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Fine Gael – Well And Truly Bought?

news-1713669__340The news that Enda Kenny has ruled out any further inquiry into media ownership in Ireland, comes as no shock to many. Only to be expected?

Seeing as mass media owner Denis O’Brien allegedly continues to support Fine Gael openly or quietly… Seeing as Denis O’Brien has given large amounts of money direct to Fine Gael… Seeing as Denis O’Brien has given even bigger amounts of money directly to once Fine Gael elected… Seeing as Denis O’Brien has gone on to hire ex-national leaders… It can come as NO surprise what so ever  to later hear that Fine Gael and especially Enda Kenny, is refusing to see that the media ownership issue is addressed in Ireland.

It doesn’t matter a crap to Enda Kenny and Fine Gael that such an investigation is much called for by not only Irish elected and public – but by also European judicious officials on the international stage.

When it comes to a party donating mogul being later possible affected by the outcome of such an investigation, Enda Kenny and Fine Gael once again give out a verbal two fingered message to everyone else. That in a nutshell, is the complete smirking arrogance of Fine Gael and its much hated leader.

Despite this open sheer arrogance, Fianna Fail still allows them to stay in office. Sure why wouldn’t they? Denis O’Brien has also allegedly given an ex-Fianna Fail head a number of high paying directorships, to add to his already weekly massive Dail pension. Fianna Fail too therefore have benefited too from a gracious Denis O’Brien. Many hope he does like-wise to them if they play their ‘cards’ right?

By additional coincidence, Denis O’Brien over the years continues to financial profit from many a government contract awarded. Dare the Esat contract be mentioned? Be it allegedly from being able to contract supply fuel to every Garda, ambulance, fire house engine, aircraft and even military vehicle, from the alleged sale of portakabins, from the allegedly leased out usage of street barriers (Irony? The public in part, protests against REDACTED and he in turn still makes money from it), from the input of water meters via a company owned by guess who and workers employed by guess who? It seems that one person could be still reaping massive profits of state (public) money being also given to him repeatedly?

Don’t however, dare question all of this – or even part of it – not even in the Dail itself! If you do, expect a legal team army to soon come chasing you. Has scare tactics or legal intimidation become the Irish norm’ now? One might say “Yes.”

Certainly many could have been forced into silence – some people even forced to emigrate (as in the case of one reporter lady who had to move to Australia, to find some peace. Her crime? She dared to question what was going on surrounding a media mogul).

Reading the public comments on a article (see HERE) that is rare open (when REDACTED is involved) to they being allowed posted, is enlightening indeed. The vast majority of them indicate two factors.

  1. That a lot of the public is very much aware what is going on, who is responsible and who is letting they get away with it all…
  2. That the same public would be more shocked if Fine Gael and Co, actually did something more decent and honest in this area.

The last major time Denis O’Brien business matters was asked about in the Dail, Enda Kenny himself went silent, into semi-seclusion and near missing for a week. Did he rise to defend a TD’s right to speak without hindrance, in the Dail? Did he hell! He vanished for seven days – only to re-emerge a week later (at some regional stunt involving re-cycle bins).

Not a word was said and is still not being said, to defend elected TD’s against media mogul attacks on Dail free speech. No. One can’t be seen to be criticising someone who is a friend and has given money to ones own people and party?

What A Lot Don’t Know Or Won’t Say?

Established and taken into account…

  • An Irish media mogul gets through INM (Irish News media) to direct five national newspapers and 28 regional papers around Ireland.
  • Communicorp, which is owned by same media mogul, also controls Newstalk, Today FM, 98FM, Spin 103 and Spin South West…

This is supposed to be approximately 20% of the entire radio market.

However, what is not taken into account is that:

  • Newstalk operates a separate news supplying, business agency which contract supplies many of the nations independent radio stations with their version of news to be read out on air, on a daily basis. Thus through this, it could be commented that the reach of someone could be even further, what news is read out and what news – just as important – is not, leaving people in the dark about things they don’t know – and thus, they don’t know about the things they don’t know about!
  • Someone in the media empire also has a regular personal and business friend who too, has a major share in same media areas. So combined, they even have a far greater sway of influence or ability to make quiet demands at a directors table to to others beyond it?
  • All this is before RTE, which is considered regular political biased, also throws it’s ‘hat’ into the public media ring.

NOTE: RTE has massive influential power to share (a) one sided information (example; just allowing Fine Gael to spout off and not opposition challenged), (b) regular twist or pass on incorrect information (example; wrong water protest numbers) or (c) not tell the nation fully what’s actually going on at all (example; not reporting many additional country wide protests) in Ireland.

Take into account that the current population is 4.8 million people in Ireland approximately. Then take into account that just ONE O’Brien business (LINK) within an influential sphere, reaches the following population numbers:


Then take into account that such numbers reached by even more, same owner companies, could reach into many more homes. What they say and the manner in which it is said, might then help to sway votes for a national or local election within parochial areas?

Wanna-be local elected or wanna-be TD’s know of course that in order to be elected, they must get across their own election pitch message via the channels that are much owned by someone else. They need same media to let others know, they even exist as an alternative vote direction. If they succeed in getting elected, they will want to stay that way – so biting a media hand that helping to keep them there, would not be in their best interest?

A media owner if they are shrewd, of course would know this… So they would also quiet know, they have a form of back-door political control? Elected don’t play along? They might not get as much media exposure as they want – or at all?

If a person can even reach one to two quarters of a national population, through media ownership, that alone would be enough to sway any election by what was said on airwaves or in newspaper print media?  It’s food for thought and definitely for discussion… Be careful though? Don’t dare talk about it in public. You could have a legal team then trying to intimidate you into silence.

The Carry On Continues.

It seems that Enda Kenny and his cohorts is going to continue denying what has long been asked for by their own voting public. Its not the first time that Enda Kenny and Fine Gael are refusing to do what’s need. As long that Fianna Fail allows them to say in power, it won’t be the last…

Therefore, expect more clever worded statements from the usual political Mafia. Statements that in reality, equates to more two fingered arrogant salutes aimed at the public. It”s what they do – it’s what they are being allowed get away with. The unfunny carry on continues…

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