Citizen Betterment


The list below are just some of my starting points - here's more - to what I would consider to be helpful in creating a better Ireland. They need work without a doubt but we have to always have to start somewhere. We can do more. All of us. For myself, I intend to continue what I do, try seek better. In order to do this task better I would like to be placed at times where I can do more for less. "Pardon?" Please do see point number one below. Thank you.

ONE. TD Pay, Perks & Pensions.

I want to end the mega payments to all elected. Their perks, multiple pensions and huge pay to end. Politics should be a vocation, not a career based on gaining personal wealth. Senator and TD pensions would begin at the SAME age as every other citizen gaining a state pension.

I hold an ideology to my heart. Those serving the public must treat their role as a vocation, not a career path or method to line one's pocket. Anyone that enters politics, default seeing it as a career, is seeing it as a self-interest occupation. O, sure. they can bullcrap you in PR that they also have 'the people's interest at heart' - but if they soon embark on pocket lining and ladder climbing ahead of actual results beneficial to the public, they will eventually expose their true character. In my region we have too many such characters that have exposed their true character to the non-blind.

If the honest have good intentions, they will take a wage that is comparable to the vast majority of their fellow common citizens - not of a further elite.

I have no problem in stating I would only take a lower wage if elected, that rates alongside the majority of Ireland citizens. Anything above and beyond would be returned to the state. No ifs, no buts, no wavering.

TD and senator pensions should only be made collectable at the same age as every other citizen. Current elected are not only awarding themselves earlier money (and additional perks) way before others, they go further. Why? Because they think they are more special? Talk about awarding themselves delusions of grandeur too!

It's total crap that must end. I'm giving it to you straight.

Two. Far Greater Accountability.

I want far greater accountability across many issues and departments. Work contracts to be more specific in detail as defined roles and expected managerial results.

Currently, drawn up work contracts given to high department officials and solid-state company directors hired, are repeatedly badly defined. There is sometimes lots of detail regarding greater financial rewards the longer a person holds on to their position and confirmed in writing, even more wage bumps.

A lot of the time what is not (deliberately?) included, is greater defined detail as to (a) what is expected of them, (b) the consequences of failure and (c) how "failure" should be found and judged.

Example. In our recent past due to absolute crap state contracts, guilty conspiring rotten Garda heads have not only escaped prosecutors from being held accountable for attacking innocent fellow Garda wishing to stay operating within our laws but the guilty have been further massive paid off and worse, perked more.

Our state employment contracts for upper management must be better constructed with far greater detail inserted regarding responsibilities, task targets expected, penalties of failure and greater accountability.

Too many corrupt or failing persons are being allowed (deliberately?) slip off hooks where they should be better caught. I want better for the people of Ireland. Straight up - no bullshit. We've all had enough of that for far too long.

Three. Hang On A Darn Minute!

I want the public to regain "Recall" where they can hold ALL elected to faster account. All year, every year. This was illegally taken away from you quietly. With the constant crap that repeatedly continues under the same rotten, traditional parties, it's very clear that the current methods of holding our elected to proper account at all levels, is an abysmal utter failure.

Let's cut through their PR bull. Our current elected won't instigate quicker forms of accountability. Feck no. That would mean some of their own would also be caught, exposed, up shit creek and their party exposed too. They can't be having that. Hell no!

Five year election gaps are no longer good enough to be allowed hold our elected to account. Let's be real and kop ourselves on more. In the digital world we exist in today, millions of Euro can be burned through in minutes, lost in minutes, transferred in minutes - all the while the culprits involved get to continue doing it. They laugh at the notion you MIGHT be able to hold them to account in five years - if there's a blue moon and pigs might fly.

This crap has to to end. Public "Recall" ability must be reinstated. It was installed in early constitutions to some degree and there was plans to enhance it. When our now well established parties recognised better accountability was not to their liking, they illegally watered down the Irish constitution without a public vote to legal allow them to do so. You are not supposed to know this.

In the "Participatory Democracy" ideology UnitedPeople is based on, you would gain the " Recall" ability that is being denied to you by current elected. An ability that is clearly bloody needed in the constant current climate of piss poor accountability. You would gave the ability to hold bad representatives and bad management to greater account, far more often. Does anyone seriously think this is a bad idea? I don't. UnitedPeople does not. We want to give you "Recall" as soon as possible.

Four. Law Breaking Judges Exist.

I want corrupt, law breaking judges fired out of their office. I want any trials of them to be as open as those of any other citizen. Not media censored, closed door cover-ups as what's happening today.

I want every court case to have DAR initiated procedures commenced and backed up. A court judgement will not be held to be legal if DAR is not recording. A backup system must also be in operation. Except for some family court and state security cases, every involved or relevant citizen must have default access to their DAR case recordings within 48 hours of a court session. Those involved should be given a copy of a DAR, not have to go requesting it.

