Why Ireland Needs A New Political Party!

cropped-New-UP-Logo3.jpgJust over five years ago I looked around for a party that was worth voting for, in a general election. For one reason or another, some being too blinkered, some being too stuck as one party issue, too many being far long steeped in corruption and not really changing their ways, I came to the conclusion that the then present parties running in elections were not up for real change.

When i speak of “change” I’m not just talking about every day policies that present elected twist and turn on as if they were a drunken driver – I’m also talking about core fundamental change in the way that they operate. None were willing to bring to the people a working decent operation that encompassed an honourable, moral, ounce of consistent decency.

My view was (open to be wrong) that the too many of the already established, were out openly or quietly operating, (a) for their own gratification in finances or egotistic self-awarded perks or (b) selling out their own people to foreign interests including businesses or even other EU heads.

I being a dad, I was all too aware that whatever we as a people do (or don’t do) today, the effect would have ramification into the future not just for my children to inherit – but also my family and friends with their families would suffer the same future consequences – of too many previously being too meek or frankly, lazy to get up and do something about the mess. A mess that our corrupt and traitors was leading us all into.

So, to be blunt, I got up off my backside after a few deliberate knocks by others and set-up UnitedPeople (.ie). Not to do so, was to open condemn my children’s future to a possible worse fate by own in-action.

UnitedPeople now is only starting out like a fresh newborn. It has had its teething period. Only to be expected. It will however with genuine good people in it, still be trying to do better than what has gone before. It’s now learning to walk forward.

We are not perfect. We are all human. We make mistakes. If we do the decent thing and own up to them – learn from them – and move on in forward progress, then with a party of similar willing people, every step forward is a away from a bad past – toward a greater chance of a brighter future.

Ireland can be better. In order to be so its not just going to take good policies and a new good moral compass to get there. It’s going to take a fresh choice of more decent people in a decent party that affects real lives Actions and open frankness that touches real doorsteps in Ireland and improves the way thing are done – in better openness, honestly and integrity.

I couldn’t find that in political parties of old – so UnitedPeople was born. I’m again, open to be wrong – but doing nothing and carrying on with the same old bunch was frankly, too much for me to bear as I deep know, just how much I love my children and worry for their future. Sticking with the past, was to condemn a future.

We have no choice but to be better and move forward better. We can really only do that as a united people. Failure is not an option that will help our children’s future. Only success through new better ways, will see my country progress. My country progresses… my children win!

I look forward to my children seeing that day. On that good day as my children smile, I will rest easy in my eternal place.