2018. Shaping to be eventful.

2017 has been a year of many shades. We can say this because in many ways, events in Ireland have been colourful. Rarely has anything been clear-cut just black and white.

We have had Fine Gael allowing members of the an ever expanding Scientology cult, enter into state government buildings – while the same political party regular refused far quicker, to meet to meet Ava and Vera Toomey, who were long campaigning for urgent medical help.

We have had multiple conflicting versions of events surrounding malicious, uncalled for attacked upon Maurice McCabe – all from either Enda Kenny or Catherine Zappone. Like one Albert Ahern, ex-Taoiseach, they too will never be held to account for their own contradictory words.

In the case of Albert Ahern, despite taking money ‘under the table’ while in high office and possibly operating for one than one master at the same time, for the public and a Swiss business consortium, he still is being allowed off scott-free and lauded like a hero by sycophants who refuse or deny many of his on the record actions. Anyone lesser from the public, would have been arrested and in court long ago. Not Mr Ahern however – he knows too many secrets on still elected. So like J. Edgar Hover in the USA whom elected politicians there feared for the secrets he also knew, Hover was, and Ahern still is, apparently untouchable.

Don’t expect to ever see Mr Albert Ahern in a court room unless he’s just passing through on a tour! Despite the bribes he possible took and more antics, his face still hangs painted in the Oireachtas.

In the case of Enda Kenny and his many fairy tales that he continued to invent and then pass off as supposed reality, he gave to the world a regular dose of what USA president Trump could term “Fake News”. Fake news came from him regular and when it didn’t, he filled the time in also with occasional gaffs and disappearances (example: Catherine Murphy and she being attacked for telling the truth in the Dail. Enda went quiet for a full seven days, refusing to defend a TD’s right to speak) at crucial times. As soon as they happened, biased media quick buried it.

However, the fake news didn’t stop with Enda Kenny. Indeed not. His successor, Leo Varadkar before he even became leader, was off and running with his own fake news. To begin with, possibly to win over party members for leader selection votes, he invented spectacular high fraud numbers regarding social welfare – while completely hiding that a far larger amount of social welfare money was (and still is) being lost by his then own staff while he was holder of the position “Minister of Social Protection”. All this and far more, also continues to be media buried by RTE and biased news outlets.

Speaking of media, the public, years on, is still waiting for Fine Gael, Fianna Fail or even Labour to do anything real and constructive in stopping one media mogul from unofficially having a further say in state politics and directing it.

Yes, Denis O’Brien, the man that has over 55% interest (that we know of) in Irish media, who also is rumoured to possess a major interest in a news agency – one that also supplies the majority of so called “independent radio stations” – continues to rake in his millions on an annual basis via many state contracts that he regular repeat gains. The fact that he openly and quietly gives money to individual Fine Gael members and the party in substantial numbers, is just coincidence.

In 2017 we have seen citizens of Ireland being arrested in the middle of they following leads concerning corruption within state departments. Many citizens were followed, reportedly framed, possible bugged and definitely covertly watched from one side of Ireland to the other. No one was immune. Even members of UnitedPeople while attending a meeting in Donegal, staying at a quiet hotel, witnessed state officials turn up at night, in the middle of a west coast storm, to take time out to write down vehicle numbers of those possible attending a peaceful political gathering.

Even elected TD’s in 2017 were not immune from same strange treatment via state officials.  TD Clare Daly while detailing to the public about how Maurice McCabe has been treated astonishingly bad by others (who will never be held to account either), found herself also suddenly Garda stopped like Joe Doocey (he too was in the process of legally exposing state corruption when mysteriously pulled over) and arrested.

Clare had the indignity of having to provide a urine sample. After being held in custody, her personal details were put into a Garda computer (Pulse) system where then no fewer than 36 other Garda checked out those details (how did they even find out she was arrested?). Why they (a) checked out those details and (b) how they managed to do so, are questions and investigations that Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Labour will never see happen!

