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I always had an interest in how things were done, how they operate, how results came about or how things could be looked at in part and how they could be improved. This inquisitive outlook not only manifested itself towards physical things but also toward how people's minds worked and how decisions they came to, brought about results they created by their subsequent actions or sometimes, even in-actions. Either choice taken deliberately.

Shortly after Joanne and I discovered that our first child had non-curable Scoliosis we were referred to Dublin's Crumlin Hospital. As it turned out, it is one of Europe's high regarded hospitals for the care of children with this condition. This was during a period of time when Ireland was being governed by Fianna Fail and The Green Party.

Due to international factors, complete cock-ups at home, devious antics of top elected looking more after their mates (think "Drumcondra Mafia" or "Golden Circle" for example) while they also filled their own pockets and offshore bank accounts with money (winning at the horses my backside!) and other devious actions, the Celtic Tiger was allowed to take a massive down turn - and the public would end up paying for it when in fact they were at core, not the ones that major caused the crash.

Crumlin Hospital was soon reeling from the mess that others allowed to be either made entirely or made worse by their antics or cronyism, nepotism and political corruption. services at the hospital were being cut back completely or stopped. Surgical theaters were being closed down or working hours drastically reduced. Nurses and on the ground staff, clerical and medical, found themselves stretched way beyond what was considered normal breaking points. Remarkably, to their credit, many still managed to stick things out in a heroic effort to care for their patients.

The government of the time decided to cut back on many things - while at the same time giving  money to Green Party projects (such as building a bike track - cost €9 Million Euro - though the city while Crumlin Hospital was at the exact same time, seriously revenue starved.) These were items that some considered really should have had lower priority. However, Fianna Fail wanted to keep the Green Party members sweet and in their favour so that a political coalition at the time, could survive. Bikes got priority over children's bodies.

Within a month of Fianna Fail, the Greens and independents Dail voting to turn down a plea of €10 Million needed for the hospital (LINK), to keep services running normally, €9 million Euro instead would go to the aforementioned bike project. Doctors, nurses, wards, theaters and medical services be damned! I was present in the Dail, witnessing when the vote was taken to refuse the money needed for Crumlin Hospital. After they voted to refuse the money I felt sick at seeing so many shaking hands and slapping each others backs in congratulation for taking that sick decision. They all had betrayed children of Ireland and their parents too. Something more had to be done. I could not but act...


Time to Rise.

I was part of a group at the time attempting to save Crumlin Hospital services. We were succeeding in gaining publicity in attempt to try save the services that was being cut or stopped. political pressure had to be brought to bear. We failed some times - but other times we did manage to make a difference.

My own feeling was that it was one thing for a government to come after us as adults and try exploit us - but when they started in on ur kids and was leaving them innocently suffering even more - and they were sick and couldn't fight back - enough was enough! Only the lowest of the low would stoop to such a thing on a nation of children, leaving them vulnerable and suffering more than they already had to. For myself, I never hated Fianna Fail and The Green Party ever more. I will never vote for them again, as long as I live.

To be continued.


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"To strive with all one might for the benevolence and righteousness, fearful always lest one fail to educate the people, this is the ambition of a statesman. To strive with all one's might for good and profit, fearful always of poverty and want, this is the burden of ordinary people"

- Dong Zhongshu. Han Dynasty -