What is a “Pure Irish man” ???


I seen recently, a post by a group of people from another political party, going on about they being “pure Irish men“. Same political party is often heard spouting about “Ireland only for the Irish“. Every time I heard this, I have to be honest, I think to myself “What utter uneducated, stupid rubbish!

Allow me to take you back in time, for example. I quote an article in the Washington Post (March 16th, 2016 – LINK):

Ten years ago, an Irish pub owner was clearing land for a driveway when his digging exposed an unusually large flat stone. The stone obscured a dark gap underneath. He grabbed a flashlight to peer in.

I shot the torch in and saw the gentleman, well, his skull and bones,” Bertie Currie, the pub owner, said this week.

The remains of three humans, in fact, were found behind McCuaig’s Bar in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. And though police were called, it was not, as it turned out, a crime scene. Instead, what Currie had stumbled over was an ancient burial that, after a recent DNA analysis, challenges the traditional centuries-old account of Irish origins.

The article then in detail goes on to explain what many of us more educated and/or using our more working brains, know and understands. In short, Ireland people today, long existing on our island, are in fact consisting of a wide array of genetic structures.

The article mentions “Europe, most notably around Switzerland, Austria and Germany” but it’s far widely known and accepted that our base DNA structure is a combination of many previous European forms of humans and from widely separate European regions.

In fact, many individual EU states that claim to be special and outstanding in their own DNA structure, are in fact also mixed combinations of prior migrating humans going back centuries. The nutjob that was Hitler and the idiots that swallowed/followed his “Pure Aryan” bile, refused to accept such basic truths. Like todays new Irish political group – because more accurate truths doesn’t fit in with their twisted agenda within their “Ireland for the Irish” schite.

More truth? Is we really want to make out what makes Ireland as a nation standout as a unique nation, lets speak about our traditions, our good social views, our ways of life, our outlook on being charitable, our willingness to be scholarly and in the past, more of sainthood. Let’s speak about our struggles to be free of the shackles of bondage, oppression and twisted lies coming from those that would try to keep us reigned in though lies and misrepresentations.

Let’s speak about how we as a nation have our more Ireland based, centuries old skills and forms of traditional work practices like turf cutting and alike. All of these, also in truth, done by many different people on our small island. All these and more, is what helps to make us all “Irish” in historic character – regardless of colour, religion or other hate used factor.

Anyone that says “Ireland only for the Irish“, is in fact accepting that being “Irish” in DNA structure (as they would have you just accept is pure one thing only), is actually saying that they are willing to accept our DNA structure on our island is a combination of many other European past people. Sadly, those that try to be covertly or openly racist, are too stupid to understand or see even this! 

I have no time for racism, discrimination and frankly, open, deliberate self-imposed, short-sighted stupidity!


NOTE: I accept that I will again be attacked, lied about and slandered online, for telling such core scientific truths – as above. Much of these attacks will come from online cowards cowering behind false names. It’s what they regularly do – and how they cowardly regular operate. I’m not afraid to put my name to what I say and think. Unlike them…

We should NEVER be made fear telling truth.