The state attempt to punish a TD for exposing corruption, didn’t end there however! An email about her arrest was sent to senior officers. Why? Don’t expect any answers here too. The email was then forwarded to at least 57 other people also. Why? Don’t expect any answers here too. Details of just her arrest was given to at least 145 people connected to the Garda force. Two traced phone calls were made to the Daly Star newspaper alone, from Garda buildings. Why? Don’t expect any answers on this also. What other mobile calls were probably made? The Fine Gael government refuses to investigate also…

Possible biased media moved quickly to try smear the TD alleging her to be a drunken driver – splashing the news subsequently all over front pages repeatedly. TD’s (guess from what direction!) joined into the fake news cycle.

We can say it was fake news as it was later quiet discovered that by test results that Clare Daly’s tests cleared her of being what she was smeared big time as. The smearing media however didn’t publish the full truth about how sober she was, in such big headlines as they smeared her previously. No, the true facts surrounding her situation were quietly buried – alike many things that continued to be RTE and other media buried or hidden.

So under the usual three old parties, corruption, cronyism, bribery, fake news, non-accountability, nepotism and much more continues into 2018.

All is not lost however!

2018 brings new voices and new directions that the public are more getting behind. Besides UnitedPeople (LINK), there is Integrity Ireland (LINK) – there is the Anti-Corruption Task Force (LINK) and more.

Special recognition must also be given The Phoenix magazine (LINK) for its brave continuing efforts to expose corruption within our political system and within our Irish court system. The magazine regular publishes news stories that other biased media continues to ignore and deliberate bury.

More people not just across social media sites and services are sharing what their local and national elected are up to, they are also demanding more answers. When they don’t get them, those that refuse to give, are more being exposed for that also. This trend is likely to increasingly continue into 2018.

UnitedPeople, other groups and individuals such as Stephen Manning, Greg Doran and Damien Fagan are in the process of holding to account those that deserve to be caught, questioned and in some cases, most definitely be called to question within a Dublin highcourt dock. Legal processes initiated by some of the previous mentioned are currently under way – but not that you would know, for these ongoing efforts are also quietly buried by biased media including RTE. The legal efforts continue never the less. In 2018 as far as UnitedPeople is concerned, they will increase.

The state will no doubt up it’s attempts at already trying to intimidate others and ourselves, into silence. Scare us off, try besmirch our names online and off, invent something to throw at us, send again their agents of front-line force to stop professional, peaceful people seeking justice and truth.

Here’s the thing however…

The more they do this, the more they risk increased exposure to the world. that their acts mentioned on a more regular basis, are not just voices of rare, lone conspiracy nutters across some random internet site – they are a growing number of also professional acting, peoples voices – ones that independently of each other, tell a remarkable similar tale of becoming another state target.

In other short words, what is being done to increasing many, no longer becomes something that no longer cannot be just coincidence and rare but noticed far, far more occurring and noticed by the world!

It’s happening already. An bigger public awakening is occurring. Slow at first to be sure – but with every state underhand act against those seeking better, it still gathers momentum.



Despite the weight of state officials out to stop those seeking better, to try stop those who are exposing people doing wrong in government and surrounding it, they in their increasing numbers have continued to arrive at their own individual and collective conclusion of “Enough is enough”.

Ireland has too long suffered from professional corruption being continued and buried. Subsequently, more people are taking a stand and also sharing what they know and can prove. Additional initiated citizen and political party court room cases are being started in 2018. Long may it continue. A small tide is increasing in strength and sound. Corrupt can see and hear it coming – so they fight back using the tactics others want to expose.

The corrupt continue to give Irish court rooms more evidence of their underhand actions and lies. The corrupt are sowing the seeds of their own destruction – but in their lashing out, repeatedly fail to see this.

If anything at all is going to be said about 2018, it is that it too will be eventful. There are things coming down the road of time that will be eye-opening to many and in truth, non-surprising to those that has been trying to expose such matters for a long time.

2018 is going to be when a government might fall. 2018 will certainly see some TD’s and more be exposed. A government currently breaking laws while telling others to obey it, will see its factual crimes more discovered, detailed and further highlighted.

2018 is going to be an interesting year – have no doubts!

Jeff Rudd
UnitedPeople founder.