TD’s Trick Of Silence.


Elected at all levels don’t like to talk about their failures, the issues they are not tackling and the ones they deliberate avoid because (a) they haven’t a clue about the subject or (b) it conflicts with their party or personal view.

In the recent past we have seen many a political serious argument between politicians blow up – then only to suddenly vanish. Take for example, the past blow-up between TD Zappone and then leader Enda Kenny TD. The issue was about what was going on in order to ‘get’ Sargent McCabe blackened in name by others.

In the course of later unfolding events it became apparent that elected knew what was going on but had refused to act on it or were in fact also possible sitting on information and not disclosing it. To make matters worse, Enda Kenny came out with multiple version of events he was attached to – each version contradicting each other and Zappone also came out with her versions – with also contradicted Kenny’s versions. Someone was obviously lying big time and not just once.

In the high of this to and fro, it appears that the county could be facing a serious Dail situation what would result in the collapse of the government. papers were filled every day of the TD’s refuting each other – and Fianna Fail backing Fine Gael, were desperately trying to keep their heads down as they didn’t want their face attached to someone that was even lying between the different versions of  events he was telling himself.

The result of all this suddenly, was an unofficial quite ‘gentleman’s agreement‘ that both would completely drop the matter. Within a single 24 four hour period, they each total dropped the whole matter. A deathly silence ensured. Coincidence that they each would do this on an exact specific day without any cross-communication? One must draw their own conclusions. Many have.

Past And Present

The silence that ensued from those events was nothing new. it’s now a regular trick of TD’s. In the past when contentious issues would arise, questions would be raised in the Dail about a particular matter, If not, at least the TD’s involved would bother to inform the nation as to the existence of a current matter and its subsequent status.

Today, more regular now, nothing is said.

Issues like the following are being deliberate not raised or the public deliberate not further informed as to they happening (or not being subsequently tackled):

  • The many JobPath abuses by the state.
  • The human rights abuses by Seetec & Turas Nua.
  • The state illegally transferring personal data.
  • The state further reducing by 20% a mackerel quota.
  • The state transferring people’s data abroad.
  • The closure of Porcupine Bank Fishing zone prematurely.
  • The huge lies of Leo Varadkar and other elected.
  • TD’s letting too many off with white-collar crime.
  • The repeated self-awarding of big wage and pensions.
  • Letting the banking institutions do what they like.
  • The increasing power, gas and other services costs.
  • The still ongoing con that surrounds “Irish Water”.
  • Equal Fathers rights 20+ years on, still not resolved.
  • TD’s complete inaction to stop a massive growing cult.
  • Bertie Ahern never held to court account.
  • The Drumondra mafia never exposed and held to account.
  • The Ansbacher tax dodging guilty never brought to court.
  • The ‘Golden Circle’ never held to account.
  • A monopoly Denis O’Brien has in media and other state contracts.
  • The government breaking EU laws – but tell others to obey the EU!
  • Judges completely acting beyond the law (EXAMPLE) – and still not held to account!
  • The absolute whitewash of Enda Kenny antics – see HERE.
  • State spending public money NOT to take €13 Billion Apple awarded cash.
  • The cover-ups, the elected and state antics surrounding missing Mary Boyle.
  • The still non-resolving of the Cannabis oil issue, leaving many suffering today.
  • The still ongoing drugging of a nation, with Fluoride in our water.

…And much, much more.

* If you haven’t heard of any – or many – of the above – I (and others) are not surprised. Such is the effectiveness of the current media and TD information blackout in national operation.

The deliberate silence of not just TD’s elected but local elected in every town and village around the country, is simply staggering – but sadly it exists.

It also doesn’t help that a man found to be bribing a Fine Gael TD so that he might gain a communication contract, owns over 55% of the nations media. Same money giving man that has given money to Fine Gael also – and coincidently manages to win a lot of subsequent state contracts!

So it is by the deliberate of silence of elected and those also very crooked, that even less full facts are allowed to emerge. The population of Ireland are begin deliberately kept in the dark on problems they don’t know even exists. The problems they do know exist, are quickly, deliberately buried with other media stories or political PR distractions – then deliberately non-mentioned thereafter.


A Possible Solution.

I have NO doubts in saying that we have got to hold any and all elected at all levels, to far, far better account.

  • We need to do this more regular.
  • We need to do this at all levels.
  • We need to do this a lot faster.

Under the present system that we have today in Ireland, it being “Representative Democracy”, you get to hold elected to account every four or five years in you are lucky. In an average lifetime that means you get to vote on average 12 times. That’s 12 possible minutes in a lifetime, marking a piece of paper with your choice or change of mind.


In today’s world millions of Euro are transferred in seconds across international zones. In the same time millions is equally transferred to all over the place within Ireland. In the same seconds, millions of Euro are burned through by state departments and elected as they spend without a thought in the world as to where it’s come from and where it’s going. A lot of them simply don’t care as after all, it’ s not their money!

The need therefore for holding elected to account in financial terms alone, these days, needs to be carried out much faster. A lot of financial damage can be done now in one hour, one day – never mind between five year election periods and those operating in between the intervening periods.

This is why I continue to support that our nations democracy be enhanced to “Participatory Democracy” (see HERE) level. In larger truth, it’s not going to happen at the moment due to a lot of our present elected fearing because of their previous or current dodgy antics, they therefore won’t see that it’s brought in.

Instead they will either (a) do everything to stop it including a multitude of excuses or (b) the now infamous blanket of silence will be again imposed. As far as they are concerned, If they are not talking about it, then the people can’t even become more aware that a possible solution exists!


The only solution to this whole mess, lies in your own hands and present/future actions. What you do next will decide if the current corrupt status quo will continue!

  • YOU have to start speaking out more.
  • YOU have to shake awake those that are asleep.
  • YOU have to inform others alternatives exist and then point to them.
  • YOU have to stop voting parochially for those that represent bad parties.

Anything less and of course, nothing will fundamentally change.

No one is going to show up at that your door and make you a present of a better future. If you want that for you and your children, you have to make it. Not just wait for others to bring it. A brutal truth.

Recognise the elected silences for what they are and recognise those doing it – then don’t elected those responsible the next time around! Don’t elect silent and complacent offenders. Take control of your own future, only far better. If you have read this far, you are clearly keen to do so.

Now make it happen…