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How Accountability Can Improve A Lot!


  • Right now, we have judges operating outside the law (if they are caught, they get special treatment unlike the rest of us).
  • Right now, state departments are carrying out acts upon people that are illegal, they know it – but still they do it willingly.
  • Right now, our politicians know of crimes being committed – but won’t say anything or do anything.
  • Right now, the state is illegal stealing money off people.
  • Right now, your personal data is being abused by elected.
  • Right now, your health system, your transport system, your state education system, your various state departments – but more so, those elected to run them, are repeatedly failing the people that hired them. You, the employer of a TD or local Councillor.
Truth is, you probably know all this…
They fail repeatedly publicly while quietly in pursuit of their own agendas, be it for monetary reasons, in return for possible future favors back or simply looking after family and friends above what is greater right and legal.
We could go on listing examples of bad local and national government till we each go hair grey.
I – and I suspect you – often hear words to the effect “nothing will change” or “what can we do about it?
The truth is that not a lot is going to change unless we deeply change our own thinking first then how we act (or not).
Right now we have far too many people thinking on a parochial level.
“O’ he/she fixed the light out on my street after I contacted her office…”
“He’s a grand chap. He/she got my cousin a house.”…
“He/she says it will be sorted next week”…
“…I will vote for him/her next time aground.”
It makes no difference to some people that their local or national elected might be on one hand, personally offering token breadcrumbs – but with another political party hand, stealing from their wallets, their bank accounts and even credit cards in taxes, levies, charges, duties and more…
Voters in parochial thinking, see the person – but repeatedly fail to see the party their elected stands with who are carrying out absolute terrible austerity measures or repeatedly failing to correct wrongs – in a health system for example, etc…
This is where change starts however – with our thinking. We must look beyond the person standing for election and we must force ourselves more to see a bigger picture. We must see more so, the party they 100% are willing to stand by as it repeatedly fails the people – as it continues to bring in devious two faced policies, often two levels of policies. One for them and one for the public. We must see beyond a person who might appear to be a genuine pleasant character and then ask a fundamental question: If they are so nice, why are they standing by a party breaking laws themselves, repeatedly failing the people, exploiting them and more?
We have got to shake ourselves up from our parochial thinking. Once we start to do that… “Fine What’s the next step?” For myself, I believe that for things to get better, we must improve our political system at fundamental level – not just creating more political policy window-dressing that parties change at times, with a sudden change of weather.
The Core Of Things.
Right now  we have political parties offering up many, many policies in a myriad of directions – but step back for a minute. Look at ALL their party pages, leaflets and glossy publications or videos. I offer you a challenge. Try seek out on from their material where they detail in summary or specifics, how they are willing to improve our political system at a fundamental level – at it’s core.
A house is only as strong as its foundation. We can paint the doors, change the windows and put a nice glossy shine on the lot. We can window-dress the house in policies from one end of the day to the next – but if the foundation is broken and people are not willing to address what really should be first, fundamentally fixed, how long do you think the house will stand in good stead!
…And that right now is what our political parties are too much unwilling to do. They are unwilling to improve the foundation of a system we use in society. A system that, as a result of those failures, clearly repeat fails us. Clearly, by non-improvements made, we time and again are let down by state systems while being taken again as a target for financial extraction.
I repeat previous mentioned statements:
“Nothing will change”
“What can we do about it?
Actually you can do a lot. Bad elected are just not telling you that you can. It is not in their own interest to – despite what they will say.
We have got to make our elected more accountable.
Current elected don’t want to be more accountable.
More accurately, bad elected don’t want to be more accountable.
We have elected saying “What is to fear from a government spying on us if we are up to nothing?
In the same vein of thought the public should be saying back “What does elected have to fear if they are up to nothing bad?
How Accountability Can Improve A Lot?
  • Imagine a TD having to attend the Dail a lot more, to hear about problems of his/her country?
  • Imagine a TD having to actually remain at his state desk a lot more, addressing issues and answering phones while also creating new laws needs – after improving old ones and throwing out the bad ones?
  • Imagine a judge having to stick within the law – not ignore cases – not ignore sections of court cases that he previously deliberately refused to rule on as it would affect his mates in government or businesses?
  • Imagine TD’s actually being hungry for issues to solve – rather than trying to currently run away from them as more people find themselves in trouble over state departments screwing up!
  • You starting to get the bigger picture?

