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Heart Of The Housing Matter. Part Two.

The short version.
In good part, the Irish economy is considered by economists (and more) a lot more stable when there is a a high rate of home buying and current ownership. Why?
1. Homeowners are less likely to be quick to just ‘up sticks’ and move from location to location year to year or even every five years.
2. Homeowners help build local, more stable economies that are less volatile to dramatic change in contracts to a higher rate of renters coming and going all the time.
3. Homeowners with their more cemented location, keep their skills and numbers centralised – so that further incoming international companies can see a location for further potential investment. The work numbers being there already – the potential skills being there already, etc.
4. Homeowners help build strong communities. Being more stable, are socially active at local and national level, if only because they have something more to lose!
Renters are living within a very unstable, personal economy.
1. Far more able and likely to ‘up sticks’ by county or even country.
2. Far more likely to paying more than what they would be paying in an actual mortgage payment.
3. Far less likely to have ‘spending money’ for themselves after food and rent paid.
4. Local economy that has a higher percentage renters, is itself more SME unstable due to higher fluctuating rate of spending.
5. International companies looking at a zone to possible build or expand at, sees no further properties available for any new potential staff to live in.
6. International or Irish companies looking for new staff, sees skilled more possible to come and go at quicker notice – care of own wish, higher risk of being evicted or rent price upped out of own home. Said companies see this as a serious disadvantage to selecting such a location for further investment.
7. Companies see that there is no further potential for expansion due to lack of land available or frankly, now too costly due to vultures and their schemes.
8. Lack of new homes already available and lack of ability to build more, means lack of further road/rail/bus shipping and transport infrastructure. Not good for attracting national or international companies (that pay into the state revenue system).
LONG STORY SHORT: Having an economy based in part or good bulk on the existence of growing more renters than actual able buyers, means a far less stable local and national economy.
…But hey, the Vultures and their political friends are happy!

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