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1984 George Orwell

2+2=5 Now. Double-plus UnGood.

Those of you that have read the book “1984” (wrote in 1948) by George Orwell will be – or should be – well educated in the dystopian future the writer apparently saw coming just after the end of World War Two. There is much that can be said about the book. There has been. You could read a mountain of studies about the book alone. If you have not read the actually book, I strongly urge you to do so. In the mind of many including myself, it has become all too accurate.

In the book there is one character called O’Brien. He is not the main character but he does play a principle part. He is the voice of authority. He is the face of the party. Something looked up to in god like veneration. The party is never wrong. The party is everything. The words of those leading the party including O’Brien, are to be treated as the words of god – not to be questioned.

In the book O’Brien using various methods including torture and clever repetition of statements, eventually brainwashes the main character Winson Smith. Winson Smith has his individuality personality, mentally broken down. He is stripped of everything that made him unique. His mental status is then rebuilt to be part of a larger brainwashed collective. More importantly, he is mentally rebuilt to accept this and left mentally incapable of being able to see any different.

If you think all this is still in the realms of fiction, that it could not happen in real life, go examine how armies around the world re-wire their new recruits into eventual soldiers working togerher as a unit. Breaking them down and rebuilding them. A professional, well known, well tweaked, process. Following orders with out question.

Look at the world cults existing today including the now very dangerous, still allowed to grown, cult called Scientology. Look at worldwide brainwashed who look up to individuals that despite being guilty of mega faults, done mega wrong, lying through their teeth at every u-turn, is crazily still accepted by brainwashed as their demigod like figure who (a) still cannot do no wrong or (b) those even daring to question their revered, must be evil and then immediately attacked! The words of the revered must not be questioned.

1984’s O’Brien character is very effective though his various methods used, to get Winston Smith to finally accept that two plus two equals five. This is despite the O’Brien character visibly showing to Winston only four of his fingers every time and then asking him “How many am I holding up?” The eventual answer from Winson is “five“. His brain has been successfully rewired to reject reality. A reality held up, staring in front of him. His brain rewired, now only automatically seeing what he has been told is truth instead – when the reader (the unbrainwashed) knows that it is clearly compete rubbish. A lie.


Modern Reality.

Today, we have too many rewired Winston Smiths. The world has had them too much in the past. There is a sad irony in the fact that some of our modern rewired Winston Smiths, are able too, to look back in history and see the likes of Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Jim Jones, Ron L Hubbard, Shoko Asahara, Kim Il-sung, and others (useful research link) – and see that they were blindly followed – because the people then at the time, though their then looked up to, thought their highers could do no wrong – and refused to accept even hearing any different from others.

Our modern rewired Winston Smiths today, see how others of the past blindly accepted and were blindly led – but ironically because of their own rewiring which they cannot see or refuse to accept, cannot still further accept that those they too modern look up to, could even remotely be of the same deranged, deluded or power/wealth hungry status. A status cleverly masked yet again by polished words, professional brainwashing methods and mountains of PR pushed out by biased people and media which an elite also have direct or indirect influence over.


It’s Not Possible?

If you think we don’t have modern versions of rewired Winson Smiths, firstly, you won’t be able to accept a fundamental concept that you might even be one – because your brain has been made accept that you simply cannot be one!

Your brain is willing to see others of this possible rewired state – but cannot accept yours is too. How can you when you cannot even see the signs – or to put it more accurately – your brain has been cleverly turned so that it refuses to see the signs that others do see!


A Fundamental Mistake.

There are those that say only the stupid become brainwashed. Really? Besides those of the past that did what their ‘Dear Leader‘ told them to do because they were afraid, there was educated scholastic professionals, scientists, biologists, multi-levels of politicians, skilled and semi-skilled people who also followed blindly behind those they too much supported.

Their own “Dear Leader” was right despite others saying “Wake up” – they were “so wrong!” How could those we look up to, be fundamentally wrong? Our rewired Winston Smiths rejects this concept. No. It’s just too incredible to accept! Could people considered very intelligent also be brainwashed? One look, for simple example, at the membership of the cult Scientology, can easy expose an answer to that question in seconds.


That’s Them – Not Me!

Todays manifestations of rewired Winston Smiths, have come up with their own reality where everything they reject, refuse to accept or in fact, cannot even see – is simply considered “fake news“. Sure, it’s got to be… It no longer fits into their line of thinking – and if it don’t fit into their line of thinking, therefore it must be false. It’s “fake news“. They then go on to challenge those that say it’s true news. When solid evidence is produced to further show the true news comes from firmer ground or multi-sources? Sure, aren’t those sources now also “Fake news“. “It’s all fake news“. It all must be accepted as such. “It don’t fit in with my thinking – so it must be!”