Why is this important? I have seen and also been part of cases where judges have not only acted outside court and legislative laws, they have totally taken the piss out of genuine victims and acted outrageously biased on behalf of their political mates. It's state corruption at levels where our further corrupt elected won't address and it's bloody obvious why. Neither wants their law breaking corruption boat rocked.

I want many changes to happen within our Irish court system. The first being that the people of Ireland gain far better chance to gain true fair justice - and a far greater ability to hold others to account that would see it denied to them. I want the public to gain easier access to evidence that can help them turn a long existing tide of unfairness. End of story.

Five. Your Data. Your Asset.

I want people's personal information far better legal protected. I want to beef up the legal abilities of the Office of Data Protection. I want them greater staffed and funded.

BE IN NO DOUBT. Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, Labour and the Green Party are all participants in setting up the current data state that is seeing your personal information not only wrongly transferred between state departments in conflict with an ECJ ruling - but worse, seeing it illegal stored, illegal used and illegal given to private companies so they can further abuse for greater Euro million profit. You of course, even though it's your data, are not being told about any of this.

You are here too, deliberately being kept in the dark.

On UnitedPeople's website I go into this in far greater detail. A bucket load of stuff you are never meant to know. Well, screw those that are trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Unlike those fooling and lying to you, my technology training, experience and I.T. qualifications put me in the right position, at the very right time, to expose this matter further.

In short, you are being exploited and having the piss taken out of you. You are being deliberately not being told it's happening by politicians who's silence is all too deafening. Your personal information that is legally your personal asset, is being taken from you like a thief robs from your wallet. I want to stop this covert human rights abuse and protect you further. I want to help others to do this for you too.

Six. Drugged By Poison.

I want the mass Fluoride poisoning of our water to end.

My good friend and party member, Alistair Frederick Smith can far greater inform you of the medical aspects regarding a certified poison that is still being put into our water systems.

In law, the "Non-fatal Offenses Against The Person Act", it's stated that it's an offense to put a substance into a persons body against their will or express permission. Aside from the medical aspects of this poison, it's open blatant human rights abuse. Guess what though! Our current elected does not wish to talk about this separate aspect. You should ask them why! Demand bloody answers.

I want to halt the medically questionable, costly fluoride poisoning practice that the rest of Europe has abandoned. I want those poisoning you held to account. Yes, that means the registered private company "Irish Water" that continues to break Irish law, for which you could take them to Irish and EU court for.

But you are not supposed to know all this - and guess what usual shower of local and national elected wasters are not telling you all this and more! I want to stop this substance that is a registered poison, being put into your family and you, against your express given will or knowledge.

Seven. Ireland Neutrality.

The traditional parties are all in cahoot with one another as they collectively give what's left of any original Ireland neutral we had, away quietly.

They have come up with fancy PR wording to describe a form of supposed still existing neutrality, that at the same time puts Ireland into PESCO (another PR masking term) which upon real examination exposes we have been signed into an EU army setup.

"Interoperability" - that's the military PR phrase you are not told they invented to sign your country away. "The ability for allies to act together coherently, effectively and efficiently to achieve tactical, operational and strategic objectives". Sounds good don't it?

Far more details on this topic at the UnitedPeople website HERE. Of course, like other things I have long revealed, you aren't supposed to know the above either. We have now Fine Gael and other party representatives carrying on, giving away the once little neutrality we did have, bit by bit away.
I want true Ireland neutrality back. It works for other nations They are still able to operate and they work or trade while better maintaining their individuality. Why can't we? I want my neutrality country back.

Eight. The USA Presence.

I want USA troops, their war planes and their weapons, to get the hell out of Ireland.

Our supposed neutral country (see point seven) continues to be used as a location where their armed troops flow through, a location where their weapons come and go, a location where their suspected rendition (kidnapping without proper legal process) flights refuel on their way to European 'black sites' (locations they can operate outside their own state laws) where "advanced interrogation" (torture) methods have proceeded.

For a supposedly neutral country, we allow one world ideology state through through our borders. This is not a criticism of that supposedly democratic ideology they hold, just an observance of how we cannot continue to lie to ourselves that we again, are supposedly "neutral". Let stop lying to ourselves and to others (Russia, China, India, Pakistan, etc, nuke powers) that openly know daily in-flight and out-flight reality of Irish runway activity.

Again here too, our all knowing what's really going on, traditional political parties that keep their mouths shut, say nothing about all this. To do so would wise-up the people they are supposed to be working for and protecting. Well, as part of gaining true neutrality back, I want an end to Ireland being used as a USA unofficial military meeting, transport and flow point. It additionally makes us even more, a nuclear bomb target. Let's also stop kidding ourselves about this too.

Nine. Our National Assets.

