Local Election 2019


Appearing for the first time for 2019, in the Oireachtas presenting 400+ pages of evidence collected over three years of investigation personally carried out. The issue: JobPath. I resented additionally 103 victim statements including a number from my fellow Drogheda citzens. Two weeks later I was again invited back to see through a Dail motion on the issue.

Long before others even knew of the issue, I began what would turn out to be a three and a half year long investigation of JobPath. This was a government setup abusive operation that has seen many people abused - physically and mentally.

In this endeavor, I was later joined by a Navan man called Damien Fagan. Together, we tackled people's individual cases and fought against wrongs that were illegal imposed by upon them. At times we took our battle to the Highcourts of Dublin. It was there that we gained a number of very important legal admissions including one from the Department of Social Protection that it had in fact NO legislation in place to be taking money off people in JobPath. This was something they were doing in big financial amounts to a lot of people across Ireland.

Each year of the investigation I produced an annual detailed report. The first was 107 pages of specific abuses and facts, including names, dates, locations, I.P. addresses of forghine servers to where data was being illegal exposrted and alot more information besides. The second annual report was 147 pages and the third weighed in 158 pages.

On top of the thrid annual report, was two additional documents. One was over 80 pages of 102 victim statments contained within it. The third document was of a copy of a Powerpoint visual presentaion I exibited around Ireland when I spoke to the public at various locations.

Every year I would send all the elected TD's a copy of the UnitedPeople JobPath Abuse report. In the whole of the three years, only one TD contacted me back - in the third year, Brid Smith. The rest completely ignored our monumnetal efforts to investigate this massive expensive, massive law breakignracket setup by Fine Gael and Labour. They all ignored our calls for the matter to be addressed sooner.

On January 17th, 2019, we gave our three years of hard work, including the interviewing of over 1,000 JobPath victims, to an Oireachtas committee finally investigating the national buried scandal. Local and national media had ignored us - and to date, still does on this matter.

Why? We have evidence of assults in JobPath. We have evidence of attempted suicides because of JobPath. We have evidence of possible mass fraud within JobPath. We have evidence of a the Department of Social Protection breaking financial laws the the Non-fatal Offences Against The Person Act, 1979.

All this and more we have evidence of. we brough it to the garda, it was ignored. We brought it to one judge in the Dublin Highcourt, he got up and walked out of the highcourt illegally, refusing to deal with the case. All this is on record. All this has been media buried by RTE, other national media and yes - even LMFM radio (my own hometown radio station) despite being informed and updated at times.

In the end, our efforts was rewarded thanks in part to TD John Brady (SF) who late in our third year of investigations, introduced a Dail Bill to curtail JobPath. Such was the MASSIVE weight of evidence we presented to an Oireachtas committee, there was no other outcome but for it to be curtailed. John Brady along with our years of personal work and subsequent input, made this finally happen.

While others have 'packed up and gone home', we continue to deal with the JobPath issue as you can see HERE. There is still work to be done on many issues touching this media buried national scandal. Our work on this issue alone is far from over. On this and far more, our efforts continue in order to protect the people of Drogheda and the rest of Ireland.

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