If elected at all levels more know they have to work harder rather than be wined and dined – if they more know they can’t be off on yet another public paying junket (free holiday) taking around the world – if they more know that the public can hold them to account all year, every year – do you seriously think that elected are going to carry on as they are right now?

Be the change be big or small, the truth is that elected in order to keep their massive pay, their massive pension and massive perks, will inevitably do whatever is needed to keep their ass in their elected position – and if that means they have to work harder, maybe they might just do it!

If they work harder, try stay more honest, keep their ass at their desk rather than be off to yet another public tax paying meal or drinking function, would the country start to see better improvements?

Imagine a person that knows they have to do the work they were employed to do – or they know their ass is out the door mush faster!

Let us put it another way…. Switzerland has been again chosen again as the best country in the world (LINK).  But why is it the best? While nothing is ever 100% perfect, they have a great health system. Switzerland has a great education system. Switzerland has a good tax system. Switzerland has a great transport system. No banks collapsed in Switzerland. Agriculture in Switzerland is working for all. Hell, the working in Switzerland are doing that and reaping many benefits. They are working to enjoy life – not just try to survive it like in Ireland.

I have discussed this very matter with a Swiss ambassador in his embassy, at some length.

So what makes Switzerland different from other democratic countries surrounding it? For many decades they have in place a system called “Participatory Democracy”. In plain English, their elected are more accountable – all year, every year and the people have more ability to say what needs to be addressed – far quicker!

Accountability works!

This fact, people in Ireland not only need to get their head around, they need to demand that greater accountability be enacted through real legal legislation. Our elected at home are still far too unaccountable. In a very fast moving world were millions of Euro can be digital lost in seconds through thieving or mistakes, holding elected just to account once every five years now, just doesn’t cut it! Elected however, doesn’t want you to kop this.

The founders of the Irish republic wanted “Participatory Democracy” – but later devious Dail elected watered this illegally down (they changed the constitution without allowing a public vote) to a token ideology dream remaining in our constitution. TD’s did this deliberately as they feared not being able to get away with what, even today, they still devious want to!

So if you REALLY want to see things get better, if you REALLY want to see system fundamental improvement… Don’t ask – DEMAND that greater accountability be re-introduced into our state departments, into our judicial systems, into our corporate laws and more!

Those that will pretend to be deaf to your calls, those that will ignore you, those that will give you soundbites, telling you want you want to hear and then in reality give you bugger all else after that…


If you want improvements:
(a) Stop thinking at a parochial level.
(b) Stop electing those standing by bad parties.
(c) Stop supporting unprofessional acting elected.

(d) Demand answers.
(e) Demand faster responses.
(f) Demand less hiding of facts.
(g) Demand a more honest media.
(e) Demand accountability.

You are daily paying in pocket and work burdens for the country to be in the state that it is in. Demand that your efforts are balance met with greater system improvement – and this improvement starts with greater accountability at all levels – starting at core level.

This is what UnitedPeople, the party I founded, seeks. Nothing less is acceptable.

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20 year barman. Re-educated as an I.T. professional, website creator, I.T teacher, digital media management & marketing professional. Studied accountancy, taxation, business management & law. Founder of UnitedPeople political party - click here. Previously the first National Chairman of Direct Democracy Ireland (DDI) & founder of the Louth branch of DDI. Author. Regular contributor to social media. TV & radio guest experiences. Appeared in the Oireachtas & Dublin Highcourts to defend the rights of citizens along with exposing many wrongs. Consistently seeks greater democracy & accountability from all elected levels of Ireland. Currently writing two books, non-fiction "Life Behind Bars" & "Better Tomorrows".

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