I want our state assets, forestry, water, etc, and supporting services to be constitution protected against privitisation. Current ongoing sneaky privitisation operations must end. The giving away of public assets and services must end.
Next year we are going to be tried again to be distracted by more referendum topics of less critical status. Example: allowing outsiders to decide on a President office position.
What we are still not getting from those that said they would give it to us, is the critical referendum needed to protect our national nature based assets from a still ongoing privatisation agenda by Fine Gael and those willing to traitor stand by them. They all have deliberately quietly dropped speaking about the most critical referendum we need as a nation, in order to protect ourselves now and for our children's future. A critical referendum that will also stop any sell off or transfer of state assets into private hands.
Why the too long continuing definite silence on this? We are being fobbed off, kept in the dark and betrayed by our elected. Their individual and collective silence on this matter is deafening, very damning of them and exposed their betrayal of Ireland's people. Their employers. I want to turn a ride of evil continuing wrong and better protect my country. I want the referendum we are still being denied.

Ten. Better Home Democracy.

I want a genuine form of democratic sovereign power back for Ireland.

Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that those we elect to represent us, are supposedly our voice within chambers of power, speaking our mandate as they are informed of directly and via our ballot boxes. Our elected are the voice of the people.

If you and I accept this notion, why then are our employees - our elected - openly, blatantly ignoring their employers statements and orders passed on through democratic elected.

When a majority of TD's vote on a matter, the government of the day MUST adhere to the will of the people as stated, voted on and passed. Not ignored as Fine Gael has recently done. Example: in regard to the mega expensive waste and human rights abusive hidden scandal called JobPath (see HERE). A national scandal also media buried.

There are exceptions when voted mandates might be ignored or delayed - times of war, economic critical mass or when immediate security concerns arise and clash with hampering ongoing processes. Beyond these exceptional circumstances, what our majority elected vote for with the people's mandate to back them, must be carried through to fruition. This is true democracy in action. What in current reality is happening, is that Fine Gael are undemocratic ignoring majority passed, Dail motions. In other words, the people have spoken though their majority chosen representatives and Fine Gael has basically said "Feck the lot of you. We will continue to do whatever the hell we want to do. Screw the lot of you!"

Well, I feel this is not good enough. It might even be legal to do - as they make the laws to suit their own adopted agenda - but it's immoral. It's a betrayal of our democratic principles. It's an insult to 900 years of brave dead that wished us to have better self-ruling democracy. I want the people of Ireland to get true and decent democracy back. Call me a dreamer but it's what I am striving for. It's what I seek for my children's future. A better process that could give them greater power over corrupt, immoral acting others.

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Eleven. Truth & Justice.

I want far greater, top public office transparency. High executives paid according to genuine productivity and punished due to lack of productivity or they hiding facts, figures or the mistakes of others also.

Following up on point "one" previously posted, I want to see greater clarity and public statement of what is expected from those we hire as top state department or semi-state representatives, managers, overseers and controllers. Often we are told in the media that somebody or other has been appointed to a certain top position - and that it! We are not told what they are over. We are not told what is exactly is expected of them. We are not told exactly how they are to be rewarded for good efforts or penalised for lack of production or progress. In short, we are told bugger all details. We again, are deliberately kept in the dark.

None of this is "New Politics" - it's "old politics" continuing crap where then political cronies allow their mates to scarper away, having done a crap job, still with huge payoffs and whopping pensions for life! All gained, having been in a role they failed at, for no more than a considered short period! It all takes the piss out of the taxpayer who is ultimately left again with the payment bill. Do I lie? How often have we read about it happening?

There should be better defined punishments for those that hide reports. Punishments for those that operate behind too many closed doors - in meeting where no records are kept - where they hide the mistakes of themselves or others they are connected to. Too many files have gone conveniently missing in this state. Too many mobile phones have been deliberately got "lost". Too many hard drives have been encrypted and their unlocking "keys" cannot be obtained. You are not media told about the third one - but yes - it's happening too. There's a lot of crap you are not being told about.

I want more clarity - more open meetings - more matters put on record - more information that the public and investigating bodies can immediate or later access.

Only the corrupt, up to no good or greedy have to fear such measures. Everyone else that is decent should have little or nothing to fear. The old boys club attitude of operating behind closed doors, keeping the public in the dark, must end. That obnoxious, arrogant, out of date way of operating must be brought to a close. No if or buts! I feel very strongly about this. If we are to further stifle white collar corruption, this is an advantageous step in the right direction.


Twelve. Farming & Fishing.

I want the rights of our fishing and farming communities to be greater protected against an EU rights raping onslaught.

Unknown to most, many of our elected have attended EU meetings where each time, the rights of our fishing and farming communities are further undermined.

Like a chisel chipping away with every swing, meeting after meeting that occurs, the rights, the size allocation of catch fish stocks, the ability of farmers to decide what they are allowed grow, the reaping of our offshore assets, the destruction of our seabeds and more I could go on about, are undermined, reduced and destroyed. All the while, super-trawlers can come in and just do what they like, leaving a trail of dredging environmental destruction in their wake.

