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Chipping Away At Ireland’s Neutrality.

The title of this piece of writing give the impression that Ireland still maintains a neutral position in all things military regarding other countries dragging themselves into war with each other. If Ireland was truly neutral it wouldn’t be joining any side when such events occur.

Last December (2017), Mr Leo Varadkar insisted Ireland neutrality meant “something different now” and said Ireland was not neutral when it came to human trafficking, the migrant crisis and cyber attacks. In that he is right. What Mr Varadkar deliberate fails to mention however is that Ireland in order to tackle those areas of crime or concern, doesn’t need to enter a new European arms race as it is about to embark upon, it doesn’t need to military spending or contributions, up by ONE BILLION EURO for every passing year (€3+ Billion for 2020 alone) on new EU rapid-fire weapons and missiles, etc.

In another deliberate slight of political hand, Fine Gael says that Ireland is vulnerable to an attack because of the presence of US multinationals and data storage facilities and the threat has to be taken seriously. So Ireland is not vulnerable more so because;

  • There is more USA military craft landing daily at Shannon Airport than every before.
  • You are not supposed to know about the hundreds of thousands that churns through Shannon airport monthly.
  • You are not supposed to know about the smuggling of “Renditioned” (kidnapped without a court legal process from the country they were snatched from) people through Shannon Airport.
  • You are certainly not to know that these renditioned (kidnapped) people are then transported via Shannon Airport to European “Black sites” (including in Germany) where the US secret agencies use the torture methods (the White House spins the torture as “Advance Interrogation”. Isn’t that nice!) their own country legally doesn’t allow on their home soil.
  • You are not supposed to know about the many weapons on US military planes that state officials coincidentally don’t inspect.
  • You are not supposed to know that many of the soldiers churning through Shannon are carrying weapons themselves – on Irish soil. …And there was you thinking the only state people legal allowed to carry weapons in Ireland, was the Irish Army and Garda? You are not supposed to note the possible breaking of international laws there – never mind also Irish ones.
  • You are certainly not to know that the state is willing working with GCHQ and other UK secret state bodies – or that they also allow Irish communication cables under Irish sea water to be physical tapped into so that other countries that we have no military pact with, can still go ahead with Fine Gael/Fianna Fail/Labour knowledge, to listen into, grab economic and other personal data information (email, calls, etc) – and then use it all to its own personal ends.
  • You are certainly not to know that Fine Gael those propping them (Fianna Fail and Independents) are bring about Ireland joining the EU Army under the name of the “Pesco” agreement (have you woke up yet to the many front, PR words used, to attempt cover up greater aspects?)
  • You are not to widespread know about the agreed use of Irish Rangers for operations outside of Irish soil, not for the advantage of Ireland but so that other countries can gain instead. Your permission for this too, like many things Fine Gael is private agenda doing, will not be sought.

No. The above and much more is not the reason that  Fine Gael says Ireland is vulnerable. They say it’s because there are American private businesses operating in Ireland (like nearly every other country in th world). that  Fine Gael incredible says Ireland is vulnerable simply also because there are data storage facilities in the country – and that’s why we must throw away what little is left of our once genuine neutrality – and sell our national soul to the devils of war.


Four Horsemen of A Neutral Apocalypse.

Four Fine Gael MEPs, led by former minister Brian Hayes, will this week publish a policy paper which will challenge the Government’s stance on defence and security.

The landmark document will call for greater cooperation between Ireland and the rest of the EU on military spending and operations in face of growing threats from Russia, international terrorist groups and cyber crime.

Irish Independent. 4th March 2018.     Link:

The next move by Fine Gael is to attack what pre-exists in legal legislation. The so called “Triple-Lock” on military decisions. According to legislation, in order for any Irish military action to real action occur (a) government permission must be sought (b) Dail permission must be sought and (c) UN authorisation must be sought.

However, as the wise will already know, this lock has already been illegal broken by Fine Gael. They have illegal sent Irish troops to places such as Chad or Mali without going through the proper legal procedures. As the wise will know, it’s not the first time Fine Gael is breaking Irish and International laws – VRT illegal tax, illegal stealing money through JobPath (they admitted this in Dublin Highcourt) and still doing it, finding people “guilty” and punishing them before a formal inquiry or investigation (“innocent before guilty” as a legal standard, thrown out sneakily), breaking EU anti-monopoly and competition laws by setting up “Irish Water” …And much, much more.

So it is that Fine Gael says that everyone else must obey national and international laws – except for themselves. If you think that’s an exaggeration, you should see many specific details in the oncoming “Irish Data Protection Act 2018” that intend to take further advantage of the public and quietly also says they can get away from being held to account for law breaking. What? They or RTE haven’t mentioned any of this? Nothing new there…


…But We Digress…

The four agents of a Fine Gael long term agenda, will PR spin that are they seeking to explain to an Irish audience, what they are currently up to on behalf of the Fine Gael party. What they won’t expand upon is how if people object, they can do so in any way shape or legal form, effectively. In other words, there will be bugger all debate, bugger all explanations – and under no circumstances (like many other things Fine Gael has done previously and is doing right now) will the public get any whiff of a chance, to have a vote on such matters.

Sorry (they are not really) but Fine Gael and those still sick propping them up, won’t allow you that democratic right either. Did you really think you will be let vote on such an important matter? Seriously?

The four agents of a Fine Gael long term agenda will this week, continue a long planned Fine Gael and EU agenda, to see that whatever is small left of Ireland’s neutrality, is washed away while the people of Ireland are asleep. The drivers of destruction at home – Fine Gael – taking everyone towards a greater chance of being involved in a forth coming war to possible end all wars.


P.S. Once again, don’t expect much of this to be reported by RTE news outlets, Denis O’Brien media spread right across Ireland or other media which that state and Mr O’Brien have additional backdoor influence on.

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