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A Dangerous Direction In Ireland.

  The recent arson attack targeted towards a Sinn Fein representative – a party I am not a supporter of – has rightly been condemned by many including myself. Regardless of how much people either like or dislike the man’s views, his party or it’s history, the man himself had been attacked it appears, because he peacefully expressed an opinion that others clearly didn’t like. It is his right (so far) to express it and others right (so far) to equally oppose it.

Someone didn’t like his opinion expressed and took it into their minds that he and his family should suffer for he holding an opinion and then legally, peacefully expressing it. How did they supposedly express their opinion – that would be of no benefit to anyone? One burned car later, appeared to have expressed their opinion!

Before this attack happened he and his family reportedly gained a number of threats that were expressing a political far-right thinking view. In their threats they mentioned that he would come under attack for his views – and subsequently by coincidence or not, he then was. I shall leave it to the reader where they think the attack might have come from. I state only what has been widely reported.

After the attack, others with their own agenda, for example (a) tried to deflect blame for the alleged attack from a supposed right or left extremist direction, (b) tried to impose without any proof whatsoever, the yet no evidence notion that he did it himself or (c) they try to say that someone from an alternative direction to those that had previously not threatened him, instead actually did it.

I do not offer an opinion here as who indeed is to blame. I don’t know – although I certainly do have my suspicions as many have and are entitled to have given what evidence of threats already might exist and which a person might then further advance their thoughts from.


The Wrong Way.

A worrying part of the apparent attack upon the man speaking his opinion, is that the incident was due to happen sooner or later upon someone in Ireland. People in Ireland online and offline, have been increasingly threatened this last few years for peacefully expressing views. They have been trolled, personally harassed, had their families lives spied upon and they too mocked in sick fashion. Decent behavior from anyone you would want in power or deciding how society should future be?

Things have progressed for some time in Ireland, in such poor political methodology that even expressing an opinion now, about someone else being attacked for they expressing an opinion, means others too might be criticised too aggressively or even lied about by more others – who don’t like what they read or are unwilling to actually read what is written in front of their eyes in plain English! Instead, they possibly by design or accident, maliciously spin statements to an incorrect narrow view. See a possible example on the right.

This is where we are right now in Ireland.

Don’t you feckin’ dare peacefully speak out about possible extremism. Don’t dare give any opposing opinion about anything and anyone or they or their fans might attack in physical form. Open your gob and you might be facing the gaining of a burned out car – or worse. Shut the hell up and go away!

This is intimidation at the very least by those that maintain this attitude, that carry out unlawful actions or by those that impose that intimate they might in the future carry out such actions. It’s extreme attempts to shut us all up. Why? Because we have dared to peacefully express ourselves by legal and common decent means. How dare we!

In Ireland there is a clear growing number of individuals and groups that espouse more extreme opinions. That is actually still their legal right and they would fight for their right to maintain it. For the record, although my own views do differ from others, I would defend others personal rights to express a peaceful, lawful opinion equally within peaceful legal parameters and with decency (I have done this in the past and its on record). Those that hold extreme views however, must in turn, allow the rest of us to equally have the same free speech (without fear of attack) rights. Fair is fair!

There is a growing number of double-standard people or groups that don’t like that idea. For equally expressing an opinion, open minded citizens are overaggressive coming under attack one way or other by those that say they wish to also use democratic methods and rights of free speech to advance themselves – but some clearly don’t like others in opposition also using the same democratic principles too. Try to figure out if there is true justice or fair balance in all of this!

For the record, as I have stated HERE on Facebook, I too, am a victim of such attacks. Not just online – but physical ones upon my home, roof, window and front door besides upon my person. Previous pictures posted showing the outcome of these attacks – smashed windows, kicked and stoned door, walls, garden and roof, broken alarm, etc, still exist on my page.

Whatever direction over-aggressive or threatening people come from, by what they try to do – intimidate or silence those they don’t like the public to also hear from – they fundamentally attack our very rights to speak freely and over-rule our very rights to co-exist safely under a democratic system – one where all have an equal electoral right to stand and be a representative of fellow citizens who share the same thoughts and ambitions.

Overaggressive, threatening extremists of any direction that then later use violence, are a fundamental danger to any society. History has been teaching us this for many centuries. Some clearly refuse to learn this lesson or don’t want to hear it when it is sometimes pointed out to them. It interferes with any possessed blinkered narrow view they might hold and anything outside their more narrow thread of thought, therefore cannot be allowed be listened or be allowed have any substance to it. It all must be denied or at least, best attempt rubbished.

Is the above methods of political operation rising our democracy, our citizens and our country to genuine betterment levels? I leave you, the reader, to decide for yourself – before someone tries to threaten or intimidate you into silence or how you must only think next!

George Orwell, 1984, here we come?

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