If at a rare time you are lucky - if an odd media outlet tells you when these meetings have occurred, you get information tit-bits at best. You are told even less about what details have been trashed out. If you are lucky you will get 10 second government soundbites for turned on cameras and microphones - and that's it. Ask the Irish fishing or farming community do I lie? Ask are they often left with table scraps other EU states don't want?

Elected at times come out and claim they have enhanced catch numbers in certain areas. Indeed, at times they have - but what they don't add to that PR drivel is that the stock type they have increased, is often not what is actually beneficial to the Irish fishing community - but hey - it sounds like more good PR bollox for the gullible to swallow!

What's actually also closed door happened is that other areas of Irish productivity or catchment abilities, have been quietly reduced or made harder to obtain! Of course none of this is mentioned in elected soundbites. Feck no - can't be telling you the full truth that again our elected have given more away to EU heads, demanding that they get to rape more Ireland assets and abilities, bit by bit, chip, chipping away.

On this issue, the UnitedPeople website (HERE and HERE) contains more specific information. It's stuff that you, the employer of elected, are not told - are kept in the dark about once more and what your elected decline to talk about. The last thing they want to be exposed on, is more of their traitor actions.

Well, I want to stand up for the rights and abilities of fishing, farming - and other traditional Ireland working communities that help to make our Island nation more unique. Such communities better defended, will also help to keep alive our rural communities that have been consistently left without resources (they too being chipped away at) and employment opportunities, etc, because of the terrible actions of our elected representatives.

I want a better Ireland back - and working to save our traditional nature product communities makes plain sense to me. Fine Gael wants us to "get up early in the morning?" They and other parties, should stop taking away our community ability to be able do just that. I want the EU off the backs of our fishing and farming community as they repeatedly take more than they give. Do I lie? Go ask a fisherman or a farmer!

Thirteen. More Legal Informed.

I want an education system that teaches secondary year students far more about the laws of Ireland, EU - and how they can (should) use these laws and court processes, to protect themselves better, going forward. It will be denied by rotten elected - but I deeply suspect that many of our devious representatives don't want a nation too educated in certain areas. One of these areas is the area of human and business rights.

Many times I have shared legal paragraph text and whole pages of law books that are put together in easy readable, straight to the point understandable format. Readers are then surprised - often shocked - to discover that (a) they actually have far stronger legal rights and (b) a method in which to try protect them against devious elected and companies they are in league with!

They say information is power. Well, too many governments and elected have it - but they refuse to better share it with the public. They know that a more wised-up public, is one that would less be open to have the 'wool pulled over their eyes'. A better informed public would (a) not only stand for less of their crap but (b) be far better able to challenge it by more direct, effective means. Rotten elected at all levels can't be having any of that. Hell no!

In our education establishments, in the latter years of secondary at least, I would see to it that students know our Ireland and EU laws far, far better. I would make it a core subject. I feel I would not only be doing them an immediate favour, I would be doing them a favour for life - and that of their then later offspring.

There are current legal ways that need to be improved or rotten parts taken away - but while all still continues to exist, a better legal educated citizen will be better able to defend themselves, their family and their community. Only the devious and corrupt have to fear a better educated citizen. Our democracy could be better defended, our individual and national rights could be better stood up for.

A good start for all students and citizens, would be that all gain a copy of "The Principles Of Irish Law" by Brian Doolan. This is something I feel should be made freely available to every person in Ireland. It's like should be given to all. Only the devious and white collar corrupt have to fear it's content.


Fourteen. The Quiet Cartels.

I want a major state crackdown on insurance industry and other unofficial cartels that are suspected operate in Ireland. The previous is an easy thing to state. It's a PR soundbite that sounds great for the masses but other than it's 19 words, offers no further progress. Well, I want more. I want real progress, not just RTE news or LMFM soundbites from the usual useless.

Many of us around Ireland suspect that a good number of closed door, unofficial cartels are operating. I have been informed about ones operating in the rubbish removal business (wheelie bin and skip hire), between local political elected, between insurance communities, between fuel suppliers to homes and transport, between some shopping sectors - and more.  Such cartels are stifling real competition. Such cartels are seeing that some are more rewarded while others more deserving, are excluded. Such cartels are further emptying the pockets and bank accounts of every citizen while those operating the cartels grow greedy richer as they screw Ireland's public further.

Our local and national elected know such cartels exist. Many local elected have their own operating - as certain parties get together at local level, to exclude others. This has happened in my home town and I've been informed of it happening elsewhere in too many places. Rotten elected will deny all this. They would and will. It doesn't make it any less real.

I want a state department that has it's investigative power far more enhanced, to be able to go where they want to go, to demand any material evidence they feel would be conducive to investigation progress and thus, to the eventual public good. I want a state department that has it's reins taken off, given more 'teeth' and given the state resources it needs to investigate those they suspect, is political and business corrupt to the core.

