We Have A Dail Full Of National Traitors.

***  WARNING: This article gives opinion to you straight! ***



  Unless you are one of the too complacent… unless you are with the Fine Gael party or one of their brainwashed, blinkered cult fan club… unless you are part of the Labour Party that too has back-stabbed the workers of Ireland… unless you are supporting Fianna Fail who, with The Green Party, helped open the door to water supply recharging… you could be one of many genuine aware that all previous mentioned, is totally jerking everyone else still around, in weekly political stunts.

Only 25% of 65% (total voting population that came out) actually voted for Fine Gael in the last general election. Thanks to u-turning Fianna Fail (who previous swore to oppose FG),  they then crazy decided to prop their long time enemy up, so much so that Fine Gael could actual get back in into government offices!

This betrayal of their own members and public support, saw that a minority wanted party got to dominate again, a far greater national number of people. Fine Gael yet again was given license (via Fianna Fail) to have another government term. Fine Gael, thanks to their bitter foe, got to again bully, threaten, lie, deny changes much needed (link) and carry on being deliberately deaf to a nation of people, as a public cried out in pain over every additional added FG back-stab.

Fianna Fail even today, has the gaul to give out about Fine Gael government antics – while they hope the public won’t notice that they are actually still keeping Fine Gael in government in the first place! Well Fianna Fail, a lot of the nations people are just not that stupid or blind…

How Fianna Fail under Michael Martin, can hold their heads up high and try look proud of themselves, as they still prop up Fine Gael, is simply sickening to a nation witnessing it all!

How Fianna Fail top heads can think they are doing the right thing by betraying their own core members and supporters, by vote backing Fine Gael – never mind initially putting them back in office – is one more betrayal of many people across Ireland including their very own!

Fine Gael themselves, are deliberate deaf and blind to a simple fact. Everyone with a working brain knows they are already paying for water services. The public are repeat paying minimum two, possibly three times, in any one fiscal year for the same thing. Fine Gael like their EU, Merkel led bulling buddies, frankly don’t give a crap about all this public knowledge!

They keep saying “The public must pay” when the reality is that the public are already paying …multiple f**king times!

…And they KNOW this but deliberate won’t state it!

…But no, screw the public! Fine Gael and the EU dictators all have their more personal right-wing private agendas. Those agendas they wish to see through to their bitter end – and they don’t give a flying crap about the people they are lashing their agenda onto – the very Irish people that are also paying the huge wages of Fine Gael (and the rest).

Fine Gael are not only biting the hands of those that’s feeding them – they are further financially stabbing their own people in the back yet again – and Fianna Fail yet again, incredibly allows all this crap to continue.

What an all round epic betrayal, in any political terms!

The Farce Water Commission

ONLY the COMPLETELY STUPID is expecting the Expert Commission on water charges, to come back and favour a nation of people who oppose the FF started, FG continued, water recharging racket.

Everyone but the ‘dogs on the street’ know what’s coming from the national joke that is the “Expert Commission“. It will be front-door or back-door method, to still give to Fine Gael, what Fine Gael still wants.

One way or another, the fix is in already.

Even the media reports (LINK) already deliberate emerging to try soften the coming blow, is espousing that Fine Gael will get what they want. For all the election PR spinning of “Listening to the people” …That’s all gone out the Dail bar windows for what it was then and still is now – pure utter rubbish!

All this of course, is supported by the worker back-stabbing Labour and Green Party also. They too have a huge hand in getting Ireland today where it is. A place where the hundreds of thousands over two years plus, have repeat stated they are not up for being recharged yet again for the same damn thing – then only to be ignored – and still further Enda Kenny bullied!

The latest laughable farce from the Labour Party (via Joan Burton) is they giving out about high TD’s wages – but was quite happy not only to take the cash and pensions when last in office with Fine Gael – but also previously supported Fine Gael to increase them. The public however, is total supposed to be completely stupid and forget all about this?

I don’t think so!

What They All Want You To Forget Also!

The four culprit parties are concentrating on the issue of water services payment and how yet again, they can see their public screwed over financially.

In unison, what they all apparently are also doing, is deliberate dropping (a) the topic of “Irish Water” continuing existence and (b) the still continued, installation of water meters around the state (for usage later).

They are not talking about the above, simply because they are hoping that the Ireland people will just accept their still desired agenda – that both should be passively accepted with little of no disagreement. Public silence is now allowing private company “Irish Water” to continue.  Public silence is now allowing the water meters to be quietly still be put in – and they are being still put in…

It’s nothing less than more traitorous, underhand sneaky tactics by already disreputable Ireland political parties, Denis O’Brien profiting companies and EU heads.

As regards the meters, they ultimately only have one function. …To ratchet-up their usage gauging clock numbers so a nation can be then again, recharged. Any other PR spinning about the meters helping to save the environment etc, is pure political garbage – and nothing less!

Cutting To The Chase.

  • An aged political Dail Mafia want you, the public, to roll over like complacent sheep they see you as, regarding some aspects that they wish to see concluded, for their also EU masters.
  • They deliberately are dropping other related aspects concerning the water services recharging national issue – in hope the public will forget about those aspects.
  • The farcical Expert Commission is going to try continuing the agenda of a Dail Mafia, by producing a reworded, excuse filled report. Their report will basic mean the same outcome as desired previously. The public will be told they have to pay for water services – as if they are not paying already!
  • The entire lot doesn’t give a crap about real democracy and what the Irish nation actually wants or objects to. They are still going to bully, threaten, intimidate, withhold work licences, deny sale of properties and more, till they get what they selfish want – their party agenda of profit!

Cutting to the chase… The Irish nation needs to kop themselves more on and stop daily accepting their crap.

Complete national strikes are now long overdue. It’s the only way now the traitors in the Dail might be effective reminded, they are supposed to be working for the people – not year after year, financially screwing them over, …again!

One hundred years on from the momentous events of 1916, those that long struggled previously to see Ireland’s people be more listened to and adhered to, surely must be turning in their graves. The public has been left nationally and locally betrayed by Mafia style operating, national political parties.

Their lies, u-turns, deliberate silence on some matters while trying to distract with others, is unprecedented. Meanwhile they continue to back each other as the nation of people is financial raped, bullied and treated as if they are completely stupid!

It’s time more people kopped on and stop voting for these over paid, over perked, over pensioned, smirking traitors in expensive suits! Anything less and the present crap will only continue…

So, are YOU going to roll over for them?
If you don’t speak up and stand up, you have.

They win – you lose!

Public complacency will see all YOUR children lose later.
The legal stage is being set-up right now, for them also to be targeted.

What are YOU going to do about it?