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You couldn’t make it up – unless you are Fine Gael!

The informed citizens in Ireland will know that Fine Gael is carrying out a non-public mandated, privately adopted agenda, to make sure private companies massive profit while the taxpayer of Ireland is left further financial deprived of money and rights. It is part of their further sneak privitisation agenda of state services and staff.

The latest next stunt to see this agenda carry on, has emerged. This time it involves rural Ireland.

Here is the crazy thinking of Fine Gael. They are to spend €3, 000,000,000, (Billion) taxpayer money on a National Broadband Network the state then won’t own, the private companies will be actually allowed retain ownership (instead of they being retained as employees) – but we, the taxpayers of Ireland – can buy it back after 25 years from the constructors, we have previously massive paid to materialise, employ and build it.

What sort of crazy crap is this?

For gods sake Ireland, Fine Gael is screwing you. Even worse, they are allowed to continue do this because Fianna Fáil is propping them up and thus won’t stop them. It’s just further continuing madness. It’s being allowed quietly continue though others allowing citizens of Ireland to be more deprived and exploited.

In years, decades and generations to come others will ask “How was this crap not seen?” and “How were they allowed continue it?”

The complacent, the blinkered and FG cult brainwashed had better start on their answers now – because it’s going to take them years to even try coming up with any useable excuse – one that might be even half believed by generations to come!

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