I want the above and more. Like many alongside me, I am sick to the teeth of the greedy corruption that still is allowed exist in Ireland. I want this additional step, to help stop it. Corruption still exists in Ireland - but lets not lie to ourselves, the corrupt have just got more professionally better at hiding it. Our current elected have got far better at hiding it.

I want to blow away the covers. I want to help good others to be able to do so too. Only the corrupt have to fear while the innocent gain more!


Fifteen. A Better Building Body.

I want the state to turn NAMA (or similar as it's being currently winded down) setup to converted into a state building company, rather than be a historic setup that saw the rich get massive discounts. We might have to set up a new body.

It's on record. Records that can be independently checked and verified. NAMA has given mass discounts to political connected far too often - much to the repeated loss to the taxpayers of Ireland. NAMA itself needs a full investigation carried out within it walls and geographical operating reach.

If anything remains of NAMA and be allowed continue, one additional aspect of it should be that it's in part adapted into a national building and renovating operation. In what's left of NAMA or moreso, it's once staff, is a collective of good people and skilled talent. They all could - should - be put to better use while we still have such people within our grasp. Later on, the state will again be looking for similar people - and we won't be able to get enough of them. We are letting more good assets slip through our fingers.

The homeless and emergency accommodation crises we face - one that is growing larger by the year, must be far better addressed. In a previous post just days ago, I exact number outlined the current situation we are suffering around us.

One outcome that must happen out of the current crises we are in, is the greater establishment of a state building and renovating division or department. We CANNOT rely on private builders to pull our homeless and HAP stuck out of their bedsits and emergency bed & breakfasts. It simply is not working. The increasing numbers needed for homes required, are clear evidence of this. Those only really gaining are landlords growing further richer care of the taxpayer. Do I lie?

A national building company, better professionally managed with greater accountability, I believe, will help address a number of situations occurring across Ireland.

1. It will help competition challenge private builders that are over-aggressively hiking up accommodation and rental prices.
2. It will help local re-introduction of state apprenticeships (carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc) that used to be made available through local councils (before various parties brought in the current privatisation agenda of local and national services).
3. It will help turn a tide of state money just going more toward every growing richer landlords, care of the taxpayer.
4. It will help the workers of Ireland. See below.

The above is just an introduction beginning in what I would like to see happen regarding a new national state building programme. It's very much needed - and not just because of the homeless.

What your local and national elected - along with RTE and local stations such as LMFM in Louth, are not telling you, is that major companies are now being put off from establishing themselves (or more so) within our borders, due to lack of housing.

Many would like to set themselves up in advantageous geographical country areas but the realisation that there is not enough housing accommodations available for staff they wish to then attract to such an area, is further turning them away from setting up in such ideal locations in the first place. Lack of home building and then just mainly relying on private builders to be a major solution of a number of issues, is pure political party stupidity.

I could go on far more about this topic - but in short, I believe that the state MUST embark upon a greater national building programme given our state of emergency. It will help address our homeless, our emergency accommodation stuck, our unskilled, our unemployed and yes, our current workers of Ireland. I'm open to be wrong but the above just makes sense to me. I hope it does to you.

Note: if NAMA is being winded down, why not use the infrastructure that is already there, to convert it to something more useful than having to more costly start from scratch again with another setup. Just another idea.


Sixteen. Inner Double Dealing.

I want 'conflict of interest' elected be stopped from voting on matters they or their family have personal interests in. Their 'insider trading' must end.

We currently have TD's that are landlords voting on issues they have a financial interest in. We have bondholders that are TD, voting on bondholder matters. We have TD's that are involved in the drinks and leisure industry voting on matters that increases their earning potential from their bars, centers and and restaurants. You start to get the picture.

The same setup applies for those sitting in the Seanad. The same setup applies for those that have direct family involved in same private enterprises. Some have got dodging clever. Some hide their names behind corporate or company names. Some officially have their enterprises registered using the names of their family or friends. Some hide behind layers of business names and connected subsidiaries.

It all stinks to high heaven. It's a kin to insider trading at times when as an elected TD or Seanad representative, they are informed of, or given quiet access to information that will allow them to quietly make self-beneficial changes that an ordinary non-elected business operator would never gain.

It's wrong. It's akin to insider trading. It's immoral and what's more, their reason for often voting on matters they are connected to, is going to be possible biased ahead of what's better for the people of the state. This form of corruption must end. Current elected won't talk about this form of still ongoing corruption. Bloody obvious why! They might duck and dive on this issue. I am not. I want it tackled. I want it addressed. I'm not going to shut up about it.

The innocent have nothing to fear. In fact they should be joining me in seeking and calling for our democracy to be improved. The fact that so many of them are so silent, exposes them and condemns them. Their deafening silence exposes the true moral character of the too many quiet elected. We should be electing better. Anyone that wants an end of some forms of corruption, here is yet another place to start.

Seventeen. Fathers Rights.

