I can’t find our once decent national compass – so I’m left to make one.

i-always-wondered-why-somebody-didnt-do-something-about-that-then-i-realised-i-am-somebodyI got to tell you, I’m disillusioned. This is not myself taking shots at any one party of old. This is me disillusioned looking at the lot of them.

There is far too many parties and individuals out there that are failing to stand up for the country I love. I just see too many elected traitors not standing up for our country by bowing to EU heads far quicker instead. As they celebrated 100 years on from 1916, I could not help think as they spoke to microphones and cameras “What hypocrites!”.

Especially since the time of Haughey, things even gathered more bad pace, downhill for our nation. I’m not just talking about in economic terms although that was a part of it. I’m speaking of the self-interest direction to lie and cheat, back-stab and grab, all out of self interest for themselves and for their business friends.

Put simply, there is now too many parties existing that have long lost their moral compass.

Quite frankly, there are all over the place, doing more twists and turns than a desert rattlesnake. They are going to places that only suits themselves in the moment and certainly not in the people’s long term interest.

I want my local and national politician to represent me. I want my politicians to make plans now for my kids future – their decisions taken based solely on my kids needs – not their own. I want my elected to stand up for my neighbours, my friends and my country.

It’s not happening.

Why? They lock, stock and barrel, have lost their moral compass. They couldn’t lay in a bed straight – never mind stand up straight – stand for, then do what’s right.

So here is one citizen of Ireland creating a new compass of his own. The old one being used by present elected is all over the place, directed by sheer self-interest.

new-up-logo3Although deeply disillusioned by present elected, in knowing that others are looking for a new moral compass too for Ireland, that keeps me going. I hope to create a new one through UnitedPeople.

My country needs a new moral compass but I cannot make it on my own. That’s the truth. If you are left, right or centered thinking – its just time to do better, far better – and leave the broken rubbish left behind, sent off to where it belongs. Consigned to history.