So Why Set Up UnitedPeople? For The Record.

One question I get asked regular by people during conversation is “Why did you set-up UnitedPeople?“It’s a fair question and most asking it, do so out of sheer curiosity rather than another smaller few that are asking so they may gain a political nugget of information that they can then later use against me.

Yes, politics is dirty and this happens to all parties and all those involved in them. They are asked questions by others with their own underhand political agenda – but I digress…

Decades ago I had an interest in politics, even before I finished my leaving cert. Once that was out of the way I looked further into the political arena. At the time what I found, was nothing less than sheer corruption and national and local levels. Such corruption still continues – but it’s now more professionally masked by media and government censorship, non-reporting about law breakers and reports are buried, etc. so for a time – nearly a complete decade – I became completely and utterly disillusioned.Then I became a father to my first born, my beautiful daughter Dakota.

My daughter in time, was discovered to have Scoliosis (link). Long story short – a non-curable twisting of the spine that if left untreated, would get far worse than it already was. At the time of this emerging, the government of the day was Fianna Fail and the Green Party. They were making ‘a complete pigs ear’ of running the Irish health care system. In fact, wards were closed, specialists were not to be found, nurses were going abroad such were the terrible work conditions and rates of pay, others were leaving because they simply couldn’t get work. Operating theaters were being closed. It was a crazy time and those sick or disabled like my daughter had to fight for months – sometimes years – just to get a single appointment*.

* Not much as changed, has it?

In the end, in effort for her to be more seen and treated (you can only try and control Scoliosis, not cure it) or else it will get worse, I found myself joining a Crumlin Hospital group. The effort of the group was to try save some existing services at the hospital, see it better funded and other services at it that were shut down by the state, started up again. This, we hoped would help do some or major degree in trying to ease the pains of many children in Ireland.Once in this group, it became very obvious that although we were calling for change and for better, there was an element of political activity – all be it lobbying the then current elected, going on TV3 morning shows and confronting them there on matters or speaking on radio trying to highlight cases where medical care was urgently needed but was not happening.

While doing this I was observed by watching others. They were seeing that I was very effective what I was doing with my limited time and seriously limited resources. I was getting further in one month than they were in any year. So I was invited by one person, a party secretary, to join a new party called “Direct Democracy Ireland” or “DDI” as it was known to many.DDI was led at the time by a number of people who were running it on a semi-ad hoc basis. They were new and still learning themselves. You are talking about ordinary hard working people. Carpenters, nurses, plumbers, electricians, etc, you get the picture. There was no Louth branch of DDI at the time – so I set one up and invited people to join.At this stage in my personal life I was a post-barman and had gone on to study accountancy, taxation, company law, business law, Information Technology, had obtained qualifications in many related areas besides also fully JEB (Joint Examing Board – a world recognised, highly regarded diploma) qualiftying as an I.T. teacher. My background was in hard grafting, books, numbers, laws and how to professionally plan things – then through professional methods enacted, carry them out using professional step by step proceedures.It came as no surprise to many in DDI then that the Louth branch of DDI suddenly was doing things and at the time going further than other DDI branches were going previously, long set-up beforehand. I was meeting with politicians, well known people and yes, even ambassadors from other countries including Switzerland. I did it all in weeks and short months, not years.

None of this was being done prior to my joining and running things. To cut a logn story short, I went from running the Louth DDI branch, to background running the whole party from its Trim (Co Meath) location. At a national meeting I was elected its very first National Chairman. Prior to this, I re-wrote and expanded the party constitution, took the party further, met with even more professional regarded people, TD’s, Senators and backers. My background in being a a nerd for I.T. books, facts, research and planning was paying off.As things progressed, DDI elected heads decided to keep themselves concentrated on a limited range of matters. Where I differed from some in it, was where others also agreed with me in it – was that there was (and still is) other also critical matters to be additionally addressed. From my heavy I.T. background alone, I could see a rapid rising of issues emerging in the area of data protection (link) – and remember, this was 2014/2015. From my skills (and now third level qualifications) in Marketing and Digitial Media Management (care of the Dundalk Institution of Information Technologhy college) I saw that there was larger pieces of an overall ‘bigger picture’ as regards what was going on in Ireland, that now (even then) needed to be urgently addressed – ASAP!