I want the rights of fathers to increase within constitution legislation and our law courts. A number of fathers in badly stuck situations, have come to me for help.
Check in with fathers rights organisations in Ireland what the current legal standing is in some situations. I am long informed that under current Irish family law, unmarried fathers in Ireland do not have automatic rights to custody, joint guardianship of or access to their children. However, they do have the automatic responsibility of paying maintenance.

Over 15 years ago, a national report called for dramatic changes regarding fathers rights. Many of the needed changes have still not come about. There are very real loving fathers existing in Ireland that are being denied their ability to be a part of their children's lives - in some cases because an ex has a grudge to bear and uses still current out of date laws as a method to get a 'dig' at a father. Reasonable access for separated fathers still needs to be better addressed years on.

The laws of Ireland are still biased and frankly, an ass at times. Take for example, a father that wishes to see his kids for Christmas. He must often have to go to court just for legal access to see them if a mother decides just to be awkward - and it happens too often. The following is directly from a news report (HERE):

QUOTE: "After about ten minutes the Judge will ‘allow’ me something like four hours on Christmas Eve and two more four hour visits between Christmas and the New Year. That is what I was awarded last year and was told that it was generous. But it doesn’t really matter what the Court orders. It won’t happen. My solicitor will remind the court that my wife did not comply with the access arrangements ordered by the courts for the past three years. The judge will adopt an air of feigned anger and indignation.

He will remind all concerned that contempt of court orders is a serious offense, punishable by imprisonment, and say that he will not tolerate it in his court. But it doesn’t matter what he says. When we leave the courtroom I will ask my solicitor what will happen if she breaches the court order again. His answer will be honest and predictable – NOTHING. She is now a lone mother with three small children so no judge is going to imprison her. She is effectively above the law and she knows it."

As we enter 2020, this type of unfairness is a stain not just upon our court system but it's affecting children's real lives as they are deprived of their fathers love and company. As current elected again here too, all too silent on this matter, I won't be silent. I will continue to seek progressive change in this direction and more so that our children of Ireland - and parents, male or female - are better respected and gain fairer decent rights.

Eighteen. Female Equality.

I want the rights of women in any workplace to match those of males - along with greater equal rates of pay compared to their male counterparts. Anyone that says there is not a still ongoing bias within Irish workplaces or even during interviews for open job positions, are not fully clued in - or simply in denial.

In Ireland women are paid an average of 13.9% less than men. Lack of still affordable childcare, inflexible work options and poor take-up of parental leave are all detrimental to overcoming persistent inequalities between women and men that still sadly exists.

Just from a financial aspect alone, the European Institute for Gender Equality's (EIGE) Gender Equality Index shows that women's mean monthly earnings are €2,808 in Ireland, compared to €3,423 for men. This is not good enough as we enter 2020. There should be penalties for companies who fail to take action to remedy a gender pay gap in their organisation. It is sad and a clear indication of still existing unfairness that we still in this day and age, have to actually ask for this to be made happen.

Many women have come to me over many years and expressed that despite supposed legal changes that have indeed appeared on law books, they still realistically operate within a male 'boys club' environment. Hell, some of our traditional parties are apparently still operating in this way - even though for PR reasons alone, they have to strongly deny it.

I will give it to you straight. As a father of three boys and three girls, I have a vested interest in seeing that ALL of them have a better fairer balanced life. ALL of them should be open to any opportunity to arise as they go forward in their loves and lives. The fact that my daughters might have to contend with a still existing 'old boys club' mentality in this day and age, has me deeply concerned.

Again, I will give it to you straight in full disclosure. I want better for my daughters. I don't want them to have unfair more - just equal rights, work access and treatment - that includes occupation and social equal respect. I will fight for this to my death.

A few years ago I co-created a national forum to address inequalities in regard to how make equality in our workplaces far better. My efforts in this direction and others, continues. With three daughters, truthfully I speak in full disclosure, you can understand why!

Nineteen. Caring - Only Better.

I want to see our official carers and unofficial ones (parents looking after their disabled or ill children) greater protected and helped. All are also doing our state, an additional cost effective service. Their love and dedication must be respected far better.

Current and past governments that have included Labour, Fianna Fail and the Green Party have individually and collectively lashed out within their terms of office, at an all too easy target for them - as they know many cannot adequate oppose them from their sick beds, wheelchairs or dying positions. They may do this as the chop and change - but what does not change, is (a) the existence of those that need help and (b) those that give it. This apparently doesn't matter a crap to governments as the play power chair swapping games, then slap on their own individual wrath.

Let's be blunt. Carers and loving parents/family who are often doing unofficial work hours that they don't get paid for, are indeed doing the state a massive favour. They are doing cheap or even free labour (of love) that also saves the state financially. It's a cold fact but it's true. We all know it. Many just won't state it. So if that's also the case, why do we allow those doing such dedicated work, to be come further targets on the whims of political parties that just pass yet another Dail bill and lash out at those already suffering and those helping. Talk about kicking people when they are already down and under pressure. I won't pull my words. I think it's bloody disgusting.

