Headed For The Stars To Survive.

  Some of the greatest books I have had the pleasure to read are Arthur C Clarke and his Rama series of books. They are well recommended reading. Without giving anything away in major spoilers, an object is first seen approaching Earth and in time, a human crew is sent out to check it out. For a period of time while they make many startling discoveries, they live aboard the object internally.


The books are the stuff of great readable classic science fiction. The first one of the series is a rare book that has won every major, writer science fiction award.  Arthur C Clarke is the inventor of the satellite in real life. He is a person that has great skill in foreseeing where mankind is heading in social living and technology. He had become famous the world over and was constantly in demand by many American government departments including NASA and other nations that were looking toward the future. Many a book could be wrote about the man himself.

The book and others that follow it in a series, espouse that sooner or later, humans end up travelling through space while seeking out an every day living as they presently do on Earth. This, at the moment in 2016, is just the stuff of science fiction thinking and writing. In the future however, this will one way or another no doubt become the reality for the human race – or at least some of it.

This may all sound far fetched now. Completely understandable so. However, when you look at some already known facts – then look at extra others and cast an eye into the future, it’s not hard to understand why mankind must indeed see that its launched into space in order to ensure survival as a species.

In many millions of years, if human kind is even lucky to be alive at that stage, from a large space distance, they will see the sun we presently take advantage of, expand and swallow a number of planets including Earth. This is not fantasy. This is fact. Something that will happen. It cannot be avoided. LINK LINK LINK LINK

Earth for one reason or other, is doomed to end in real existence.

A long, long time before that, human kind will have to far plan ahead in order to save themselves. Quite simply, it will be too dangerous to stay around when an expanding Sun process begins to happen. Mankind therefore has to start reaching for the stars – for there will be human kinds eventual re-home, be found.

abalakin-800As of 2016, the population of Earth is six to eight billion people – and growing. What it will be in the far future is anyone’s present guess (if we have been not wiped out due to own actions or by natural random chaos)  but one thing is certain, if we are still alive as a species, we got to empty our planet and reach for the stars.

To do this task alone, will take centuries to sort out. The practical logistics of it right now, of even planning such a thing, we can only begin to imagine the enormity. The planning and many agreements needed between nations to be formulated alone, could take a long, long time. In time however, humankind must not just imagine all these things but actually do it all. There is no other choice.

So where does that lead us all to… The assumption is that humankind must seek out another location that is of similar Earth type conditions. It’s only natural that we seek out a place that is of similar environment to what we have once known before. Not to do so, would be impracticable. Such locations are many millions of light years away. Some we have already speculated upon as we now look up to the stars from Earth.

We are already ascertaining that certain lights in Earth’s sky could be a possible ‘second Earth’. A more accurate truth is that we won’t really know till we get to a physical closer point to either see for ourselves by naked eye or by use of launched projectiles which could relay images and science data back to where we then will be located – aboard a travelling space object.

Space Existence.

These life enhanced objects (LINK) will have a number of objectives. One could be just to exist floating in space somewhere, far way from incoming dangers that space existence could bring. a second could be that rather than just exist and stay in one designated space location, mankind will continue to travel over centuries, scattered to the stars, to go to another location in order to seek out our ‘second Earth’.

toruscutaway-800The immensity of the objects need to be created, so sustain life aboard, will be a mind-stretching task itself in planning and creation. The resources needed will be a living nightmare for many people over many centuries. This too however in time, must happen also.

In order for mankind to try survive as a species, in centuries to come, it has its’ work cut out for itself. Right now, humans are planning to aim for Mars as a place to try living on in experiment. This planet too in time will be possible swallowed up or at least more severely damaged. While it exists however, it will be used to further human knowledge, to see that is possible, what is not and where problems can further start to be overcome.

Some people might not see Mars as a useful project to chase – but other agree, we must start somewhere and keep going. In centenaries to come, if humans are to further continue their existence, Mars will be one more learning stepping stone towards humans reaching further out into space. All thinking and plans have to start somewhere. We first sought out the moon and overcome those difficulties while discovering new problems to solve. Mars too now offers the same opportunity to advance another stage. Some day, some century, we will go further beyond that. We simply have to.

If humankind is able to stop being it’s own worse enemy and even survive itself, some day there will be a child born of the stars that will never know “Earth” as it once existed. That child will only know home as a floating, moving space object. The idea of seeing a full natural planet ocean, could be as imaginary to them, as us today thinking we will live amid the starts and nowhere else.

In the millions of years to come, our offspring truly will be come star children.