Some Just Refuse To Get It.

Just yesterday another person in discussion with myself, churned out the usual old rubbish “What is the point in trying to do anything – sure nothing will change!”

A few minutes later they admitted that more people voted for Sinn Fein than ever before. Yes, the same person that sees nothing changing but openly admits that things are and just recently did. If you are confused by them, you are not in your own. They are confused themselves. They contradict themselves.

Same person admitted that “Fine Gael elected made mistakes”. When it was pointed out that these mistakes likely have cost the lives of Ireland people, the next crappy excuse to let them off the hook was “mistakes happen”.

When I tried to point out that the “mistakes” could have been seriously avoided (example: Cheltenham and closing flights), they just didn’t want to hear about this. “Sure, it was just a mistake!” came again the excuse.

It’s like banging your head off a brick wall sometimes, trying to get them to kop on.

They refused to see that many warnings were put out beforehand, warning FG elected not to make the exact mistakes they still then went a head and did – and that those mistakes have likely cost lives from their negligence.

In a court of law if family of the dead were ever to seek justice, a charge of “Second degree Manslaughter” could be tried laid at feet of those responsible.

“But it was only a mistake… “

“Yes, a mistake they DIDN’T have to make. Yes, a mistake they were warned about not to make. Yes, a mistake that if made, the consequences of such stupidity, was pointed out to them, would happen – and those consequences indeed did happen – as the probable guilty still stupid ploughed ahead making their “mistake” openly, considering themselves infallible.

“But it was only a mistake…” was the reply.

Inside my head I was thinking “O for f**ks sake!” but what came out in voice, I trying to stay polite through gritted teeth was “You seriously don’t get it, do you?”

Therein lies a major problem with some people in Ireland. They don’t want to get it. When you point out very clear wrongs, they churn out the other dose of regular bull, it being “Sure, nothing changes, your wasting your time – why bother!”

Well, to this citizen of Ireland, lives matter. I think that some day those that died recently, might also be in the future, our children too if we just moan away, do nothing and spout garbage such as “It was just a mistake… Why bother!”

Yes, we are back to banging our heads against a brick wall again. We are back to square one again!

They just refuse to get many things including that it’s someone else today effected but could be them or family tomorrow. They hear the words said but go in one ear and out the other.

If they were to get what other people were actually saying, it would upset their rosy views tightly held – and many don’t want their thinking changed. So, they refuse to get it. They refuse to get the “bigger picture”.

You’re wasting your time with such people.

Move on. Discover people that are willing engage their brains. Share information. Ask them to look for news beyond RTE and the Denis O’Brien media monopoly that he operates. That way they would far better be able to see greater truths. Not the bullshit of those that are hourly news spinning lies and misdirection.

Move on from the dinosaurs and speak to the openminded. You are wasting your time with those that don’t want their minds changed. There are wiser people in the world. Go find them! Chances are, you will keep your sanity far easier.