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The Bush Dynasty & The Bin Laden Connections.

Most people don’t realise it – they are not meant to – but the Bushes and the Bin Ladens have a lot in common in many ways. One family is PR portrayed as an all-American political dynasty with nothing to tarnish them – the other, the Bin Ladens, were from a Saudi construction-industry background and a family whose were just at one stage the most wanted terrorists (sons included) on Earth.

What the world is not meant to know about the two families is in fact, is serious amount!

For example:

  1. On the very morning of the now infamous 9/11 attacks, former president of the US George H. W. Bush was actually in a meeting at the Ritz Carlton Hotel with Shafiq bin Laden, Osama’s brother. Yes, the incumbent US President’s father was meeting with the 9/11 mastermind’s brother. Little or none of this is ever mentioned by USA media or their allies.
  2. In the days immediately after 9/11, while all commercial flights from the US, right across the whole country was in total lock down. There was one quiet flight allowed to happen. A 747 departed to Saudi Arabia with members of the bin Laden family aboard. They were, the FBI concurs, allowed out without any questioning whatsoever. How and why? The White House to date, is still not telling their own public including the suffering families that have lost many loved ones.

The Bush family and the Bin Ladens actually go way back. far more than they want the rest of the world to widely know.  They first became connected in Houston, Texas, in the 1970s when George H. W. Bush’s Arbusto 78 oil company received a $1 million investment from Salem bin Laden, Osama’s older brother. The investment came courtesy of the offices of Jim Bath, a Bush family friend who also happened to be the US representative of Salem bin Laden, the head of the vast bin Laden building, arms and car-dealing enterprise.

For the record: The Bin Ladens, due to a cosy deal with the House of Saud, were the official builders in Saudi Arabia; so extensive was their wealth that they loaned money to the Saudi Treasury. Ye’s that’s how powerful they were (or quietly still are?). Loaning money to an oil rich state!

Despite the Bin Laden investment or possible attempted bail-out, further obligating the Bush family to the Bin Ladens, Arbusto 78 was an eventual failure. By 1987 the company, and Bush’s other oil ventures, had been taken over by Harken Energy. In that same year, Harken had $25 million underwritten by the Union des Banques Suisses and BCCI. Shortly afterwards, BCCI would be investigated for money-laundering for the CIA and for funding terrorism.

Jim Bath, Bush’s representative, also found himself under official scrutiny. The FBI intelligence section believed he was directing Saudi funds into Texan companies in hopes of influencing American foreign policy. Once he became US President, George W. Bush actually claimed not to know Jim Bath – despite many years of  buiisness conact, family meet-ups and despite evidence that they had been friends since early serving in the Texas National Guard together. Jim Bath had even bankrolled Bush Junior’s Texas gubernatorial campaign. Again. the USA public are not meant to know this.

While the BCCI scandal rumbled on – and it was a massive one that I will return to in another post –  Bush Senior was officially out of the business loop as elected office protocol dictates, as he went on to be VP and then President of the US. Unofficially out of the loop from the massive  family business? I shall leave that to your own assessment! Could you just drop everything worth billions? Some researchers consider that Bush Senior was still the businessman while in the White House, being CEO of America Inc.

On leaving the White House, Bush resumed his financial wheeling and dealing. One company which welcomed him with open arms was the Carlyle Group, a private equity firm based in Washington DC. Founded in 1987, the Carlyle Group handled an arms, technology and security portfolio estimated at $25 million. On the group’s behalf, George Bush Sr went at least twice to Saudi Arabia to meet , yes, the Bin Laden family. Who major invested heavily in the Carlyle Group? The Bin Laden family.

It was a meeting of the Carlyle Group that Bush Senior and Shafiq bin Laden were attending on the fateful morning of 9/11. According to reported accounts Bush, Bin Laden and former US Defense Secretary James Baker actually watched TV coverage of the attacks together.This too has been massively covered-up.

What about Bush Jr, in the meanwhile? President George W. Bush was given a briefing by the CIA in August 2001 outlining al-Qaeda’s intention to attack the US. The name Osama bin Laden is reported as having been explicitly mentioned. The Bush White House consistently refused to release a copy of the briefing, even to the later Congressional inquiry into 9/11.

* Did Bush Jr turn a blind eye to the activities of Osama bin Laden because he was the son of the Bush family friends, the Bin Ladens?
* Did Bush make an error of judgment, allow Bin Laden family escape by plane flight because of business ties and obligations to them outstanding – never mind a thirty year-long tie? If he did, many Americans citizens have repeatedly paid the highest price.

As a final Bush kick in the teeth to American citizens, it should be noted that George W. Bush appointed one Thomas Kean to chair the 9/11 Investigation. Thomas Kean has had business ties with Khalid bin Mahfouz, Osama bin Laden’s brother-in-law. Anyone think this too is very odd?

Of course you and the rest of the world, especially voting Americans, are not supposed to know these things and the political party the Bushes were also enrolled in, are in no hurry to make widely known the full truth about the Bin Laden and Bush family connections. The Bin Laden family meanwhile, have had a rather odd high ratio number of occurring plane accidents happen to their family in the latter years. Far higher in relation to any other family on the planet! Step-mothers, sisters and even sons, have each separately, come to a very odd crashing end.

Did they know too much? Are those that remain secreted around the world still know more – but are convinced by so many accidents, its in their interest to say no more about Bush history, their joint personal or business connections – and instead, decided keep their head down? You decide!


Want to know more – because there is more…

Read Craig Unger, House of Bush, House of Saud: The Secret Relationship Between the World’s Two Most Powerful Dynasties, 2004.

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