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The Death Spiral Of Fianna Fail

Determined to follow the path of the Labour Party (currently polling 2% national support), it appears that Fianna Fail is determined to follow the same downward route to similar political oblivion. If they refuse to public acknowledge it (they do) or not, the party faces a very real, serious core problem. That problem is loss of identity. Right now, Fianna Fail are nationally polling between 14% to 18% (on a good day) regarding national support. In Dublin, things are even worse. 8% and going nowhere.

Fooling No One.
The last government from 2016 onward, was Fine Gael and Fianna Fail operating together through a confidence and supply agreement. That was the official title. To the general public, it was two parties joining together and nothing less, to run the state. Many say further ruin the state. Either way, they were fooling very few except themselves in thinking the general public thought Fine Gael was operating on its own.

They were deemed to be joined at the hip. While current certain media clearly biased, try PR spin a new Program For Government (PFG) , saying as part of their sakes pitch that a new groundbreaking union has occurred between two parties, many see thought this load of cobblers and look back to the previous political period and they already working together through a deal agreed. That previous deal was a major step downward in destroying the identity of Fianna Fail. The upcoming PFG will most certainly see their core problem not fall down one more step but many, putting it near to rock bottom.

Fine Gael has had the long established identity of looking after big business and the general farming community. The Greens have their environment badge. Sinn Fein has managed to completely steal Labour’s own support base. Sinn Fein now represents the lower to middle working class. Other parties of slim number are more hard left or right and represent those with more less supported political ideologies rather than public society classifications.

What does Fianna Fail represent now? Who do they represent? It’s a serious question. It seems they can’t even say themselves – but so can’t others – including voters and that’s a very serious problem indeed! Granted Fianna Fail have different notions on matters to address (and avoid) besides coming up with alternative plans to tackle a few major issues but beyond that, their core identity had been lost in a fog of political confusion. A fog that finds FG within it too but they more successfully managing to retain their own identity by being stubborn via their deeds, to look after big business and yes, their business mates, friends and family. Hell, jumping into bed yet again with a tax criminal and possible bribe taker means nothing to them!

Core Truth.
Right now the current leader of Fianna Fail must personally gain the position of Taoiseach in order not just to save face but his leadership position in the party. Anything less than this will bring about his demise by he being ousted for his failure to get government power back or failing to get his party mates seats around a government table.

In desperate trying to resolve these issues Michael Martin is will to not only allow the FF identity problem continue but get fad worse by entering into yet another deal with Fine Gael. Self-interest above party interest while the deal is bring PR sold as being in the interest of the nation. It appears Mr Martin is willing to exacerbate the identity issues in order to save himself. He is willing to leave Fianna Fails downfall as someone else’s later problem, not his. He has far bigger concerns. Ones concerning saving face and position. Again, in he doing this, he’s fooling fewer than he thinks, as he tries to hide this under a “national interest” excuse. Personal ego says that he must not become the first party leader to fail to become Taoiseach. If the price of avoiding this, is the further identity destruction of his party, it appears he is willing to pay this price and let his party suffer later – after he gets out with his later accumulated elected pensions with the usual exit spin of “time for fresh blood” “new direction” etc, for the party. Few swallowing it all of course but will accept it while they smile for cameras, as a small price to see him gone.

Key Question.
During the previous elections and the actual show-up of a Fianna Fail runner at doors, it’s usually their local party minions, a key question was asked to be put to many of them. The question was “(a) What is your party ideology and (b) how does it differ from one that Fine Gael possesses?”  Those that have asked their local runners, the response has been reported blank stares for a second before recovery – and then attempt to change topic by bringing up a specific policy they would like to propose – not describe their core fundamental party ideology which should under lay any (window-dressing) policies above an actual ideology (and its connection to it)! Their core ideology goes back to who they are supposed to be representing. If they don’t know who they are themselves in core ideology, how is their minions then supposed to better say who exactly they represent and show this on doorsteps, by even pointing it out in their foundation party constitution?

On the ground, in the streets, in homes, rented accommodation, in hostels and B&B’s, Fianna Fail is floundering big time. It’s in serious trouble. Workers in their office, shop staff and and production line people each have their parties which they are more inclined to favour. Fianna Fail no longer seems to suit most of them. This is a problem not going to go away and if there is to be another ‘no real fundamental change‘ coalition as is now likely, then their problem will immediately get much more worse. The Programme For Government (PFG) will be the final layer of cold cement on the grave of Fianna Fail. This outcome is not typed within it’s already fluffed up, waffling, multi-escape clause pages but it’s still there with every page. Only those in denial can’t see it. Some refuse to see it.

There is one solution that Fianna Fail could apply in order to re-forge a clearer identity. An identity the whole of Ireland would be willing to back screams “Thank god. It’s long over due!“. They really could – but they won’t. It would mean admitting they have long been part of a serious past and continuing fundamental problem that continues in modern Ireland. It would mean that many of their top heads would individually have to stand on a podium and openly admit they knew for a long time a major problem exists in Ireland and they had failed with others, to seriously address it.  It would mean they admit some of their own have been and still are, part of a problem. It would mean that their policies – all of them – would have to be seriously fundamentally adjusted. It would mean that all elected at all levels including Seanad, would answer better to the people, It would mean other parties would hate them with a passion – at least the ones previous and currently jumping into bed with them. Fianna Fail have one way out of their predicament. One way – and if they cannot see it – they most certainly don’t deserve to have say over anything beyond a choice of flowers for their political grave.

Coalition will be ‘beginning of the end for Fianna Fáil’,
O Cuív warns party membersLINK

Back To Reality.
So, it seems Fianna Fail is going to be now further doomed. They will in the next few months and possible years, flounder around. They will continue their flip-flopping and arguing with others over individual policies. They, with their old cabal mates, will continue to try keep Sinn Fein out of power (as long as Mr Martin is in charge). They will continue to expel dissenters with their own party from Facebook discussion groups and fall between the cracks of others parties that have far stronger identities recognised with the public. They will try cling on where they can. In the end, their poll rates will overall remain consistently low. At present, it’s looking obvious that they will fall even lower.

Right now they have ONE real chance to redeem themselves – stay out of a cabal that will further ruin their party. They can deny it all they want and will. Self-denial. Right now they have ONE real chance to forge a new identity (a real solution they don’t deserve to hear) but until they are willing to take previous steps first, informing them of any solution to their core fundamental problem right now, is a complete waste of time and effort. They have become – especially with one person in charge – their own worse enemy. They will deny this too – and as long as they do, they are going down more into a hole they continue to dig themselves. Having caused enough turmoil and continue to dwell in denial and stupidity, may they rest in peace. At least they are finally off a damn fence they sat too long on, checkening out of voting matters when it suited party agenda over actually doing the right thing! Now they willing to jump into a grave hole. Go figure!

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