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Ireland Apathy. A Possible Factor In It’s Growth.

In order to more grasp this article, you must know two things.

ONE. The concept of “Rote Learning”. This is: a method of learning that incorporates a memorisation technique based on consistent repetition – over and over again till something is drummed in. The idea is that one will be able to quickly act or know something without having to actually think harder. Your mind is trained to pop up internally, the mental answers automatic needed in order to function in any given situation. You don’t have to understand it, you just know it! Rote memory has been found to be extremely effective in making basic concepts ‘sink in’ and be also practiced.

TWO. I am qualified to teach up to third degree level. To obtain this serious qualification, I have had to study long and hard how teaching and more, has been done and today, is still practiced, the various methods used, their pro’s, cons and more.


The Military Life.

When people join an army, any army, people join as an individual. Soon thereafter they begin training as far as recruits are aware. Soon after joining they are taught skills as they are aware. These aspects will be clear to the recruits or should be.

Often what is not clear to recruits or pointed out (deliberately?) to recruits, is that there is an additional process being carried out through out the training process – in hope of a definite outcome also sought. When you join the military, there is physical training but there is also mental training.

For an army to be considered to be a good army ready to defend, protect and yes, invade, heads of state wish all their military recruits to be in a standard common state of mind after completion of training. They need their soldiers to think in a specific way, trained to process information in a regimented, automatic, rote (professional teaching method) learned way. They need their military numbers, to work and interact as part of a team. The important words in the last sentence are “…as part of a team“. Basically as a soldier (or a sailor, airman, or marine), you’re a disciplined, trained part of a cohesive whole, working toward a collective endstate. Your mindset is one of following orders and doing your job – and expecting others to do the same.

The trainers must breakdown a person as an individual and once that’s done, reconstruct them mentally into being seen as part of a bigger picture, a unit that thinks only as they are only supposed to trained think and question only when they are allowed to question and at all times, do as they are told by others lording over them.

The marching up and down, possibly daily, left, right, left right, one, two, three four, one two, three, four… “Get into those lines sharpish! Do not wander outside them or question why!” There is professional known, physiological method in the madness. You are one with your unit, Turn when ordered, stop when ordered, do when ordered, question when allowed and don’t debate with your superiors. Got it? Left right, left, right… Off you go. The unit has been trained to accept and do a conditioned response.


The Student Life.

Primary or secondary, you enter school, you are put into lines. Often hourly, daily, weekly, yearly. From age 4 to 14 and more. Line up! In the class room, learn something over and over till it’s stuck in your head will you know it even if you don’t understand it. Day in, day out, year after year. Don’t step out of line and misbehave. question only when allowed to question and when you do, only on topics that are put to yu most fo the time and only allowed question when you are told you are allowed question.  You will finally leave school, having gone though many of it’s various regimented processes, practiced many of its rote learning processes daily and taught to jump, walk or work when those above you give their order, so they can gain their eventual result from you. Such is the life of a student and such is the mental precess training. One, two, three, four… Off you go.

Congratulations. You have eventually reached an adult age. Your mind is regimented into accepting certain things and doing things certain ways. You are prepared and trained for life. You have in many cases been trained to accept and do a conditioned response. Good old Pavel!


The Every Day Life.

Over years in adulthood, political heads above you will issue their orders directly to you and though their lower ranked numbers acting in their name. Do as you are told. Pay up when you are told. Vote when you are told. Turn up when you are told. Work when you are told. Stay at home when you are told. Question on things they tell you you can question on. Your ‘betters’ are always generally right. Accept it. Other than that, don’t step out of line, follow orders, stay mentally regimented to accept many things without deep question. You don’t have to understand why – just do as asked (demanded) and operate within their dictates. Don’t forget to pay your damn taxes while you are at it!

Starting to notice a trend yet?

Note: There will be wandering minds of course. Let’s keep them spare time distracted in many ways. Music, sport, comedy, meals out, exercise and more. Many all good but some are also fodder for the masses. Tune in at 7.30 nightly for your next dose of soap-watch.


You Have Been Possible Pre-conditioned.