At the very least, I would like to see a better independent state body setup to protect the rights and financial status of those that need help and their carers. If a government of the day wants to impose further cuts or other under mining measure for whatever excuse they can dream up - and they do - at the very least they must first go though a defending independent body in order to even try and again lash out at those already suffering by accident, illness or since birth.

The notion that governments from term to term can just 'cut the nuts off' off our vulnerable and carers, as they political whim change in mood, repulses me.

1. I don't like to see people kicked when they are already down in some way.
2. I don't like bullies that think they can come along on their own whims, thinking they can just get away with whatever crap they can come up with.
3. Our carers are doing a fundamental needed job as are parents what are also doing a part or full time, 24 hour a day, 365 day a year assistance service. Neither should be taken for granted that they can be just used as further target practice by individual governments - and neither should be denigrated by the actions of rotten governments looking to lash out at those that can barely put up any adequate defense against government attack.

I want a better independent body to protect our infirm, disabled and their carers. Again in full disclosure of facts, I speak on this matter from the heart as my family also knows only all to well how government takes us carers and our family vulnerable, as something they think they can just kick around from term to term, as they feel like it. This crap has got to end. There has got to be far greater stability in the lives of our ill, disabled and those caring for them. They have enough to cope with. Stop the kicking of them when they are already down, stressed and often exhausted!

Twenty. Giveaway Roads.

I want our public roads returned to, yes, the public. Not given to private companies who are today claiming money because they (according to them) are not being used enough! The taxpayers of Ireland have put millions of Euro (if not billions) into the building of our national and local road infrastructures. At times we have gained EU assistance in this area.

What has consecutive government then done with these state constructed assets? Handed them over to private companies so the private companies could then charge high rates of usage - so they can reap in vast personal profits. What the hell is wrong with consecutive governments that they cannot put together a road management setup that cuts out an inserted middle man (private company) so that any revenues need to be collected, far more goes back into the state and to the very roads that need further building, repairing or upgrading!

Allowing private companies to come along and easy take a great percentage of more public revenue given as they drive, is just something that needs to be seriously re-looked at again. The state, the taxpayer, is doubly losing a fortune! To add insult to injury, the private companies are giving out that some motorways they were given, are not being used enough. From that claim, they then demand more money from the state (taxpayer) because more people are using public transports, what a government of the day are trying to urge people to do.

Well, private companies, if you are not able to manage the motorways you were given, give us them back and stop trying to screw us out of even more money! We are giving away too much of our state, taxpayer, built assets so that more elite, private companies and persons can just fill their own bank accounts at the expense of the citizen yet again.  I'm open to be wrong but I feel this crap too must be brought to an end.

Twenty-One. Increase The Power.

I want our Seanad to return to what its also supposed to be, a powerful body that greater oversees government legislation and stops unconstitutional acts by any government or political party. Its representatives should be better public elected. It should not be (a) a retirement home or (b) a waiting room for previous public election sacked till they try and get reelected again (in 2020 as a TD. Example: Ged Nash. Labour - who campaigned to close it - but near ran into it soon after he got 2016 election sacked?).

Originally, the Seanad was supposed to be a body of equal power to the Dail. It was supposed to be a far stronger body that meant to keep an eye on the devious buggers that infect another state body, namely our Dail. It was supposed to create what it saw as it's own legislation that additionally benefits the state and taxpayer. What we have got, thank in part to the antics of rotten Dail elected, is a Seanad body that is more judged to be as described in the above second paragraph.

Devious political parties previous tried to get rid of our overseeing watchdog (no matter how ineffective our Dail devious have subsequently made it) for as week as they made it, it was still challenging and exposing rotten government antics. So it had to go. The PR pitch of the devious was that getting rid of it, would save you money! The devious never mentioned that they wanted to get rid of it, as it still maintained an ability (however deliberate reduced) to challenge unconstitutional and immoral Dail motions or acts. YOU ARE NOT MEANT TO KOP THIS MEGA IMPORTANT ASPECT.

The Dail devious wanted you to cut off one of your political arms that even in a (current) weaker state, fights for the rights and needs of the people. I want the Seanad to remain. Take it away - the bloody terrible antics of our Dail devious will get far worse as they will be one less body to question, pause or stop them. I want the Seanad's ability enhanced. I want it's occupants to be better public elected - not just put in at the whims of political parties too!

I want the rights of our people and the ability to better defend our constitution, to be better enhanced. The Seanad, if actually allowed to be run right, can be a future powerful body in itself. All for the betterment and protection of the Irish citizen. In a time of professional hidden corruption, white collar crime and piss all accountability, a better Seanad can help challenge a tide of still ongoing wrong doing. The average citizen, regular ignored by TD's, needs all the help they can get.

Twenty-Two. Truth & Fairness.

