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Election Issues & A Democracy Crises.


Where there is a general election, those seeking votes as individuals put out their ideas, possible plans and hopes. They lay out their desired agenda, a direction they see for people, a region or a country. This shared information is expected to be gained by concerned voters and gain it they do, often in a near mountain of leaflets and posters produced. Material shoved through letter boxes, placed on poles and local media.

Upon elected, it’s expected then that those previously having ‘pitched their tent’ with the public, would follow that path. A reasonable expectation. It is at this point that things start to go pear-shaped with some elected, especially those in power.

Two issues arise. They often do. The first one is sometimes raised by politicians in opposition. The seconds is rarely raised – if ever.


The first issue – is to do with elected changing their direction from printed leaflet and advert script. Two past examples?

1. Labour and its elected pre-election day stating a position on student fees then post-election, doing the exact opposite.
2. Fianna Fail consistently saying FG in government is bad for the country and that Fianna Fail would not be going into government with such a bad party. We know how that script has flipped.

So much for being able to trust either and more!


The second issue – going beyond their stated ideas, plans and direction, is something rarely or never touched upon by opposition. Why? We shall come back to that (see below). In the meanwhile, we have elected going beyond their stated agenda.

Now as in the past, to run a country hour by hour, day after day, fresh deals have to be made. Plans do have to be adjusted. Entirely new methods or previous ones existing, have to be invented or changed. Why all this must happen? Because nothing is ever certain in world politics and external matters happen (within and beyond our borders) that also causes change to already stated policy and direction. We must accept this to some degree. Elected cannot return to the public for their ok on every plan tweak or additional one need to be then inserted. It wouldn’t be a workable notion. Most citizens accept this.

It’s when elected go completely off track, especially so on mega national matters that is of great concern to many – and the affect of such will be felt by millions for possible generations to come. Case in point: PESCO.

PESCO: Short version explanation. A military agreement entered into by Ireland elected with European heads. It means the supply of Irish troops towards other EU forces for facing possible combat situations. It’s considered by many to be a PR name for an EU army. It’s also an agreement that takes billion of taxpayer money given up, only to be used to also buy military weapons and as in one case, German and French made fighters. A further read on this matter can be found here.

Not only was PESCO not ever mentioned in any national or local announcements as something Fine Gael and others wanted to pursue and join, Ireland was signed up to PESCO illegally. A section of the Irish constitution exposes this quiet clearly. Parties and individuals involved are all deliberate silent on this massive national scandal – as is the Irish media including RTE, the national TV and radio network.

  • The joining of PESCO was quietly desired by political parties with absolute no mandate from their employers, the voting, tax paying public of Ireland.
  • The joining of PESCO was never put before the people for their permission sought, to allow a signing up, to such a tremendous implication agreement.
  • The joining of PESCO wasn’t even put to the core members of political parties around the country for their vote on the matter either. Top table management of each party just foisted it upon them and they also foisted it upon the general public – and if members didn’t like it, they were powerless to oppose it.
  • A tiny number of top management had their own quiet desires and as in the case of PESCO – illegal enacted – forced such a plan and costly agreement upon millions of people who are and will being paying for it for years and generations to come.

….And too much media in Ireland remains still all too silent about this undemocratic scandal.


PESCO in fact, is just one example of an underlying problem that elected won’t talk about. Elected going beyond their stated ideas, plans and direction is something that absolutely needs to be addressed. It’s not that it’s not good enough, it’s sometimes illegal, costly in may ways and also very undemocratic. There is irony in that those being devious with their own agenda and undemocratic, have been democratic elected themselves. They are willing to use a democratic system to their own ends but use it then against the people that hired them!

The second issue therefore, is something that needs to be addressed by more modern acting, decent elected and their political parties. The addressing of expected going off to sign a complete nation, up to un-permissioned mega treaties without clear public permission, never mind clear informing them of their intention to do so beforehand, is a massive issue that needs to be addressed.

  • Clearer Dail and Seanad legislation is needed to address this second issue.
  • Greater accountability is much needed. The guilty must beheld to account and punished.
  • Constitutional reform might have to take place to strengthen the rights of the public.

An elite few elected, when it comes to massive plans that affects many for generations to come, must not in the future be allowed to just throw millions of lives, their money and their rights away, in order that their own party can seek an outcome for which said elected never put before their voting public. Such un-permissioned and apparently undemocratic actions will continue to have dire consequences.

This is a core change that needs to happen within Ireland’s political system. Change and greater accountability must occur.

* Why the second issue is rare or not addressed?  Sooner or later major parties and some of their elected individuals gain government office positions. It could be assumed that if they were to tighten up the abilities of governments and introduce far greater needed accountability, in time they might also be ‘shooting themselves in their own foot‘. Should they indeed gain government office later, their own ability to act without clear permission and ability to do things they didn’t even inform public about beforehand, would also be seriously curtailed. They can’t be having any of that?

In short, many too silent, non-willing to act, dodgy elected are not going to ‘rock a present or future boat’ that allows undemocratic matters to occur. They might need to act similar in the future and they know it. They will deny this of course – but that’s only to be expected, isn’t it?

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