If you are aware of it or not, you could have lead a life so far, of being mentally regimented through known open and quiet professional methods. Question little or only on that what you are allowed know about – and otherwise work hard to produce a result for someone else.

If certain things are repeated often enough to many – there’s that rote learning again –  many accept them as eventual truth, even in part. “Sure, they wouldn’t be saying these things if there wasn’t an element of truth in them, would they?

You must be taxed. There is good reason. You must be more taxed, there is good reason. You must stay at home. There is good reason. You must line up, there is good reason. You are been previously told through school years to accept such precepts. You are part of a community. You are a country. You are all as one. Left, right, left, right, off to work, go home, get distracted, go to bed, rest, get up, go to work, go home, get distracted, go to bed, rest, get up, go to work… One, two, three, four…


Get up, turn on breakfast TV. Every fifteen minutes you are told (taught) by government adverts, you must move and behave certain ways in battling Covid-19. The adverts keep coming over and over while you travel. Posters state out at you telling you the same. Over and over. Rote learning. With time you accept it as normal. You arrive at work. There is those Covid notices again. They are everywhere telling you the same thing. Into your brain goes the messages again. More rote learning. Finish work, you go to a supermarket. Over the speakers is music playing, interrupted every five minutes to tell you to obey Covid behaviour. Over and over. More rote learning. The message must be drummed home. Accept it. Travel home again. There’s the posters and the radio adverts every few minutes. It’s all seeping into your brain, over and over again. Repletion. over and over. Rote learning. Rote conditioning. Mental conditioning. Don’t question – just do. Turn on the TV. There the adverts again every few minutes just in case you forgot. Advert after advert, after minister after official. Pause to read a newspaper? There’s the notices every few pages, over and over… Don’t question. Just accept and do!

Starting to get the bigger picture?


Open To Be Wrong.

Too many have become too preconditioned to just accept the way things are. Above, I use the “Covid” situation as it’s relevant to today. I’m not saying it’s wrong or right. My point centers around the process you are being life-long covertly, professionally subjected to. Most populations vastly unaware of it. Rote learning and conditioning. People being cleverly trained to accept what is – and carry out a conditioned response. Don’t stray to far. Don’t question much or at all. Don’t step outside your ‘box’. Just accept the way things are and accept you cannot change them. Your superiors know better. To give you an illusion that you have overall power, you will be allowed (when they say so, of course) vote once in a blue moon. Their version of democracy – not dare yours! Other than that, stick to your regimented life, accept what you are told over and over – and over and over…

Eventually though all this, many struggle. A tiny percentage object and hold a placard saying something. They must be evil. They must be seen as such. They are interfering with community unity. They are disrupting a production process need to be completed for elite others. The objectors, the disrupters, they are trouble makers. They must be. You are told this at the 9am news, you are told at the 1pm news, you are told it at the 6pm news, you are told it at the 9pm news, you are told it in your newspaper that backs the and repeats the words of those above you. Over and over. Surely, there must be truth in what they are telling you if they are repeating it over and over.

Rote learning, say it often enough, think it often enough, hear it often enough, see it often enough, you start to accept it to small or big degree. You are being preconditioned to see people automatically one way before you might even seen them from a neutral point of view. The rote learning is working – instigated by your masters. The default precepts have started to be adopted. Rote learning. Rote conditioning… Question little and don’t protest. Just accept and also accept there’s no point in trying to change the system process. Follow general orders. Follow general attitudes you are told others have accepted and you are even told what numbers they have accepted them in. So many, they must be right if there is so many…

Starting to see the bigger picture?


So Why Is There Too Much Apathy In Ireland (and beyond)?

Too many now believe or just as important, made to believe, they must not step outside ‘norms’ they are also told are the only regimented accepted ways. How is saying this? The bosses, the leaders, the elite.  Left. right, left right, say in formation and don’t question. Just accept. To do so is trouble. Those doing so must be trouble. Reject, reject, reject…

…And then do little in real protest yourself. Don’t rock the boat or system. Just accept the way things are. “Sure, I’m alright Jack!” You have work in the morning. Go to bed. See you in the morning when you turn up for work… Just accept this is the way things are and must be…

Starting to see a bigger picture yet?


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