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George Orwell Times

We live in a George Orwell predicted world, in many ways.

“Double-speak” has become real.

* “Rendition” is still illegal kidnapping without due process.
* “Advanced interrogation” is still torture.
* “Job activation” is still state press-ganging made legal.
* “Pesco” is still an EU army force.
* “Invite” via our Irish government still means “You are ordered to do something and if you don’t, you will feel the state lashing whip till you comply.”

That’s today’s reality. It all about clever wording and immoral PR used to mask fundamental evil.

Even those we thought were once on our side, have their own contradictions. Ones that betray the people and back-stab them.

Enter the Irish Labour Party. A party that now sees the word “Socialism” as a dirty word best avoided or even now attacked.

Two deceased men, Connolly and Larkin, must be rolling in their graves. The once left-wing organisation they founded, today has not only backed a more right-wing party and its whip lashing of Irish citizens, the party Connolly and Larkin laid the foundation for, has indulged in additional champagne socialism itself.

The body they founded, to help remove the yoke of big oppression from people’s back, now has a modern history of giving support to those that oppress Ireland civilians.

Even worse, a better democratic process long sought for Ireland civilians, originally sought, has become equally contradictory. Example. Take the firing and forced insertion of a now Louth Senator. TD fired by Louth voters, he was then forced back on them by the current Labour Party who have completely disregarded the wishes of democratic acting voters.

The person the voters fired, shortly thereafter, was made a Senator by Labour for the same area that he was fired from – if the people like it or not! They didn’t and still don’t. His media friends still ensure he is heard more than those that are still direct democratic elected.

All the above and more, is current true reality. Don’t take my word for it. Check the core facts out for yourself. You really should.

For stating the above, speakers of truth and clashing contradictions, will be targeted by parties and government. Welcome to not just my world but also one that the general Irish public, press-ganged, exploited, lied to and threatened, also now lives in.

I set up UnitedPeople to not only expose core truths and wrongs but to try turn their current flow. We are Sampson taking on a monster of evil. I have failed in attempt to do good as much as I have gained success. Another core truth is that we, I, must still try to end the double-speak and the double-standards.

If we don’t, evil will still persist while good men (and women) do nothing. We don’t really have a choice if we truly care for those we say we love. We must act. Those that don’t, contradict themselves when they also say they care. That too is core truth.

It’s time we are more honest, even with ourselves. Those speaking fundamental truth are being attacked abroad and in Ireland. It’s time to stop supporting those that are making fools of us and are exploiting us. For making that call, I again will be attacked and lied about by others with their own unstated agendas.

This is reality. These are the times we live in. It’s time to take blinkers off and deal with reality. Speaking personally, I have had enough of others fiction. I suspect you, your friends and your family too, are sick of it all.

We are blessed to live on a great green island. Please let’s try make it better. As united people we can and should try. The hardest step is the first one. Please, for your country, your family, and for yourself, I beg you to take it.

Thank you for reading.

Jeff Rudd.
A citizen of Ireland.

About JeffRudd

20 year barman. Re-educated as an I.T. professional, website creator, I.T teacher, digital media management & marketing professional. Studied accountancy, taxation, business management & law. Founder of UnitedPeople political party - click here. Previously the first National Chairman of Direct Democracy Ireland (DDI) & founder of the Louth branch of DDI. Author. Regular contributor to social media. TV & radio guest experiences. Appeared in the Oireachtas & Dublin Highcourts to defend the rights of citizens along with exposing many wrongs. Consistently seeks greater democracy & accountability from all elected levels of Ireland. Currently writing two books, non-fiction "Life Behind Bars" & "Better Tomorrows".

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