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The PFG & Data Protection. USELESS!


One of the most worrying aspects for me about the whole PFG (Program For Government) is in the area of our personal data. We have a seriously growing data collection and data storage industry in Ireland. An industry worth hundreds of Euro millions, maybe billions, for Ireland. A mega serious industry that is only realistically starting out, with Ireland blessed to have it’s toe already across the starting line.

RIGHT NOW in Ireland we have 3+ data storage complexes planned to be built on top of the ones already here and more being attracted to come.

RIGHT NOW there is massive personal data stealing, data abuses including illegal give away to private companies and exportation to other countries beyond our borders. This was detailed in summary within the JobPath (LINK) documents Damien Fagan and I supplied to the Oireachtas in January 2019. The evidence is there for all to see.

Documents LINK

Knowing all this and further more that we couldn’t include into a report that was basically a 157 page summary (one document alone we supplied) of national abuse and law breaking, what has the the PFG say about the handling of data in the future for Ireland where laws are being mega broken and worth Euro billions?


Here’s the thing. On top of our current parties already massively law breaking in the area of data management, retention and transfer, the EU has admitted that “it has been hard to implement GDPR” (Irish Times article: LINK)

In short, the PFG is a sick joke when it comes to data protection. The two lines says don’t even refer to our massive growing industry – or the current law breaking going on – or holding those future accountable for the breaking of such laws (never mind the current huge law breakers).

It gets better. Within one of the two miserable lines is the following “We will support the Data Protection Commission…etc”.

HANG ON!!! This is the same people that FG is currently taking to court, to oppose regarding their data protection decisions in relation to their PSC data lawbreaking – never mind the JobPath mega data issues FG and FF (and national media) are so far successful burying. Double standards, hypocrisy finalising the PFG. FG saying “We support you – but we are taking you to court also for you doing your job!” It’s a load of two faced cobblers!

What we have is a waste of time! A piss poor PR effort. Something that the EU admits is hard to carry out – is already being massive broken and in no way is positive progressed by the PFG. The PFG should be reject completely on this aspect alone.

What’s slapped in at the end, is contradictory, useless PR filler – just like a lot of the previous content of the PFG document!

You couldn’t make this stuff up – but apparently FG, the Green and FF top heads can – and you’re supposed to just swallow it blindly! Baaa… Baaa…


Data Protection. Our Elected Breaking The Law Openly. LINK

Here Is EXACTLY Why The PSC Card is Illegal! LINK


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