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JobPath versus previous state schemes.

Previous state schemes that people were enrolled into (if they wanted to be or not), were staffed most of the time by long trained and experienced people. Credit to them all.

These civil servants took their time to hear people, understand their needs to great extent and were not working to earn their employer greater profits. All efforts were more deadicated towards starting training for school leavers, re-training older from one skill to another, finding part-time work etc, for thousands. All noble efforts and many thank them for doing this.

Then came JobPath. This is a setup where two private companies (Seetec and Turas Nua – and their additional extra fronts) pressganged people to arrive on their leased locations. The Department of Social Persecution helped in this.

Let me be clear from the start. There are many good staff in JobPath, in both companies and their fronts. I thank them for their genuine efforts to help my fellow citizens.

The company directors however, have one ultimate agenda. To make massive profits. Seeking this ultimate agenda, they knew from the start that these profits could only come about by pushing people into any FULL-TIME job whatsoever.

* Who cares at times if there was no transport available to get a worker there and back, the distance being additionally 30+ miles or more!
* Who cares at times if such jobs stopped them from gaining needed medical treatments!
* Who cares at times if it stopped them for caring for medical suffering loved ones!
* Who cares at times if it stopped parents from caring for their children in many basic ways!
* Who cares what your natural skills, long training and experiences are!
* Who cares if you have personal aims you are hard working towards!
* Who cares if some jobs were so low paid, it left not just the principle person worse off, but their entire family too!

I could go on easily. You get the picture.

The private companies are operating so that they can shove people into any full-time job (and bully them out of part-time that suits them better in many situations) so they can claim their “Full-time” bonuses – now to the tune of €170+ (€60m just gained by collecting those valuable PPP signatures). Profit was the ultimate goal – not getting people into appropriate jobs. The latter came further down the list of the private companies priorities (no matter what they say in bullshit PR).

Leaving aside the state aiding all this, the private company route versus the state agency assistance route, has been a disaster. By their own figures alone, the JobPath route has had a 93% failure rate for the cost of €170+ Million of taxpayer money. This is before I even get to any bullying, mass law-breaking through stealing, assaults, possible signature fraud etc. National and local media buried (including in my hometown of Drogheda where I am blanked. Out of fear of I exposing these things?).

The state agencies are on record as saying they could have done the same job as the private companies for 60% to 70% far less cost. The previous had a far, far higher rate of percentage success in getting people back to appropriate work. Yet, Fine Gael (backed by Labour, 2011 to 2016, then FF 2016 onward) insisted the private companies were allowed to have their racket instead.

Why? In massive part because (this is my opinion) of it being another part of their continuing EU/own agenda to privitise state department services. A TTIP agenda.

Well, JobPath has MASSIVELY exposed that privitisation of state services can be an utter disaster. We as a nation including all our elected from all sides, have got to learn this lesson. Will some? No. They don’t want to hear it.

It is therefore down to YOU to make them hear it. If you give a damn about yourself and how you are going to be treated, speak up, vote alternatively and stop swallowing biased news. Question everything.

Local elections are in May. This is your chance to stay at home and let a status quo continue – or you can stick your ‘tuppence’ worth in and make a personal small difference but a big difference when added to many others.

How to stop offenders and the parties they back from reoffending? Don’t elect them!

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