DDI heads were deciding then to stay focused on a more limited range of matters. I (and others) was frustrated and wanted to address more. So I departed from DDI. To this day, the good people that are in it – I do nothing but wish them well and every success in their own peaceful, lawful endevours.

The Birth of UnitedPeople.Leaving DDI, some people that were in it, came with me. I never asked them to join my exiting nor sought them out to join anything else. They came of their own accord with no prompting or asking by myself. I had remained loyal to DDI and remained totally silent on the matter of setting up a new party while in it. Completely silent.Out of respect of those still in DDI, I left it for many months before even begining the process of trying to form a new party. An approximate half year later I embarked to do this. Again, long story short, setting up a new political party from complete scratch is not easy. I ask you to trust me on this matter. It can prove to be a complete nightmare in logistics, paperwork, document chasing, people chasing, form filling, seeking replies, gaiing numbers, seeking answers and more. To Dail register as a new political party for Ireland is no easy task at all. However, in time I did it. Phew!!!So to the main question… “Why did I set-up UnitedPeople?”

  • I set-up UnitedPeople because I wished to address a good number of matters rather than just a few.
  • I set-up UnitedPeople because I wished to greater protect the rights of people – including their data rights.
  • I set-up UnitedPeople because I wished to address green environment and blue sea and river issues.
  • I set-up UnitedPeople to adddress not only current matters but ones I could see coming from a far, that others thought was minor or irrelevant.
  • I set-up UnitedPeople to address the rights of women. UnitedPeople more than any other party, has the highest proportion of female registered members than the traditional parties do.
  • I set-up UnitedPeople to address the rights of single parents, the sick, the infirm, the disabled and more, who are being treated like further third class citizens.
  • I set-up UnitedPeople because I wished to join pieces of smaller ‘goings on’, join them together with other issues – and then show the public (or at least try, to those that’s willing to listen) a bigger picture of ongoing rotten antics, corruption and let them see how they were then and still are now to this day, being taken on a professional made, PR glossed over ride that is leaving them screwed left, right and center!
  • I set-up UnitedPeople to expose, address, resolve and head off more than other parties are willing to do – including the gaining back of the state’s true neutrality status.
  • I set-up UnitedPeople because I wished to be in a party that of people not ‘whipped’ into doing things and not in any party of long existing law-breaking and corrupion.

I set-up UnitedPeople to address all the above – under a re-instigated “Participatory Democracy” mode of operation – where they all could be better managed under a far greater system of accountabilty. Soemthing I saw and still thing strongly, that Ireland is crying out for to this day – that is very much needed more than ever.I will openly admit also, that I set-up UnitedPeople because I wished to protect and improve the land and state departments, its elected and representatives, that my now six children will also inherit and co-exist with. I setup UnitedPeople for selfish reasons – in the interest of my children and their future. Their future, is all our childrens future.I set-up UnitedPeople because when I die (they say you can’t kill ‘a bad thing’ but I will go sometime – I promise!), I hope there will be in place, some semblance of a better democracy that will stand by my offspring (not lording over it) and make their lives further enhanded and more protected – rather than be left just as much worse off in open known ways, along with other hidden ways that are more buried away from a current mass population knowledge – deliberately carried out by a still existing, continuing shower of corrupt heads and their minions.That in a nutshell, is why I set-up UnitedPeople. Through using only more professional, peaceful, lawful methods, try to make a better Ireland that addresses more – and head off even far more that’s incoming. To help create an improved Ireland that works for the people – not against them as it is today in many ways – that is better answerable to the people far more often. A country and government that is more loyal to the people – ALL people, regardless of skin colour, skills, education, race or other distinction. I wish to give the people more real power, not the current PR sembalance of it.Since then, if life was interesting beforehand, after that, now its’ even got more so – but that’s a tale or a book for another day…

Jeff Rudd.
13th may 2020.