 92% failure rate. LINK

By any stretch of imagination, it takes some bullcrap or serious PR spinning, to claim a “success” out of a JobPath racket that has cost the taxpayer €100+ Million (so far) for just an 18% rate. You are supposed to be in the dark that other pre-existing job schemes (sidelined and more denied the people they need) had a far higher success rate – for far less cost. Instead, Fine Gael continues to ensure two private companies (Seetec and Turas Nua) are huge raking taxpayer money in. LINK

Considering that a previous national emergency regarding stretcher numbers was at a 500 amount level, Fine Gael then raising that number not only to 600+ corridors but then on to 700+, the idea that here too, Fine Gael has achieved any measure of success would be outrageous to try claim. Fine Gael promotion material once stated they would “sack the wasters of taxpayer money” – unless it’s their own people or operations they are running!

The irony is not lost that Fine Gael is calling for high standards from other people, businesses and even own state departments, yet at the same time in PR, trying to cover-up their failures with message of success – extremely low rated, finance costly rated ‘success’. If anyone else tried to pull a similar stunt beyond anything Fine Gael connected, they would be the first to be up in arms about it? As it is, conveniently they are saying different words about their own levels, of what can be taken as genuine success.

After all, they have only been in government over seven years – maybe finally, next year will be different?