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Housing. FF/FG – Why Won’t They Do It?

When it comes to building more housing, European bodies say they will give us the money to more of it! The government however, won’t embark on a larger national emergency social housing building, task. Many ask “Why?”
Mass building more social housing will:
* Put their own investments (in private building and renting setups) at risk?
* It might affect their party mates in similar fashion?
* It might affect their later chances of being hired by one of those setups, to its board?
* It might affect the #CETA privitisation agenda of state services?
* It might affect their renting businesses?
I could easily go on….

The point is this. The government of the day should stop pissing around, shirking it’s responsibility – admit failure and then do what is right. That is, embark on a national building program, the like of, our state has not seen before. The objective: to directly build (not buy off investor’s – further incentivising them) at least 40,000+ social homes per year. That’s the bare minimum needed just to break even in a number of years.
Will Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and others do this? Have they done this since 2011, for example? No. They himm and haw around the matter of setting up such a crises embarkation. Excuse after excuse, delay after delay, fudged answers, totally ducking questions and more.
All repeat proving themselves to be unfaithful to citizens of Ireland, a disaster to its economic stability and frankly, immoral and useless.
We have got to stop electing these people, their party at local/national levels and those that stand by them, empowering them.
It’s #TimeForBetter.
P.S. Such a program would help bring back many training opportunities in every county for thousands of people. Apprenticeships of carpentry, plumbing, electrical and more, could be re-introduced (remember when you once could try get one with your local council?) in order to also help our state training and employment situation.
This in turn, would help local economies, build more communities and possible help young people from falling into the hands of bad influence and even worse action. Better knock-on effect, helping to reduce Garda resources and court times… And that’s only one further aspect…
Just an idea of mine. Worth exploring and thrashing out?

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