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What is JobPath?

JobPath is a state program that's supposed to help those on benefits, to gain employment. The task was doled out (no pun intended) to two private companies.

The result was that hundreds - if not thousands - of people have been not only bullied massively - but also ILLEGAL deprived of their state benefits which the Department of Social Protection had to admit in late 2017, it DID NOT have the power to do. We are taking about MILLIONS OF EURO stealing.

Despite this admission and they knowing they are breaking the law and even JobPath tender rules - they continue to illegal take money off people (by their own admission) right across Ireland - to the tune of millions of Euro per year.

HOWEVER - the state allowed brutality and illegal acts don't end there. That's just the beginning. People are not being allowed to take up jobs they, themselves find, they are not allowed continue their education, they are being stopped from being in jobs they already have (including firemen) and they are being daily threatened regardless of them being sick including suffering from cancer.

There has been assaults (recorded), faked evidence provided in court, faked meetings invented as evidence and more. All the previous have been exposed and proved as faked in a Dublin highcourt.

There has been suicide attempts over the brutality dished out in JobPath (see below), in their very offices and more. All this so far has been massively media ignored. The only paper to report on this matter has been The Irish Times.

We have shown that people's data has been illegal obtained - and even worse, exported over to the UK where the Data laws are even worse. Once the data is there, they have further ability to exploit it for greater profit also.

Please see below for just the highlights of what's going on today right across Ireland.

You will find many victims statements regular posted on my Facebook page HERE. A few are below also for reading. In the UnitedPeople investigation report - free to download HERE - we have included many more. We have spent two years investigating this scandal.

JobPath - for the record small


I really don't get it. People say to me why bother about JobPath? What the big issue? Jeasus Jeff, take a break! How can they honestly not see that we are talking about ongoing abuses on people of all ages, happening last week, the coming week, for months/years back and the same going forward if we do nothing! How can anyone walk away from someone being physical threatened and/or mentally tortured? Seriously.

If people can't see that JobPath is not just about jobs - but about how the state is walking all over people's BASIC (not even extra ones, if any) constitutional rights and then further screwing them over, how complacent and blind do they have to be, to allow this?

Those against JobPath are fundamental peaceful fighting for the preservation of ALL people's rights - regardless of party direction each has in ideology. We are trying to protect the rights of even those giving out about us try to protect their rights. Their and our basic rights today - all our children's tomorrow. It's that simple. How can we not speak up! It defies logic and decency.