I want far greater, stricter media laws introduced. All news reporting must be accurate by law, greater inclusive of all angle aspects. Opinion must be stated as opinion, not passed off as supposed fact. Speakers must clarify their opinion from fact. Private media must state who they favour or else they must operate on a better impartial basis. If they cannot do this and are exposed as being biased, their license to operate shall be revoked by Seanad/Dail vote or by order of a court upon a Judicial Review hearing outcome.

They shall remain unable to operate as a registered news outlet until they instigate real impartiality, not window-dressing PR attempts to look like such, to further pull the 'wool over peoples eyes'. No media laws are perfect but the ones operating in the likes of Canada do give clear indication how Irish media laws could be greatly improved to remove false facts and unfair bias.

In Canada, due to their stricter laws on fairness, full news story exposure and balance, certain stations are unable to operate in the country as they cannot assure the state media regulators that they can remain unbiased and stick to reporting full accurate facts. This is why the likes of Fox News (and others) cannot operate from Canadian soil. They have tried through intensive lobbying, to get Canada's media laws watered down but have failed repeatedly. Unlike Ireland elected, many Canadian elected have had the balls to stand up to media moguls - not further jump into bed with them!

I use the above as an example how Ireland should better it's media laws. I hold the personal opinion that a number of our broadcasting stations, TV and radio, are a god-damn disgrace. I name two off the top of my head - RTE and Louth LMFM Radio. No hesitation. If media outlets cannot let the truth or try to present opinion as actual fact, they sure as hell should not be in receivership of state funding - ie: taxpayer money.  I want better media laws in Ireland. This is something I have long sought and will continue to seek.

Twenty-Three. Bodies of Sport.

I'd like more of our male or female sporting bodies to be equally state funded. No bias towards one sex than the other in funding. It's very clear that we have fantastic sports people regardless of sex. I cannot understand why there continues to be a deep financial imbalance to regarding state funding towards certain sports.

While we throw mountains of money towards some sports (including more to the greyhound industry than female sports) - knowing that they also then filter that funding towards more one sex than the other, we fail to also support sports that could greater give us a chance to excel Ireland as a sporting nation on international stages.

The likes of Sonia O'Sullivan, sailor Joan Mulloy (Who?" says you? RTE not keeping you informed again?), Sarah Rowe (who had to move to Australia to do more of what she does best), brilliant Katie Taylor, Olympic medalist Annalise Murphy, Tipperary jockey Rachael Blackmore and Sprinter Gina Akpe-Moses - all expose that they and more, are in sports that Ireland also can excel further in, if fairer funding and organisation backing was easier for them to obtain.

I want the men of Ireland to continue succeeding but I would like the women of Ireland to also gain equal chance of not only putting their name forward better but that of the country they hail from. They are trying to do better for our nation. We can do better for them and those that follow behind them.

Twenty-Four. Safe Than Sorry.

I want Ireland to return to true national and local "Precautionary Principle" methodology and default mode of operation be it physical, planning or legal. In other words, if there is a perceived risk to humans, our living livestock on which family economies depend, individually or collectively, a risk to state (yours) assets, the health, general welfare and wealth of all same must be protected by default actions and legal default position.

I propose that the state must return more to this "Precautionary Principle" methodology far more and always before then initiating proposed fishing, agricultural operations, treaties or human rights changes, etc.

When it come to slapping up mobile network poles and emitting their signals, when it comes to constructive roadworks, erecting wind-farms and much more, continuing governments do so with as little public consultation as possible (a lot of the time announced at the 'last minute' before real objection can be formulated and cohesive objection solidified - underhand tactics of the devious) and they do such operations not apparently really thinking of human or environmental factors.

O' sure, their spun PR is that all precautions and matters have been looked at. They would say that - but has it been their looking or by truly independent bodies every time? The answer to that one betrays a clear bias sometimes - one we are not meant to kop onto?

Our current Fine Gael government is also now trying to advance the way in which organisations or individuals are hampered in speaking up, raising important points or carrying out a proper legal objection to a proposed operation that soon after, will commence as quick as possible - before again, it might be better stopped so that other factors could be exposed or considered.

The state returning more to a "Precautionary Principle" methodology shall give the people of Ireland power back again, to say "Hold on a minute, I have a decent point to raise!" Returning to more of a "Precautionary Principle" methodology, will see that the rights and just as important, health and welfare of communities and cities are better protected and respected from the 'get-go'.

To me this just makes more plain sense. I'm open to be wrong and told so - but until then, I put put people and their communities first by default, not last in a line with their rights and powers stripped or quietly undermined. I want more protections in Ireland, not less.

We can and should come up with more plans, better plans. I welcome those that do this along with myself. We also need to improve what I call our "Fundamentals". The basic laws of the land, the protections of our people, their society and environment they live in and encompass into their hearts. "Make Ireland better for all". A simple phrase to say but I am willing to do the hard work to make it happen. I started a long time ago.