“Yes Minister?” No, Not Quiet!

I wish the media and our caretakers would stop being stupid. All still refer to those issuing state dictates as “The Government”. We have no official appointed government. In fact, right now we have no official appointed ministers at all.

What we have in place is a lot of people that resigned their seats at the last election (or maybe I imagined it as Leo Varadkar went to the president to cease his parties term in official government?) and let go of their official ministerial positions!

What we have presently, is previous office occupiers (including now official fired ones who are now no longer wanted TD’s) hanging on to previous official positions, acting as caretakers UNTIL an actual next government is official created – and ONLY THEN can people be instated into new government, constitution sanctioned new ministerial positions!

Is the false titling of caretaker people, an attempt by someone to give the impression they still have full powers as before, which then came with such titles when they were legitimate to be held? Well, the fact that new legislation cannot be created in many circumstances by the current caretakers, exposes greater truths there!

But like many things RTE and our caretakers are hiding, you are not meant to kop all this. We have lording over us right now, a bunch of people that continue to call themselves by titles to which they have not been appointed yet, by a not yet appointed new government. They continue operating with delusions of self-imposed grandeur.

I wish they and the media would stop their stupidity. Their wrong words used, exposes theirs.