Still not think this is possible? Still think only the stupid could be made reject years, decades or even hundred years of fundamental accepted basic knowledge? Simple example that hits close to home – Dolores Cahill. A lady that by many accounts is still a kind, clearly highly intelligent person. A woman that few people have bad words to say about, within her circle of friends and followers. For all her own years of education, to high degree, she now appears to reject even basic concepts that she too had previous long accepted as fundamental truths in long accepted, mondern proven established science (news link). I belive her to be of good intention and my mentioning of her is made with no ill will.

She has apparently rejected her own previous decades of academical thinking – fundamentals she and the world had accepted by previously by engaging their own brains separately and together, finding such prior concepts to be truth. Why? Because she simply believes something now to be untrue because of a political opinion now held (fundamental concepts shoved aside due to now political ideology – just as in “1984”). That being the apparent case, everything else challenging it therefore must be based on “fake news” by automatic default, mental thought process. Once accepted concepts cannot be allowed stand. Those that challenge the new thinking of “false news“, must be, got to be, opposition. They are now the carrier’s of fake news. They are the enemy of new ‘truth‘.

Side Note: For simply stating the above, I will be online (social media) and offline (in people meetings) be attacked. How dare I question what others have accepted! How dare I question anyone who does posses high intelligence but remarkably flip-flopped in concept thinking! I am now the enemy. I am evil. I must be slandered, attacked. I am foe. Plans will be drawn up at local and national level to undermine me. Others and I are all too aware of this. Attack, attack… See those that are doing it, who they are attached to and then question why they act they way they do! They good – me bad. Thinking so wired to kick in, they cannot see the actual wiring, the methods used to bring it about or refuse to accept it exists, even if pointed out. Hello Winston Smith again – but now they cannot even see him in a mirror.

We might disagree with her opinion but I would still fight for her right to have one.


Cold Reality A Growing Number Refuse To Accept.

Look to those that are still today blindly followed in near ‘dear leader’ style veneration. They can do no wrong – and if they do, it’s small stuff – “Sure, aren’t they doing greater good?“. Those looked up to, can say anything, do near anything and it’s accepted as truth and right.  “Sure, how can it not be?

Despite the near venerated possessing many fundamental character faults, despite many misdeeds – be they sexual, deviant, lie based, u-turn or flip-flop based, refusal to accept long established proven fundamentals, despite they having over 18,000 lies to their record, despite their mega national international and constitutional law breaking, despite their breaking of human rights treaties, despite their abuse towards races, sexualities and creeds, despite their open pressganging of own citizens, Despite their slow but clever tracking and surveillance methods, despite breaking rules that applies to all, despite their double standard filled media activities, despite their traitor actions and invoking of violence at home and abroad, despite their war mongering and use of state forces against own individual people and groups, despite their consistent financial raping of citizens and upping of their own wealth or status, the near venerated is seen to be in the same glorious light as “Big Brother” in the book “1984“.

With the book, we can see what’s going on as we, the reader, are on the outside, looking in. Winston Smith is on the inside and cannot look out.

If the near venerated, those that can do no fundamental wrong, now says that two plus two equals five? How can they be wrong? Should anyone say any different? The thinking of opposition has to be wrong. Their maths are based on now “fake news”. Hello Winston Smith again. Is there any point now in trying to wake Winston Smith up? Can deprogramming take place? Yes, but it’s not going to be easy (useful research link).


Stage One.

The first step to resolving a situation is being able to see that one exists in the first place. When you are inside a greenhouse and even thinking of throwing stones, you know the structure is likely going to fall down upon you. You will be affected. You heisitate to throw. The is a totally understandable, self-preservation thought process that kicks in. It indicates to you that there should be no stone throwing. If you understand this, you should be able to understand what I am hoping you will see when I say, change “stone throwing” for “asking questions“.

Stage one of solving a problem others see, is therefore finally being able to see that such a problem really exists. Till then, although you cannot see it, you would be Winston Smith accepting two plus two equals five without question – but you cannot see it – and you can’t begin to even reject what you cannot see as a possibility. Double-plus ungood.

* Stage one is long over due. It will only occur with your help, activity and willingness to really question – even if the last fundamental is to question oneself.


About JeffRudd

20 year barman. Re-educated as an I.T. professional, website creator, I.T teacher, digital media management & marketing professional. Studied accountancy, taxation, business management & law. Founder of UnitedPeople political party - click here. Previously the first National Chairman of Direct Democracy Ireland (DDI) & founder of the Louth branch of DDI. Author. Regular contributor to social media. TV & radio guest experiences. Appeared in the Oireachtas & Dublin Highcourts to defend the rights of citizens along with exposing many wrongs. Consistently seeks greater democracy & accountability from all elected levels of Ireland. Currently writing two books, non-fiction "Life Behind Bars" & "Better Tomorrows".

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