Colourful Politics

better-way-2  The story of my time so far in politics is long even though most of it has been in the background. That said, it’s been already very eventful. I have been lied to many times, politically stabbed in the back a number of times, physical attacked at my front door, rocks thrown at the house, alarm attacked by someone at night with a pole (all involved calling in the Garda), defrauded, tried to be blackmailed, continuously falsely slandered (that involved Garda, solicitors, Data Protection Office to our rescue) and a lot more. I can say one thing – I think it’s going to be one very interesting book some time in the future.

Who has being doing all this most of the time? Honestly, people that really should kop themselves on more and be united in opposition – rather than just time waste and fight amid themselves – while also attacking others out to do some actual good too! When all that crap happens, those that really should be held to account in the Dail, local elected or as part of any poor government, then rejoice. For their foe has lost its focus and the corrupt know yet again they can get away with more.

Why do I keep going? It’s honestly simple. I have children. I wish to help make a better Ireland that when they will grow up into adults, they will gain more so, far better off. That prior reason and the fact I was never one for standing around, only to see injustice, lies and corruption be allowed escape accountability, keeps me going.

The honest chances are, that I will fail in some attempts just as much as I succeed. I still think however that any step forward, be it big or small, is better than none at all or worse going backwards. So I continue to try pushing forward in my own small way. If that means being a pain in the backside to a poor acting elected politician – so be it! My peaceful actions of trying to bring better, will continue. Our children’s future country is at stake.