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Jeff RuddWelcome.

I am Jeff Rudd. Thanks for dropping by and delving deeper.

The previous Rudd site was visited by family, friends and even by a twisted few out to use what they could find on it and try put something/anything to later use against myself. That unfortunately is the downside of the internet, anonymous cowards and some out to deliberate political undermine behind those fake names. What you read and see beyond personal sites is often another persons - a complete stranger - twisted version – usually with a deliberate agenda behind it, pretending to know someone exactly - then they have as much clue as the next person on the street, you would random meet.

The upside is that it also allows people to communicate better, their own direct message and thoughts. In other words if you don’t see it here on these pages what I'm supposed to have said, done or not done ...but you have read something in the media or someone supposedly quotes myself elsewhere without referencing it to a solid link to back it up – treat it with extreme caution.

I have three daughters and two sons. For them and my wife, I strive to see that the country they live in, is the best it can be. That means sometimes speaking up when others would rather I stay silent. Sadly for them, I am not one to back down - and as some have learned, the more I'm tried to be pushed, the harder I push back in reaction. I often do what's not expected and think outside the box of counter-action.

I have NO time for thugs, bullies or those that think violence and instant aggression in words or confrontation, is always the first solution to everything - no matter if they come in casual gear or dressed up in a business suit. I live and let live - but as the saying also goes, others ought to let sleeping dogs lie... too!

If you want something professionally done, if you want to be taken professionally, you have to behave likewise. Anything less and you are your own worst enemy to your own efforts.

This Site.

This website is still under large construction at the moment. Please bear with us while we do it. In the meantime you will find news and other posts HERE.

Stay tuned – things are going to get interesting.