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We can only keep our heads up our ass for so long! We need to wake up and say “Enough!”

NOTICE: If you are one of many that is unwilling to do anything, say anything and still be willing to support the usual corrupt political shower – STOP READING HERE.

Go back to your mindless, brain-dead TV fodder, keep watching biased and censored RTE news, keep reading and hearing Fine Gael loving, Denis O’Brien news material. Stay stupid. Keep forking out money to a corrupt law breaking government. Go back to sleep and get up tomorrow and do the exact same thing every day till you die – and even then, death taxes will kick in.

Meanwhile, for those that want to know what’s going on in Ireland…

Above the mega expensive Strategic Communications Unit (SCU) PR antics, the divide between rich and poor continues to grow in Ireland.  The recorded number of people in Ireland with problem debts (that we know of) has reached an all time six year high in 2017 (LINK). More than 100,000 people with jobs are living in poverty (LINK). One in seven can’t make a ‘living wage’ (LINK).

The fact is that people are struggling and things are getting worse for them despite the rosy PR from from the SCU which is a set-up that has been democratic Dail voted for, to be closed (LINK). IT WON’T BE.  Leo Varadkar will undemocratic ignore that national voted call as the SCU continues to also run/ruin the state (LINK).

National medical matters roll on growing worse under Fine Gael despite Enda Kenny and this parties promises, to get to grip with a then pre-2011 general election, dire situation. Fine Gael have utterly failed in this matter alone.

Average long-term mortgage arrears are at the €77,000 point (LINK).

The latest report (LINK) on the state of health care in Ireland exposes how things are growing worse yet again beyond stretcher numbers (LINK & LINK) that have gone way beyond a previous “National Emergency” point in Irish history (see note 1.)

We have a policing authority that is has been severely devoid of operational decency. A policing authority that says it could not even meet privately with fellow Gardaí who made complaints (LINK). Are they afraid what they might reality find out – and then have to try and cover-up? Maybe they will have another secret car-park meeting where afterwards, no one will be held to legal account for such dodgy activity also!

We have parties that are breaking constitutional law as they vote for an EU created “Pesco” agreement (“EU Army” by more genuine name – not the PR front name). This is an agreement (LINK) that outright breaks the Irish Constitution (Article 29, sub-section 9) – yet as Fine Gael do this, Fianna Fail lets them, again Labour says nothing, Independents in their government offices quietly keep their mouths shut again – and they all continue to non-oppose the matter. This is being allowed to happen on top of the massive Billions of Euro that each years is now going to be spent on weapons of destruction (LINK) as Ireland further enters a worlds arms race (see note 2).  Even worse, Fianna Fail and Independents continue to prop up the law breaking Fine Gael party, by crazy keeping them in their government offices. Each group not willing to pull the plug on a undemocratic, law breaking political party (see note 3).

We have 32 TD’s in the Dail trying to stop democracy in its Ireland tracks (LINK – see note 4).

We have Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty’s officials are refusing to give even a basic briefing on her plan to deal with the growing pensions crisis (LINK). Maybe they don’t have a real clue about it or don’t want to have their names and faces attached to it?

Meanwhile, Regina and Leo Varadkar (previous holder of the same office) continues by their silence and in-actions regarding €100 Million costing “JobPath” (another racket set-up to abuse thousands of Ireland people – LINK LINK), to allow themselves become liars in the Dail and actual criminals (after the fact) in legal terms, as they allow lawbreaking under their knowing watch, to continue. However, Fine Gael cares about human rights – there I said it! Yes, human rights in the Crimea (LINK). In Ireland? Not so much?

We have TD’s “making a dogs dinner” out of Dail legislation (LINK). This is when they are not making up laws (Data Protection act 2018) so that they can avoid (LINK) other laws (incoming EU GDPR data regulations).

We have TD’s willing to sign off on giving private establishments (LINK) far more money than those that critical need it at lower struggling ground levels (LINK LINK). Don’t you dare criticise it either – you will be objected to there too (LINK) – maybe silenced. Then again, they are only doing what others is also doing (LINK). Working classes doesn’t matter it seems (LINK).

We have a national representative that says to a world leader and to world cameras that he interfered in a planning process after getting a phone call (LINK). He then says he did nothing wrong (LINK)  while the evidence says he did (LINK), there is no records (LINK)  but here is one (LINK) or another (LINK) and then he makes out that it was all made up (starting to sound like Enda Kenny stories?). So he’s either lied to the world through USA cameras and to the USA president – or he’s lied to the Irish nation! This is just great Ireland representation (not).

Rents are still growing in prices and are at historic highs (LINK).

NAMA admits those getting rich from the property Irish crises, are the legal firms (LINK).

The public is left again paying Millions of Euro to private business (after we gave them our national assets) for they saying they are not getting enough business (LINK).

The Data Protection office is unwilling or unable (LINK) to do what it is supposed to be doing…

…And this is only a bit – not the whole – of the recent dodgy stuff going on in Ireland.

If we like it or not, there is a percentage in Ireland that are continuing to keep their heads up their asses about these matters and more. The blind faithful that sheepishly follow Fine Gael, Labour and Fianna Fail – all instigators, architects or enablers of what is carrying on today – continue to support the usual old parties as they take people of Ireland further over dangerous cliffs. At the bottom of the fall, more trouble just waiting…

If you don’t get that, you are stupid – and worse, you will allow your children to also later pay for your stupidity! More craziness heaped upon daily political craziness being dreamed up and brought to reality, by the usual political shower.

It is time to say “ENOUGH!

Note 1.

Note 2. Who are we kidding besides ourselves? Fine Gael with enablers and contributors, Fianna Fail and Labour, have said “F**k you” to Irish neutrality and undemocratic – even national scale illegally – has enrolled Ireland into the next possible world war. Scare mongering? The stark facts speak for themselves (LINK).

Note 3. They won’t pull the plug on Fine Gael as they each deeply fear losing their elected seats. Fianna Fail yet again has taken another poll dip (LINK) so they are absolutely in no hurry to rush to the electorate. Fine Gael know this – so they are taking advantage and the total piss out of Fianna Fail by repeatedly calling their bluff and continuing to do as Fine Gael please.

Note 4. They deserve to be named and exposed for their undemocratic actions: Bobby Aylward, Sean Barrett, Declan Breathnach, Mary Butler, Jackie Cahill, Sean Canney, Pat Casey, Shane Cassells, Jack Chambers, Michael Collins, John Curran, Michael Fitzmaurice, Peter Fitzpatrick, Pat ‘The Cope’ Gallagher, Noel Grealish, Sean Haughey, Danny Healy-Rae, Michael Healy-Rae, Michael Lowry, Marc MacSharry, Mattie McGrath, John McGuinness, Aindrias Moynihan, Margaret Murphy O’Mahony, Eugene Murphy, Carol Nolan, Kevin O’Keeffe, Frank O’Rourke, Éamon Ó Cuív, Eamon Scanlon, Brendan Smith, and Niamh Symth.

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