The Rome Org – Are They Trying To Run Themselves Down?

The latest Vatican dictates relating to a person’s ashes has been judged by many yet again as another attempt by the Vatican, to make itself even more disliked by some. Even national newspapers (LINK) in Ireland have come out against the latest move by yet another pope determined to ruin the organisation he sits over.

The Irish Independent has three articles alone – in one day on the matter – and each contained strong condemnations of the latest dictatorship decree signed off from Rome’s high throne.

So there is no confusion, the Church of Rome says now that the Catholic public must not commemorate their loved ones by

  • No scattering ashes at sea.
  • No scattering of ashes on a placed once loved by the deceased person.
  • No dividing people’s ashes between members of the family.
  • No scattering of ashes of the faithful, into the air (or space).
  • No keeping the ashes of loved ones in an urn at home.

Rome says that “they should only be kept in a “sacred place”, such as a cemetery.”
…In other words – that’s going to cost you money – and who is going to eventual profit? Rome!

They go further:

… if someone has asked for their ashes to be scattered “for reasons contrary to the Christian faith” then “a Christian funeral must be denied to that person”. LINK

Some people can blindly and foolishly continue to stick their heads in the sand about about how this organisation has protected hundreds, maybe thousands of perverts. They have in the past and to continue to protect other serious criminals while covering up much – including making sure to even declare their dioceses Official Bankrupt” so that abuse victims cannot claim its money in seeking compensation. That’s just one more example of how shameful they operate today.

Cardinal Brady, a man that solidly knew a pervert was operating in his org for 15+ years abusing Irish children and did nothing to report him to legal authorities – but instead tried to hush adults/kids up – has alone, never been held to legal account. Our continuous Fine Gael or Fianna Fail governments and their inner individual wimps, are collectively also just too spineless. Cowards one and all, who later churn out any excuse not to do anything – and that’s about all they do on the matter.

…They have even let the orgs with others, escape paying €700+ million that to this day is fully owed to the state. The government of the day was so cowardly to make them made an original figure of €1.4 Billion owed (for victim compensation payments) that the state – the tax-payer – ended up paying that and the amount the Rome org still is being allowed to duck away from.

In 2013 the Guardian said

“…Because what has gone wrong with the church is, at heart, about a concentration of power in the hands of one tiny group. A tiny group of ordained, mostly Italian, men, when we are an enormous church of ordained and unordained men and women of all nationalities, from right across the globe.” LINK

It wasn’t far wrong then – and its not now. A bunch of ageing old men, still sexist in their ways, is still trying to dictate to everyone else.

Something are not changing but to now bury loved ones ashes? You can be sure they will be charging!

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