Social Awareness with Social Media. A Caution!

facebookSocial media such as Facebook and Twitter has been great at creating a lot of further awareness over many issues. The apps of social media have been seriously instrumental toward the organising of protests at local and national levels.  They have been the curse of many a bad elected politician up to no good and their party might have cursed same web communication tools too. In short, greater awareness, interest and social activity has increased because of Facebook, etc.

That said – we also however have to be careful when using such applications to try mass communicate.

twitter3There comes a time when we form into organising groups or become “friends” around a central figure, that we become a more closed community. We all think and say alike within that zone. That in itself is NOT a bad thing. We are supporting ourselves and sometimes there, organising ourselves.

We do have to constantly remind ourselves however, that after a while we should not be within our own groups, just ‘preaching to a choir‘.

If a group reaches a point where its just eventually just talking to inner-selves – and not continuing to grow and inform other beyond an already ‘zone’ of like-minded individuals, those beyond a zone’ are not being further informed or updated.

Real Life.

i-always-wondered-why-somebody-didnt-do-something-about-that-then-i-realised-i-am-somebodyIn real terms, you and many other digital communicating friends might be well informed as to aspects of a current issue. However, is your neighbour next door just as informed? Is the person four doors down also well informed? Have they the time, access or even the skill to access social media and then become more up to date?

This might explain why in Ireland there is still many, also willing to allow the likes of Fianna fail, Fine Gael and Labour continue their terrible swapping of power chairs for decades. Quiet honestly,  as they (for whatever reason) don’t also integrate with a digital formed zone, they are left in the dark as to many aspects of many issues. They don’t know any different. They don’t know there is actual new alternatives out there. They don’t know of other possible aspects to any one issue…

Three Things.

  1. If real change is to better come, we have got to more get out beyond our keyboards, phone screens and laptops.
  2. We need to go at times, far more beyond ‘preaching to a choir‘ and also communicate more in real life.
  3. We need to show others in real life, how such matters related to every day, hitting home problems.

More non-social media communication is just as vital.

As long as we each remain more limited to digital social media, chances are those that exist also in the real world – beyond it – might know far less. If we want real change, we need to go beyond out digital reach, get up and out our front door more.

If we don’t – don’t expect change to come. It could be that simple!