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Willing To Listen & Full Disclosure

Here’s what some people don’t get – and others out to get me – twist what I do for their own negative use in order to ‘knock’ me.
(You should be asking “Why are they doing this?”)

1. I will attend and hear anyone out so i can personally judge better for myself, up close – not just read text across an internet post.
2. I do so because I simply respect those that have fought hard (and died) so we can all have that right.
3. I have attended meetings with those I disagree with.
4. I have attended meetings with those that don’t like me and I don’t like them.
5. I believe all should go before the people and be then judged by them.

Some people will say “How could you meet with others?” – for they don’t wish to read the above or deliberately don’t wish to understand. They are just looking for ammo to shoot me down for their own covert reasons which they never disclose. Readers seeing others knocking me for turning up, just to hear others out and make a better judgement – should also be asking what’s the ‘knockers’ agenda?

I believe in better democracy – and that includes turning up to others and hearing them out. A noble principle that internet knockers which try – as they regular fail to turn up for loads – but amazingly can come up with marvelous conclusions while never being anywhere! Go figure!

Let me be very clear. I will have NOTHING to do with racists or other forms of discrimination once I confirm to myself what they are. I don’t want to join them. I will not support them. I hear them out – as they have a democratic right to speak and stand for election – but I DO NOT support such what I consider to be divisional and bigoted points of view. It’s hypocritical of people to call for unity when they are also trying to balkanise people. If anyone doesn’t like that, they are free to unfriend mefrom social media platforms. That’s their right too.


(Something many attacking me won’t do)
* I have attended meetings that has also been attended by communists.
* I have attended meetings that has also been attended by extreme leftists.
* I have attended meetings that has also been attended by extreme righ-wingers.
* I have attended meetings that has also been attended by bigots.
* I have attended meetings that has also been attended by the complete stupid.
* I have attended meetings that has also been attended by others that have open attacked me previously.


I hold the notion (that others are free to disagree with) that IF I AM TO MAKE THE BEST POSSIBLE JUDGEMENT ABOUT OTHERS I should hear them up front and direct. Not just trust media or secondhand information that is sometimes twisted by others, for their own undisclosed agenda.

* I do NOT like communism.
* I do NOT like the extreme right.
* I do NOT like the extreme left.
* I do not like racists, bigots or sexists.
* I certainly don’t put up with liars and those misrepresenting me, for long. I do sometimes give them enough rope to ‘hang themselves’ and eventually they do.

I trust my own ears and eyes. By turning up, hearing and seeing what’s said and put before me. I am able to make better judgements. End of story. Turning up does not mean I agree with any or all there. Anyone saying that is the case about me, is lying through their teeth for their own political agenda and frankly if not, is just trolling or being very mean spirited.

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