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Undemocratic and dangerous Fine Gael agendas continue.

Regarding Leo Varadkar’s own baby, the “Stragic Communications Unit” (SCU),  the news today (LINK) is that the state has basic investigated itself and while it decided there was room for improvement, no one is actually guilty of anything. Predicable?  You bet! The SCU will now get an extra bit of Fine Gael PR polish as it’s to be renamed – probably in hope that this will lessen the hated attention its getting from the public! The nation will be treated care of Fine Gael, to more PR window-dressing. This in itself is ironic, as this is what the SCU was originally set-up to do for other Fine Gael stunts and private agendas. Now Fine Gael is attempting to do it for Leo’s expensive baby.

At the same time, there are conflicting reports that the SCU is to be “wound down” (LINK) and that the highly paid, hired people of the SCU, is to be placed elsewhere under a state wage. Toquote the Irish Times “the unit would no longer exist in its current form“. Given that Fine Gael are very slippery when it comes to their agendas, what “current form” will be in the future, remains to be seen. Indeed, even the same newspaper has also reported in another article that its just to be “downsized” (LINK).

(Expect the exact same whitewash report when the ‘review’ of JobPath (LINK) is completed. Yes, they are ‘reviewing’ themselves too. “Room for improvement – no one guilty – there’s no serious abuses – no reports of their law breaking – etc, etc…)

What we might have here in time is (a) the Fine Gael party ignoring the Dail democratic vote to have it shut down – and hired PR people gone – if it is just downsized. However, newly hired members of the SCU are to be squirreled away, possible carrying on doing similar work quietly – you’re not supposed to kop that – and (b) yet again trying to pull the ‘wool’ over people’s eyes with another planned PR stunt. It’s what Leo Varadkar’s Fine Gael party does these days.

The Dail vote could be undemocratic ignored by Fine Gael and in arrogance, and more hidden, carry on regardless. It’s just another day in Fine Gael paradise as they might again continue to take advantage of Fianna Fail who is unwilling/unable to stop propping them up (see note 1).


Dangerous Lesions.

A bit late in jumping on the EU bus of throwing Russians out of their world embassies, Fine Gael is apparently going to try catching up. The party is now speaking about Ireland also sending Russia embassy staff home as a punishment for an alleged crime in England.The Fine Gael party at first was afraid to do anything but as other EU states went ahead with their own evictions, Leo’s government was seen quickly to be dragging its heels. Fine Gael being previously in the EU good books with its masters, wants to stay there so the party are now making “lets punish Russia” moves, to follow behind.

So much for Ireland being neutral? You are not’ supposed to kop that aspect either!

There used to be a presumption of “Innocent before being found guilty” in Ireland but that been total abandoned by not only Ireland (not for the first time – see: JobPath) but also by many EU countries. This in itself is a quiet illegal and conflicting ideological shift. Meanwhile, this (LINK) article indicates what I previously stated (LINK), Leo Varadkar acting without any shade of proof being presented, again risks the economy of Ireland as it tries to establish alternative trading markets, because Brexit will have a serious affect (even according to FG) on our economy.

The Fine Gael party is once again gambling with the lives and economy of Ireland people. The Fine Gael agenda rolls on unabated. Again, don’t expect RTE news or Denis O’Brien media to be much (if at all) covering the quiet actions and gambling aspects of Fine Gael activities. After all, it’s just another day in Fine Gael paradise!

Note 1. They won’t pull the plug on Fine Gael as they each deeply fear losing their elected seats. Fianna Fail yet again has taken another poll dip (LINK) so they are absolutely in no hurry to rush to the electorate. Fine Gael know this – so they are taking advantage and the total piss out of Fianna Fail by repeatedly calling their bluff and continuing to do as Fine Gael please.


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