West Street Feedback.

Alistair Smith and I were out for most of today (despite bitter cold temperatures locally) talking to people once again in Drogheda introducing UnitedPeople. From 10am till after 4.30pm we chatted away to many all day.

A number of things once again were made very obvious.

1. With the local radio station over three years blanking UnitedPeople, local people discovering there was a national political party founded in their hometown which had subsequently gone national, expressed their disgust at not being informed about this by Louth radio station LMFM for over three and a half years. Those who knew UP existed already, were equally angry about how they were not getting the full truth or full local matters exposed by our local radio station.

2. South Louth is very angry still towards Labour past elected (who many voters still consider them useless and are not willing to forget how Labour dumped a fired TD upon South Louth as a senator, just weeks later after being TD sacked) and the local citizens are angry/disgusted at present local Labour elected who told others to ignore nurses protests.

3. Drogheda people are still very angry at what is Ireland’s biggest official town, being dictated to, from another smaller town. This is a very regular complaint mentioned to us. Local citizens are disgusted that long-established FG and other local main stream parties are allowing this to continue.

4. People are very angry at the national level Fine Gael crap agenda that will see (if they get away with it) the town of stripped away of its long established democratic ways – so that it can be dictated to by faceless others more so operating from Dundalk. The Drogheda people are additionally angry towards Drogheda local and national elected who stand by Fine Gael seeking to do this crap. Local citizens find it staggering that some of our own local elected would betray their home town in such a fashion.

5. A lot of people are very much aware of just how biased media has become – and we are not just talking about RTE news reporting not just at a national level.

6. Drogheda people feel very let down by their local and national elected overall. Massively let down – while their rake in their big pay, perks and pensions (citizen words, not just ours) as essential staff from nurses to other specialists, are left short what they are long owed already from a Harrington Road deal in recent past. Same people feel massively betrayed by top heads of SIPTU and more.

7. Local people are genuinely happy that someone (us) is actually trying to introduce greater democratic ways so that bad elected can be more accountable to voters at a local and national level. The words “Not before bloody time!” was heard more than once today.

8. There is a LOT of mistrust of elected. 100% understandable. A lot of people (understandably) consider all elected “Crooks” (even if though there is genuine decent elected somewhere).

9. Current elected are looked at with great mistrust. No one party in particular. Such is the disgust with overall politics in Ireland and many knowing to more corrupt local elected and their specific antics (which I cannot state here for legal reasons), the likelihood is that a number of current local elected will lose their seats after May 24th.

10. Many agreed with us that Drogheda should NOT become another poster eyesore for the May 24th local elections. Such is the now increased awareness of the environmental and financial costly waste that is election posters, a number of citizens expressed the view that anyone they see on a poster “…sure as hell won’t be getting me vote!” …”I will be paying another (carbon) tax because of their cardboard pole crap? Not a chance! (will they get a vote)” as another woman put it.

11. #JobPath is a local big issue but reported specific abuses happening in Drogheda too, are being media blanked – so far. Voters are very much aware and watching to see who is exposing what (UP) and who is doing actually nothing at local level regarding JobPath (current local elected). A number of people went out of their way to come over to us and thank us for our 3+ years of efforts to expose the local and national mega expensive, abusive racket.

Alistair Smith and I are continuing to meet and talk to South Louth citizens. If you are on the streets of Drogheda, keep an eye out for us. We shall meet you on your doorsteps also (unlike others afraid to show their faces, sending their minions out instead). We will continue to talk to people – but more so, more willing to listen. As we continue on, more reports will be posted HERE from street level.

Thank you to all today that expressed their views to us. It is much appreciated. We can only learn through the words of others and we want to.